WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

Excellent counter points.

5 LB defence team will face the same 3-2, 4-1, mono teams who depends on the board. Also, using all LBs only on 5*s for defence team is boring & will not give any major advantage except extra tats which can be fairly easily whacked in contest.

I have been thinking of some key 3 / 4* like Nordri, Brienne, C. Gunnar, Jott, Frank, Wabbit, etc… that would benefit from LBs as they play important roles in Events, Tournaments, Titans which are fun too…

Big problem is that you can’t undo LB!

Emblems can be moved around relatively easily so there is no mistakes or doubts when you emblem a hero.

If there is a reset for LB then it would be more acceptable.

If LB add something new then it would be more acceptable also.

They add only stats, why not make all heroes maxed level increase by 20 or something without any new unnecessary mechanic or just add a secondary troops or equipment that can be globally used?

Now we have 3 levelling layers for a hero which is a bad design (Normal levelling, Emblems and LB)


here → [Master Discussion] - Mirages of Omega (Limit Breaker) Quest - Guide, Sharing & Discussion

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Actually we don’t use C Mel but we use C Rigard a lot (we have players that use 5 teams with him full emblemed)!

The problem here is that, will you use your “aethers” in your favorite 4* or will you use them in your main war defense team?

Since your in a TOP 100 alliance, you’ll notice that once people start LB+ they won’t change their defenses that much (remember GTV?), so get ready for repetitive wars…


I’d rather use on my favorite 4*.

A limit broken hero vs a regular maxed emblemed hero that has a better special… I would certainly choose the the latter.

People are aware that there are no take-backs with LB and that they will be scarce, so there will be no rush to make long-term decisions on which 5s to go with. 4s on the other hand are much easier to decide on and will offer instant bang for buck

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I have tried to be a voice of calm and rational in the other chat it seems pointless people already have their negative views and it’s just not going to change like I’ve always said… running water never goes stale so you just got to keep on moving they’ve got to be like water and find their own fun instead of being stale in the river of hatred…


I suppose I simply can’t agree with your masochistic outlook on this.

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@Rook seeeee i can be nice when it matters :laughing:

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Yes. Yes you can. :grin:

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I intend to use aethers on certain 4* that I already regularly use every war (Rigard+20, Melendor+20, I’m looking at you!)

4* are not necessarily inferior, depending on synergy and who they are facing. :slight_smile:


Reminder that the topic in this thread is “Why I like Limit-Breakers…”

Please stay on topic here. There are already several existing LB threads available to state a negative or opposing opinion. Thanks!


Booooooom kitty has claws :kiss:

I feel left out on my thread. :sob:

I’m thinking of giving jott some love of aether.


I’m undecided on Limit-Breakers, but I was so on emblems, and I love them now. Maybe all I need is time. :wink:


Seems to me the existence of this thread:

Shows one reason why these things are a positive impact. One of the core themes in this game is the overall management and juggling of rosters - deciding where to focus efforts to ascend, max, and emblem heroes (and how to emblem them), based on individual priorities of war attack, war defense, raids, tournies, PVE events, etc.

Adding a new dimension to this - one where the decision is irreversible - actually makes you think further about which direction you want to take your own roster. The discussions in that thread show this is happening That additional touch of customisation and strategy vibes with me as this is one of the areas that I most enjoy in the game. And I don’t think it is going to pan out how some doomsayers have predicted where all of the focus is on war defence heroes, or at least not exclusively so. And that is a good thing.


This game has no ending so it wasn’t surprising that once we got to state of 100 Emblem defences being normal that they had to find a way through that.

Sure there will be some offers for them here or there (like Emblems I’m guessing) but the fact you can just grow your heroes from playing the game is, to me at least, pretty cool.

My favourite bit is the fact that once spent that’s it. Means you have to think about it a little more. For example in my roster Finley and Frigg are obvious choices since I use them both in my offence and defence. They will get a lot of use from them. But currently my tank is Freya and that’s pretty much her job for me. I use her to auto play stuff as well but from a “player input” perspective I’m not really getting a lot from LB’s on her. Whereas I use the likes of Clarissa, Kageburado and Malicna on my offence all the time.

So do I want to make my defence a little tougher which is a passive and boring or boost a hero I actually use all the time? Makes for interesting choices.

And for newer players the ability to super-charge Rare and Epic means you can more than compete in those tournaments and those levels of events too. I’m going to do that as well but down in Rare and Epic there’s a lot more diversity of heroes I find. Deciding which Rare yellow I boost is going to be a challenge for sure. Same goes for red and green. Lots of viable choices all jumping up and down for LB’s

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I totally agree @Homaclese! Every player in the game has an area of they game they focus on more. Thus, that will be where they will (or at least should) limit break their heros. For me, I focus on wars and titan scores! I’ll probably focus on my war defense heros with a close eye on those heros that I also use on my various titan teams.

Next year, I plan to do @Razor’s Raid Wars contest. Thus, I’ll work on limit breaking my main defense as we near the contest. In my book, I view limit breaking a hero with the same mindset as I have for emblems - main/war defense, titans, raids. The only difference is that (at least for now) you can’t reset a hero that you have applied limit breakers on, so you have to put more thought into which heros you will do first. Hopefully, they will have a reset option in the future for heros you have applied limit breakers to especially IF they start rolling out 6* heros!


@Rook : Thanks for saying it !!

I wanted this thread to explore / share creative possibilities of using “LB Aethers” instead of the same old stale logic on 5* defence teams which will also keep changing… due to new heroes…
Who are the LONG-TERM heroes, that each player sees as “a POTENTIAL”… LBs will be “INVESTED” with those heroes… & it is always good to know with the logic, which can help all of us !!

Cheers !!

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@dbotelho : While there are many good points against LBs, they are now a reality. I would request you to explore creative uses for usage of LBs instead of the same OLD complaint of P2P having some kind of advantage.

Via Q&A, SG has made it clear that while they would like provide exciting choices to old / experienced players, they are keen to maintain balance with new players. This balancing the game play for new players will have a beneficial impact for players who don’t spend…

The complaints can be shared on other threads that are MAINLY focused on that very subject.

Cheers !!

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