WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

I tested these, I didn’t like that it actually made it more difficult for me to win raids and “friendly” matches in beta. They strongest heroes on defense will be even harder to beat, which means raiding will be really frustrating…again. I just finally have people, myself included, who quit raiding after emblems came out, starting to enjoy raiding again. We are not whales. We are mid level players. We primarily have season 1 heroes. We do well with them now, because emblems finally became easier to get this year and we now have the same ability as the enemies we face. We now face similar teams in war, and have some emblemed heroes on offense so we are finally winning a bit more then we use to.
I foresee LB will lead to the same frustration as emblems did for a year+ for the F2P and those that only buy the vip or PoV. We will suddenly not be able to win as many, which will mean fewer chests, and much less fun. Been there, done that. It was not fun.
I think that is why people are upset. Also, they will not have a reset. So, like using ascension mats, no one will really want to waste them on season 1, or on 3/4* heroes that you will not use for too long, if you plan on playing for any length of time.
And, FYI-Out of all of us giving feedback in beta, there was only 1 person who liked this idea in our English speaking testers group. I love new ideas, but from testing this, I can’t be anything be depressed about what I think will be coming for my alliance. And keeping my fingers crossed that I am really wrong!
Good gaming all!


@Artamiss I agree with your point.

However, based on his comments in my limit breakers thread*, it appears that it is difficult for him to understand just how different the gaming experience can be for long term players.

He simply doesn’t play at a high level, and therefore has no experience with the reality of warring against full teams with +20 emblems, and level 30 troops.

No offence intended to the OP.

*I think that the OP and I just won’t see eye to eye on this matter, so while I am replying on their thread, it is mainly to express my agreement with other posters. It is fine to disagree. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the post. I didn’t get the uproar on LBs and after reading hundreds of posts and having it explained to me - I still don’t get it! At its worst it is fighting the top level heroes with higher stats - which will just mean a few more losses. That’s it. And stat boosts have the least impact on a hero - comparing to mana speed, specials, talents, and to some extent innate resistances/powers.

At its best it gives you a new way of customising your roster according to your desired playstyle. I don’t think it is a blanket case of defense advantages will win out over offense advantages - it will be very much situational. Giving C Mel max LB will greatly enhance his survivability in an LB world relative to his survivability now in a non-LB world. And as he is an absolutely key hero for me that will improve my overall success rate despite coming up against relatively stronger defences overall.

That is my take on it, anyway. As others have said time will tell just how this will actually play out - there are too many variables at the moment for anyone to be able to make a very infromed judgment.


Nop defense will always be more advantaged than offense :

  1. defense will have a rainbow LB when while it’s unlikely you will have 5 LB in your offense team (probably never if you used to mono)

  2. the hidden 20% buff for defense makes the stats buff even higher for defense. So while you think your costume melandor is sturdier he his in fact weaker. Indeed the damage curve calculation is exponential so the more the gap between stats of the attacker and the defender is the more the defender will crush you hard.

So basically it will just add more frustration for raids/wars which I’m sure is what they want because they feed on the frustration of impulsive players. The more frustrated you are the more likely you will compulsively spend to try to erase that frustration. That’s their business and it’s an ugly one :roll_eyes:


Enjoy fighting 6x 5k+ defenses in wars in the upcoming months then.


Nope, yourself!

Firstly, the stat gainst aren’t relative but are absolute, and are more or less identical for 4* and 5*. That makes 4s relatively stronger vs 5s when both are limit broken as compared to now. So even if ALL 5 defensive heroes are LB, then C Mel will still be relatively stronger then as opposed to now if he is LB too. And we won’t see all 5 defensive heroes LB all the time - far from it.

Also, that is just factoring in attack vs defense, where the defense of the 4* will be relatively stronger. The health of C Mel will also go up giving a further boost to his survivability.

That buff is there now, and it will be there with LB. But given point 1 and 2 above, C Mel with LB vs 5s with LB with 20% buff is still relatively sturdier than C Mel without LB vs 5s without LB with 20% buff. And the exponential aspect of it doesn’t come into play as relatively attack will be weaker vs defense than it currently it is

All in all, C Mel will on average survive longer in this brave new world of LB than he does now.

I disagree here - I think frustration leads to people complaining and not wanting to play. And I am not conviced that this will lead to more frustration


Sure, why not? My opponents will be doing the same. Its an extra challenge.


I don’t know what’s sadder: me having exactly ZERO of those named heroes or the guy who has ALL of them.



Btw, fwiw @Rduke77 I have none of those heroes either. Of course I’d love to get any of them, but I am vc2p, and just prefer to spend my money on travel and shopping. :wink:


I don’t know what level you are playing but at mined we don’t bring any 4* in wars/raid they just can’t ensure you a higher probability of winning the fight.

And of course we will fight only 5LB defenses soon what do you think??!!

Let suppose LB add 100 stats to your hero.
In defense that make it 120 attack and defense not 100.
Because the damage calculation formula is exponential, this gap is even more increased when it comes to calculate how much damage the defender will deal and how much damage the attacker will make.
Basically the LB defender will make more damage to a LB attacker than the normal version vs normal version. Same for the attacker: the LB attacker will make less damage to the LB defender than the normal version vs the normal version.

In all your cMel will on average survive less than before when attacking…

What? Never mind a different tier, it’s a different world.

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My alliance is currently at 21st position.

My war score over the last 30 wars is 241.

And I bring 4*s to every war - usually about 10 or so of my 30 heroes.

So yeah - I don’t see much changing.

First level of LB - C Mel’s defense goes from 624 to 645 (using emblemless numbers for ease)

Frigg’s attack goes from 753 to 775.

Currently attack to defense ratio inclusive of 20% bonus is 753*1.2 / 624 = 1.45

Both with LB it will be 775 * 1.2 / 645 = 1.44

A small advantage to C Mel. Add emblems, add more LB - the advantage grows for C Mel. And that is assuming that ALL defenders are equally LB, which as I said will rarely be the case across the board. In those defenses where it is true, C Mel’s relative ADVANTAGE shrinks.


@Homaclese I could be wrong, but I feel like you are the exception to the rule that long term players strongly dislike limit breakers. :wink:

It’s good to hear another perspective, and the delivery is important.

Carry on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your blessing :stuck_out_tongue:

Our alliance is of mixed opinion on it. But I always go my own way regardless of the popularity. And I try to reserve my full judgment until I know the full picture


E depois de quebrar o limite?

Algum local onde se possa saber quais os custos que cada patamar vai trazer… tipo, presunto, ferro, itens de 3* e 4*

Google translation:

And after breaking the limit?

Some place where you can find out what costs each level will bring… type, ham, iron, 3* and 4* items

This me never bothers atall.
If game provides 80% LB on F2P platform.

I’d have liked them if they were color-free and only for 3* and 4*.

But as they are not, i hate everything about them.


I have a feeling that the LB quests will be like the elemental quests, pop up in 10 days or weekly at best… to cover all the 5 elements. We will find out.

I feel, SG will keep the process a bit slow to not have a run away craziness to start with as players explore creative ways to use the LBs
instead of
the obvious 5* heroes for defence (which, for me is boring), which will have to wait as the Aethers being given out are very less for a 5* breaking …

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@Artamiss : I am amazed that from my OP, you understood that :grinning:

I found a way to play, have fun with all those high TP teams is what I have written… & not crib / complain.

I shared that point to showcase a comparison that as an enhancement tool, emblems & LBs are no different, just vary a bit = There is no reason for all complaints floating around.

Game is NOT about only defence teams… & 5* defence teams will fall with attack team & board combo, which will always play a key role in the game-play !!


@SamMe : I am most times thru the day at 2700 cups = face mostly 4700+TP teams with all 5 heroes @ 20 emblems & high troops.

I am in an Alliance that is ranked between 250 to 300 most times = I face TOP team power in wars.

We finished mythicT somewhere around to 170…

So I know what I am speaking about… & politely want to point out = players don’t need beta experts to certify what is right or not… yes, info is good but the decisions / verdict should be left to each player.
Since, SG has moved forward with things despite beta tester’s views … Maybe its time for overhaul of existing beta teams… & introduce fresh mindset-style-creativity… is what I feel.

cheers !!

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