WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

Hello All Micro analysers,

While it is good to micro analyse, BUT, going into it ALL the time takes the FUN away & makes this forum discussion very serious, stressful. Lets remember, this is a GAME-Forum & not a fight arena, so please avoid nit-picking small %s & numbers, which don’t make much difference in over play in my experience.

The common Views coming out from all of above is:

  • LBs are a welcome tool & not so BAD, as one imagined, based on beta tester opinions, bcoz, each player will use in a personalised INSTEAD of a generalised stated manner…
  • Players have the flexibility about who to LB as per their preference for whatever reasons, which only they will know = WHAT is the benefit for anyone else to guess & argue about it !!
  • 4* costume healers / heroes seem to become 5s with LBs = better heroes to play option for ALL, without worrying / waiting / being stuck for 4 mats !!
  • Dealing with LB defences is NOT Doomsday but just another challenge to be creative & this is still months away, could be almost a year too !!
  • We all have the option to play or not play this game & hence, WHAT purpose is served by arguing / fighting about a scenario which is in the future, which we have no accurate clue about !!

Finally, this THREAD is not about arguing / fighting against LBs, so request that point to be respected after many times being point out by Moderators / me.

Happy playing !


Personally, I like Limit Breakers. I’m completely ftp and playing for over 3 years. I have been going more and more casual and mostly concentrate on 3* tournies. LB is just one more way for me to be more competitive in the 3* arena. It is cheap aether wise to break 3* compared to epics and legendaries. After the last quest I limit broke 5 different 3* and 2 costumes. So after the first quest for each color I will have 25 heroes limit broken and that doesn’t count the aethers I pick up from other sources. After that I can work on epics and legendaries if I choose and not be that far behind.


Your example is just not fooling no one. While you melandore will almost get no gain (the ratio is pretty much the same), all of your other heroes that you bring along with your melandor and that will not be LB will be less efficient and it will take much much longer for the 30/40 heroes you bring in offense in war to get LB than the 5/10 you use in your defense.
THAT is a fact.

I love limit breakers. I would like to see some discussion among those who do like them about the ways they are using them or plan to use them. So I started reading this topic. Imagine my surprise when there was more attacking the positions of those who like them than there was friendly discussion about how to use them. I see way too much of that on this forum. In this particular case flagging every post of the complainers and attackers was impractical. But those posts are off topic. So as it does relate to the behavior of many on this post, I’m going a bit off topic and say this… There are so many people that hate everything about this game but SAY that they still play that I believe you have a bunch if spammers on this forum. Too often there is mention of another game that does the same thing… whatever is being complained about… only it does it better. Too often people who have anything positive to say are attacked as being fanboys or worse. Yes I am a fan of this game and enthusiastically so. What’s the point of playing otherwise? :thinking:

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Agreed. Messages derail into posts about other players instead of about the game content.

Such as:
Rather than talking about Why you love LB…

Also called crybabies and whiners

Or the other side: fanboys. Sometimes called SG spies :joy:

No game content is off limits from open debate. Even if you ask for a buff…
Someone will attack you.

Most of this this thread should have stayed in:

:point_up_2: Which opens in a very direct and noteworthy read!

But sometimes a person will get tagged, quoted and dragged into a discussion in threads that move around…! So that open debate can get…messy…

It seems to me that EVERYONE who debates “loves the game” in one fashion or another. Some have played long enough to find some new changes unwelcoming from the pace of leisure enjoyment they endorsed years ago.

LB is loved by some.
Cool! Happy gaming

By “copycat” i assume you mean mythwars or whatever it goes by now.

They added Artifacts. Artifacts are used like Troops, have restrictions in Events like Troops, and add skills and %s few have or adds onto.

Not sure the necessity to act like EnP is better nor why the need to call them a “copycat” when they designed both games.

Neither game is perfect, both are headed to disaster, and neither listen and think they know best but let’s be honest they don’t need to. Both are played and have spenders who do both religiously.

No matter what, you have many who will defend them no matter what they do.

But in all honesty, if neither listens to its whales as ppl call them… why in the blue balls of Yeezus do we think they care what a c2p much less a f2p player has to say?

Many are defending the bully that steals their lunch money and dunks em in the toilet.

It’s despised because the reasoning they “love them” is, anyway you flip it and regardless how slow the roll out – it’s temporary.

As stated several times over, creating a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist makes not only the problem happen but adds another problem in the future.

This all becomes ridiculously multiplied when you look back over the years at all the changes made with the defending ideology: “It’s all about balance.” Freshest example being Telluria.

Here, some other examples of solutions to non existent problems that created problems:

  1. Monsters in events are too easy > Make monsters tougher > people cannot beat events now > make heroes stronger > monsters easy again.

  2. Emblems are out > make new way to make heroes stronger (limits) > everyone’s making heroes stronger > repeat.

Around and around it goes and no matter what ppl defend it.


None of that matters when it comes to enjoying the game. When things come and go one plays with what’s at hand. I used line breakers to strength up a couple of heroes that I liked who were a little squishy. It worked quite well. If I don’t like something I just don’t use it or play it. I hate all the Ninja stuff, so I don’t play the tower and I don’t keep any Ninja heroes. I’m looking forward to what the developers come up with next.

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I have never been attacked for any of my positive posts. Just saying.


WELL YOU HAVE NOW :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :space_invader: :boom: :boom: :boom:

Muahahahaha. (Runs away.)


Too bad that isn’t true of this topic. The whole thread is full of negative comments instead of discussion about how to use limit breakers, which is what the op intended. So I finally posted how I had used them so far with improved results. I see your comments a lot because your username always makes me think of Sam in LOTR for some reason.

The current 3*, no Nature tournament has most of the top ranked players having defence of 5 ice heroes, all limit broken !

While I see an occasional 5* LB hero, mostly ICE in a corner on some defence, it seems many have used different strategies for LB uses…
Since 3* require less LBs it’s the obvious area of LB usage, especially keeping tournaments & all events in mind

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I’ll respond to this now since it’s been 30 days. I think your post was great but seem to be missing how it shifts the balance with things.

I’ve run into several Gramps at the tank spot or one of the tank spots. The LBs has forced me to change my style of play to rely more on the board rather than skill. Usually I’ll take a 3-2 or 3-1-1 team during raids. When I see Gramps with the LBs, I tried the same I’ve done before, being my 3 greens, Fogg, Francine and Kingston, all maxed emblems. What use to take 6 tiles to take out Gramps is taking 8 tiles to take him out. There is that fine line at least for me. With 1 of the tanks gone, I could usually work the board but unfortunately this isn’t the case anymore. I’ve never been 1 to skip a team but now do it if I see a LB Gramps being having to take a 4-1 or mono team is pretty much board reliant.

I love your enthusiasm but don’t think you see the problems with it. A LB offensive hero, such as Fogg isn’t gonna make much of a difference.

Wait till the green LBs come out and you go against a team that has Frigg broken. Repost then and let me know how much fun it is going against her


Honestly, when it comes down to it, there are some that care about the top end of this game and are way competitive like myself

What do they actually add to the game?
I don’t see anything except a way to widen the gap between those who have and those who don’t

BTW, I’m one of those who have pretty much everything.

If you’re not a competitive player, I can see the value in them. LB Wilber or BT with the skin or Rigard or Tibby.

What I’m seeing, it’s good for the lower end of the game but not for the top end


This is me personally, I broke Nordi, Gunner, the blue S4 hero and Jott.

Most of the teams I’m running against now have at least 3 LB 3*s

Thank God for the Gunner, Nordi, chick jr combo or I’d be out but I might have to ante up again on a Wednesday which I haven’t done in ages

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I’m at what I consider the top end of the game and I’m going to get plenty of benefit from lbing my 4* healers

To each their own

Let me know how that LB works against LB Frigg. I’m sure you will post 30 videos with great boards of how great the LBs are.

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@jkdevore is a former teammate of mine. So I may read his posts with a different ‘tone’ to you.

Personally, I find your post directly above a bit much.

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It was meant to be a bit much. I am sick of his constant, unjustified shade towards me. Everyone has their limits.


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