WHY I like Limit-Breakers & anything new coming to the game

Finally they are showing up in wars!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :poop: :poop:

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@Draerius : good to know you wrote to OP after clarification was sought by a person. Like I am directly posting / replying to you, helps to speak directly.

Nothing is perfect / ideal in this game, so when players / you write about problems like this or that will happen, still persist for a longer period of time, I simply laugh it off, becoz I see complain - complain & complaints = lack of creativity & the fixed view that the GAME should operate in some ideal manner to please certain type of players…

Pal, doesn’t work like that. LBs are a play tool : hero enhancement tool : SO irrespective of what another player is doing, I prefer to have my OWN - PLAN - of - ACTION about how I will use LBs. This way, I use my choice, as per my style of play = the real purpose of LBs, instead of copying others.

The point about emblems making heroes stronger… example was writen in OP in a context, please re-read & you will understand… so I won’t repeat here again!

Finally, for you & others, My personal strategy to use LBs is very simple. I am identifying from my current roster of 3-4-5* heroes, which are the ones that I will use till the game exists & will put in a plan to LB them for my mainly offensive play, where I control things = Also enjoy my experience of playing this fab GAME :wink:

My currently priority list for heroes getting LB is & will +/- later:
3s : Nordri / Gunnar / Brienne
s : Wilbur / G. Jackal / 2 Costume Kirils / Jott / Frank
5*s : Frigg / Gazelle / All elemental def down / Def down / Hatter / Skadi / LoLo

Game is NOT about war / raid defence teams ONLY…!!

Example from today’s war: 25+ defences of opposition was 4750+ TP compared to our defences being lower. We won by 800 points, we led from the beginning AND our defences were more difficult to defeat. I am sure you will imagine many factors contributing to our victory !! There’s the reality check for you :grinning:

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@Azazel_Nox : Beta has all kinds of players is a KNOWN thing & I too am aware. This forum & multiple comments on this aspect above has already made your mentioned points a repetition. Still I welcome you comment.

I have already replied to similar points you have made so will skip replying on that & urge you to read them above, if it matters to you.

I am ONLY amazed that beta testers didn’t strategically see how the LBs will help player make creative choices to improve their key heroes & make them better for a longer use in this game. Example : a LB costume Kirill becomes a 5* ice hero & extends his usage in the game.

Instead, beta testers got STUCK on LBs being used ONLY on making defence teams OP & making wars / raids unplayable. I have questioned this LACK of creativity mindset & NEED to overhaul !!

I have already shared above, how each player will use LBs as per his creative style & how I plan to move forward with LBs.


@Draerius : when I read on the forum, I see lots of complaints - complaints & more complaints = which seems to become a justification for NOTHING new to be brought out by SG. Thankfully, SG reads all those views but has better wisdom to roll-out more resources that help play this game with more fun

The underlying theme of resistance I m reading here & in other threads seems to be more about $$$$$$ + NOT wanting to face strong defences, which I find HILARIOUS. Bcoz, that closes minds of players to see more realities / possibilities !! THINK :slight_smile:

WHAT is wrong in strong defences?
Personally, being a late starter to this game, I have already shared about my experience of facing +20 emblemed five heroes early on & hence, I don’t COMPLAIN about this aspect at all. That also helps me move beyond the defence team becoming a blinding factor to discuss / explore wider aspects about this game.

Excellent good job glad you’re liking the changes

I think the root cause is the great distrust toward SG after GTV fiasco and the subsequent power creep (power jump) made by the NT/S3/S4/New Challenge Event.

I like that SG do not give first day Aether offer, but it remains to be seen when will they start to sell aether in shop and how many is the availability. This feature give chance for SG to prove that the constant worry of the forum/tester are wrong and also to gain back their trust, but they have to refrain from being greedy to do it.

Also this currently tested possible update is in the right direction:


That was noted?

Problem is it only makes him (yet again) temporarily usable. It’s Emblems 2.0 without anything unique about it. Not just about defense, it’s about leveling the same heroes all over again…

It’s about how the made the game harder and then buff the heroes which made the first ideal irrelevant and useless. It’s about how atm you can’t reset which should in theory cause hesitation in using since newer heroes are more attractive.

It creates a solution to a non existent problem that once it’s implemented recycles to where it started and for what? How long before they become buyable?

It’s a band aid on a broken bone.


And finally full 3* event team :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::poop::poop:


Disagree, it’s emblems 2.0…
but players thinking like you will work very hard to make LBs into emblems 2.0

As some are asking, SG rebalancing older heroes is a defeating / wasteful action which collides with new heroes / event roll out
Hence, LBs offer a creative approach in the form of choice to each player to apply to their roster heroes of strategic value… as they like !!

SG has chosen to not be a parent telling children what to do & instead gave toys for players to decide… it’s an excellent thing.

Let’s see what happens… how players use the LBs. I m very happy there is no reset token for LBs… and wish it is kept that way, else, it does become stupidly used like the emblems.


The most common sense I heard was, use this stuff on offensive “timeless” heroes. Defense meta’s change and as long as these things remain rare (at least for 5*) you can have fun with them.


For now, today, I totally agree with this - but then with all these new heroes being constantly rolled out - who would currently go on a list of “offensive” timeless heroes.
And with S4 heroes and S5 heroes being built as we speak how long would that list be valid ……?


Snipers and healers?


And if you look at the seasonal heroes, the event heroes and the new HOTM - they constantly introduce better snipers and better healers and soon to be more costumes.
It’s a minefield and a risk whoever you put LBs on…


Even if there are better new snipers or healers, the old snipers and healers are still usable.

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Totally agree … my point is that they are not timeless….
At some point in time players will eventually pull a better sniper / healer …
So offensive heroes are currently in the same boat as the current “best” defensive heroes. If you continue to play the game and continue to pull heroes at some point your roster will improve and without a reset token you can’t xfer the LB

That is also the case with Ascension Material. It is likely that they want to make Aether rate in balance with AM rate. Aether is more like AM than Emblem.


I’m sorry but every post of OP in this thread sounds like they are trying to sell me something, which smells fishy… And I’m not buying it, nor the rest of the forum.

People complain because NOBODY asked for this absolute crap of “improvement”, what’s more, all beta testers were quite vocal against it.

So devs are still successfully pissing off loyal playerbase, let’s see how this works out for them :roll_eyes:

Anyway, this is cursed topic and I’m out.


Add to that EDD & DD being my main priority
few healers with Costumes like - Kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard, Melendor… to make them 5* heal heroes
that will give me flexibility to not use ascension mats for 5* healers on priority… something I have been slowly trying to build in each colour.

Totally Disagree…

While the P2P players already have good number of heroes with good specials, variety & power, so they will only add some more extra LB heroes on top of that… using these LBs.

I am P2P & have a good roster of heroes BUT still haven’t used any LB till now,
I don’t need to use LB right now.
I wanted this improvement for the reasons explained in just above, my previous comment & hence have have written my original post.

Developers have played it smart to give LBs as a tool for players to chose. Its upto players to use LBs in accordance with their playing style - logic on heroes they feel, they can enhance.

In my understanding, REAL benefit of LBs will be to F2P & C2P players to improve their key heroes in the roster for a good quality of play. (Imagine the situation without LBs…)…
when players see LBs without restrictions, past baggage & distrust toward SG, the possible beneficial uses of LBs will open up…

I absolutely agree with @Homacleese. As a f2p I had the luck to summon some decent 5* Heroes and added a few S1 from TC20. Unfortunately I never got a 5* Healer. With LB I could improve my Kiril+20 to nearly 800, and his survivability improved, keeping my whole blue mono Team alive longer. I plan to do this with my other 4* healers ( cBoldtusk, cMelendor, cRigard and Lady Woolerton) too. This will improve my attack teams in the next 4 months. It will ladt a year for most players to get to limit break five 5* heroes. Hopefully in a year I will have one or two decent 5* Healers. So LB will help me and I think a lot of f2p and c2p players to compete if used wisely.

Happy gaming


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