Why? I have to wait to hit a titan?

I recently left an alliance and have been forced to wait 12 hours before I can hit the titan can someone please explain this to me? ATTN MOD so now you are dictating the way players choose to play the game instead of just being happy they are playing at all. Clarification requested!!!

As long as you have flasks or flags, you can hit the pooch.

We’re just players like you. We don’t work for Small Giant. But I’ll do my best to explain.

As @l2ider said, you can attack the titan instantly. You just won’t get a kill counted toward your titan chest within the first 12h after leaving your old alliance. So if the titan takes more than 12h to die after you join, you’ll still get the kill counted.

The 12h cooldown on the titan chest is to keep people from filling their chest by hopping from alliance to alliance, rapidly.

The thing that most people find more objectionable is the reduced loot within 20h of the last titan kill by an alliance when you join, which makes mercing much less lucrative and harder.


Did you join another alliance? If so, leadership should have welcomed you and told you that even though your titan chest is grey you can still fight the titan. They should have explained that even though you won’t get the one point in your chest, you’ll still get rewards.

This is what we tell new players when they join us when we have an active titan. If your leadership didn’t mention it (perhaps they weren’t aware), it is worth mentioning it to them so they can inform the next new player to join them.


The Titan box is dark and says because I recently left an alliance I cant until time expires been waiting 8 hrs

In much the same way as you can still raid while your raid chest is on cooldown, and can still kill monsters while your monster chest is on cooldown, you can still attack and kill a titan while your titan chest is on cooldown.


You just won’t get credit in your titan chest if the titan dies before the timer expires.

You can still hit the titan. You’ll get reduced loot though if you hit 2 titans in different alliances in a 24 hour period.

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My Titan chest has no reason to be on cool down other than changing alliances it never has before so what gives is this due to mercs and if so why is the game dictating how to play what difference is it to them

Again what the heck is the difference as long as folks play oh sorry they might have to dish out another set of computer generated junk what a sacrifice

They had their reasons for doing this.

Search the forum for mercing.


Please read my post above where I explain the reasoning behind it.

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This is the ultimate answer. This thread can be closed now.