Why I have no sympathy for "victims" of hero nerfing y

Two kinds of players end up with premier heroes, the wealthy and the lucky. I am the latter, Terraria was among the first five five stars I pulled. she was a surprise and when she was rebalanced I simply found new ways to use her. she’s no longer my green tank but she is awesome on my green mono offense. Why aren’t I upset? Because I didn’t invest in obtaining her, she simply found me. Just like Heimdall found me on a farmed coin one pull.

People who chase heroes using an excess of money do so in order to obtain overpowered heroes for the simple fact that they are overpowered. If it is your intention to acquire OP heroes through brute financial force, you have got nothing to complain about when they get rebalanced. You invested in a volatile commodity. Its simple risk reward analysis.

This behavior sadly is due to selfish desires and a complete lack of empathy for the player base as a whole. The health of the game does not enter into these people’s calculations.

I personally invite careful rebalancing to keep the game fresh and full of strategic options, even if such heroes happen to be on my roster.

Frigg, Odin, Cobalt, and Kadilen-C need some rebalancing. And yes I mean a second rebalancing for Frigg and Odin.

Otherwise create an Uber-arena for big spenders so that the rest of us can have a fun game.


Note: I gave up the idea of chasing 5* heroes last summer after going after GM in atlantis. Now I chase 3* and 4* and every now and then a 5* will volunteer.

There certainly is a third type of player who will chase a particular hero on occasion. What I’m talking about those players who dump thousands of dollars in order to have everything the second its released, so they can get off on the feeling of dominating others.


I agree with your general sentiment welcoming some rebalancing of heroes when necessary. It is for the betterment of the game.

I will say that empathy runs both ways. Folks who save up for the right hero or choose to chase an advertised hero upon release shouldn’t have to worry about that hero changing significantly. If you spend gems and 4* materials on a hero, you will feel hoodwinked if they nerf the hero to oblivion. Beta is for big adjustments; only rare ones should happen in the live version. Otherwise, you worry about committing to a lemon of a hero.

Remember, you never get your 4* mats back. Never. Even after 3 years. So changes to a hero after release have lasting consequences for anyone who obtained it and invested in it.

From a business standpoint for SG, it’s sensible to keep rebalances to a minimum so their advertised pixels are taken at face value by their customers.
If heroes constantly change, the face value of an advertised hero will not be trusted and folks will chase less.


I have to disagree here. There is only one kind.

There are no lucky who pull new heroes at every event.

Only the wealthy who spend continuously keep their premiere heroes. The moment they stop spending they lose premiere status.

Because the stats keep inflating.
The speed keeps increasing.
The skills cut deeper and deeper.

Which means…

Will need Costumes sometime next year… and C Kadilen well… maybe you can feed her away?

There’s really no point in nerfing any hero… eventually they’ll be obsolete.
It’s only a matter of time.

So it’s probably better to get off the nerf train. And support balance by presenting as much data for buffs to the weak as you can.

And if those buffs come as costumes…?


I disagree with this, as a hero is shown in beta first sg gets feedback if they’re good op or under par they go ahead and release that hero as is and if ppl.spend to get them then it gets nerfed later its basically false advertising…do I condone gambling habits no but if you can afford it then you should get what you pay for, if the hero is to op in beta and is told it is like with the GTV combo or frigg and Odin but sg disregards the feedback to get the pulls then nerfs knowing that it was op to begin with that’s just shady.

But other hero’s that are way op are now getting costumes to boot…its all a $ grab to keep players chasing the next best thing, because you got lucky with tell and heimdall on free pulls is great but that doesn’t justify the letdown to the ppl that legitimately paid good money for them and the expectation of the performance, but again thats false expectation due to the now no trust with marketing from sg and why many big spenders are quitting the game.

Its not the players fault that’s for sure


Nerf all after the money was spent. Doesn’t matter then anymore. :crazy_face:

I’m not a victim of nerfs I’m a victim of my addiction. :rofl:


Why Kadilen-C? If I can something understand Frigg and Odin, and even Cobalt, but Kadilen-C is not overpowered.
Just buff Inari.


Just one thing for you to ponder. Without the big spenders, you have no game. Looking at the bigger picture, regardless of which heroes get nerfed, they will eventually get costumes that will likely make them better then pre-nerf state. Not only did you spend 4* mats on these heroes to not get what they advertised their merchandise as, SG wants you to pay for them again to get un-nerfed. Do you not see a fundamental issue with the business tactics? I’m fine with a nerf if it supports the community - this is not what this is. This is a very disgusting business practice.

Imagine you lease a car, sign the agreement and drive off. 3 months later you come in to get an oil change, go to leave and you realize they’ve removed the navigation system. You go in to complain, but they tell you that you don’t own the car and you signed their terms of service…but if you’d like the navigation system back, you can sign another lease. It will cost you $50 extra per month. The real world could never get away with this with consumers and the only reason the digital world can is because consumer protection laws haven’t caught up.


I just want to add, what’s with the rediculously low percentages on the summons as well? The last one was
.6 percent you would get an epic hero. That’s less than 1 percent. Those kind of odds are just disgusting and a slap in the face to anyone trying to summon heroes whether they pay or not. No one wins but the game with those kind of odds and just wanted to say until they fix that I won’t spend another dime. They could easily move it up to 10% and still would make a killing not to mention 10% is still really low. Imagine going anywhere and gambling but know ahead of time your only going to win less than 1% of the time and when u do win, your only going to win the lowest prize you can or the worst of the 5* there is. It’s just absurd to think with those kind of odds that they can get away with that without being boycotted. Less than 1% is a huge joke and I am not happy being treated like that and I love this game but with odds like that it’s just not worth it to play


I think the biggest issue with hero nerfing is the ascension materials spent on that particular hero + the level up time and resources. I wouldn’t mind SG nerfing any hero if they’d restore at least the ascension mats and give a bunch of 4* trainer heroes as a compensation to each player who has said hero. At that point however deleting the hero from the game would be better. If someone pursued said hero with money, at least they will learn from the experience never to do it again since it’s pointless in the long run.


This bit was off-topic, but where exactly did you see .6 perecent for an epic hero? I am guessing you are thinking it was an event epic which have a 6.x% chance

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I think that’s the plan. You will be able purchase Inari’s buff, by way of costume.
Maybe after Finley’s and Jabberwock?


For a specific epic costume percentage will be like .6 %. So, chance to get C.Sabina is almost equal chance to get C.Marjana.

Costumes for non-S1 is just bad idea.
Nerfing S1 costumes too.


@Prajna : while your sentiment has a higher number of people agreeing, I disagree with the emotion of justifying nerfing becoz you seem to be a F2P OR C2P… & sound like spenders are bad people.

Going forward, if you are updated about how SG plans to move forward = Sneak Peak 2021 of tomorrow, you will clearly see a very SMART move by SG to reward the spending players… What / How, I will let you discover…!! :grinning:

I do agree with balanced heroes who are versatile, creative and give a lot of choice to the player = helps enjoy this cool game.

I find costumes: Marjana / Gormek / Kelile / Sabina / Grimm / Ulmer being brilliant = tune with today’s play, despite whicever new heroes come… these will put a good & winning fight…

Lord Loki provides a good choice to play creatively… many more such examples and also the one you mentioned about new ways to use telluria…

Finally, we all know, no matter how OP the new heroes might be… it comes down to the tiles !!

Good day.

Yikes. You’re one of those people that would be happy if someone richer than them crashed their Lamborghini.

People can spend their money however they like, it’s theirs. They paid for a specific thing and when its value is lowered, they have every right to be upset.

I’d advise you to check your own level of empathy before calling out others and saying they are selfish for chasing heroes. Stop being jealous and keep playing with what you have instead of demanding more nerfs that you call rebalancing. Many players already proved that it’s possible to beat every defense.

PS. You don’t have to be in top 100 global, there is no special reward for this.


I guess the main point of his post is: you know that stronger heroes CAN be nerfed after release.

We saw it and did happen many times.

If you go at the same restaurant, and every single time they bring to you a wrong dish, you must understand that part of the mistake is yours because you keep going at the same restaurant.

No nerf was done because of players.
It was done because Small Giant agreed with players but still release the hero as is.

When you guys notice that a hero is clearly stronger then others, do not be surprised it will not stay like that much longer.

Spending hundreds for it will not change this thing, and in reverse, it should make you think before spending, if it’s really worth to chase at any cost.

That’s the main point, i guess.


it is not false advertising …
for one simple reason, you don’t pay to buy a “desired” hero but only a chance to get it.
player x uses a grateful token and gains desired hero.
player Y: can spend $ 1000 but is not sure of getting a certain hero.

so you don’t pay a hero.

Good job justifying a big corporation’s predatory moves. SGG should hire you to reply to every thread like this if they already didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Sarcasm aside, I don’t agree with OP’s sentiment at all. It’s the usual post of any player who got lucky with pulls so he doesn’t care what happens to the rest, but he still demands “rebalancing” for the heroes who give him trouble in wars/raids.

Talking about selfishness :joy:


Garnet, cobalt, freeg, Odin. With these heroes that we meet en masse, a fight comes down to luck. Either you have the puzzle or you are dead. No possibility of working your puzzle. These heroes hit the whole team. What is the point of this game if the victory is played solely on luck? When it comes to warfare the quick bonus is a good idea but again with alfrike mostly tanking either the puzzle is lucky or you are dead! The fights become ridiculous and without any interest. Where is the game that I loved a few months ago. Gentlemen, designers, you will quickly disgust all players and you will find yourself without players. Think about what you do when you create a hero. It’s completely ridiculous to make heroes only to then find that they become unplayable and then reduce their performance. This did not exist before the buyout of the game by Zimbra. 3 years of play to get there! I think I will stop soon because thinking about building the puzzle no longer makes sense with these heroes. At the shows, a lot of players are in my situation. The fundamentals that made the game no longer exist and you have ruined everything. The abandonment is very near. Well done zymbra, you will lose the big players who pay.


you are wrong I am against this policy that SG is taking the news planned for year 2021 …
they make this game a paytowin.
But I don’t accept comments from players who write I paid for a certain hero so it’s not fair to change it.
to make you understand here there is no shop where you can buy a certain hero.

do you understand what I mean?


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