Why i get a ban from chat

I have a question.

Why do I ban from chat without warning or no reason. I don’t know what the problem is. You are not answering my question, this problem is the same for my other account, I spend a lot of money and have a ban from chat for more than 1 year and now for my other account. Sg says they make games fair for everyone, but it’s not true. Please solve my problem, otherwise I will delete this game and spend money on another game it deserves
Sg send me only this mail and dont answer!

Greetings @Bmw1
Unfortunately the game forums can’t help you with this kind of matter. You should contact directly to Small Giant by opening a support ticket.
Hope you can solve this!


And how can i do that

Go into your game settings, and click support tab…you can contact them through that.

In game, you can find the Support button by tapping “Menu”, then “Options” and selecting “Support” tab. Contacting this way helps to solve your request faster.

If you are unable to contact through the game, here is the “Submit a New Request” link:


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Thanks for the link :)) think that i send last time this way my friend send me the same linkbut they dont answer. And i dont know what the reason is of my ban. Little account 1 month and my big account is almost 1.5 year banned from chat 3 times warning but warning for what.

As @LadyAnesthesia and @DotCom said, unfortunately no one on the Forum can help with chat bans, we’re just fellow players. :slight_smile:

But that link for Support should work, or you can follow the instructions here:

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Closing for OP to #contact-support directly.

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