Why I dont spend money with this game

I am F2P basically since I started playing this game many years ago and today I got reminded of the reason why I refuse to pay money for this game.

I have been saving troop tokens for months now after many hours of playing to save them for the ninja event to get ninja troops.
I accumulated 9 tokens and used them today and didn’t get one single ninja troop. Not a one star, not a two star, not a three start and definitely not a four star troop.
Good try SG…

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FYI - There are no one star, two star, or three star ninja troops.

With a 5% chance to get a 4* ninja troop, you need on average 20 pulls to get one.


Then there’s me who in 21 pulls got 4 4* troops. How that has anything to do with being FTP is beyond me.

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You said on average so that’s fair enough but obviously with 20 pulls that’s 20 individual 5% chances so still can’t be expecting a 4* troop

So 9 pulls with a 5% chance of getting one.

Or better put, a 95% chance of not getting one.

So 0 from 9 was actually on the money. 1 from 20 is “the odds” but of course still no guarantee.

I do love a good rant post where people basically complain the odds advertised happened to them…,


:joy: 20 characterssssss

Why I spend some money on this game: It’s entertainment, like a movie or amusement park. I know no one really cares but hey, opinions flow free here.


most F2P i know of have at least 20 ETTs. last time Ninja Tower was around was July. i don’t know how you have only 9 troop tokens saved in 4 months unless you just went long stretches of time without playing the game.

Im not complaining, Im just saying that SG is not giving me any reason to spend money on their game.
Thats all.


63 tokens, 0 ninja troops here…oh well, I only wanted the purple one for collection purposes anyway. It’s not like I have the food to level tons of troops.


still stuck on how you only had 9 … epic troop token…
… you should have like 30 - 80+

depending on how you do with the challenge events…

but sorry yeah the odds are clearly posted

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And they’re odds, they definitely aren’t a guarantee that you’ll get one after 20 pulls

Thats all I had. I play the game at least once a day and do wars, titans and do the quests as far I can go.

Epic tokens and troop tokens dont fall very often for me.
So if you are saying that I should have anywhere from 30 to 80 tokens, then you are just adding more to my reasons to not spend money on this game.


Sorry man, its tough, I would be raging mad, but this is what the game offers. People support this so thats what you get.


Why is that shocking? There are plenty of people who play the game in a basic manner and don’t speed up chests/finish quests regularly.
You’re right about the odds being posted and it makes sense, but the amount of pulls someone has isn’t based on your perception of what reality should be.


Yeah I know what you mean. Apart from Recruits II quest with a guaranteed ETT, they don’t fall in my loot often too.

Don’t sweat it this round.

Wishing you better luck next round.


I don’t care, I spent about $20 in total in the 2 years and 7 months that I’ve been playing and that’s about what this game is worth to me. Plus I have plenty of 4 star troop that I cannot even max before I die (which is hopefully at least 40-50 years away, lol).


Just spent 14000 gems, pulled Jade. A useless hero. A slap in the face. A rare challenge event hero who is worse than Kadilen from season 1. On the bright side, I’m now out of gems, and won’t be restocking them.

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completly f2p I know has 74… but he does place in a good tieer every challenge event…

I have 43… I didn’t buy them LOL just from doing half decent in the challages you can get a bunch … also bigger titan and I do 2 hero and 2 monster chest a day… I dunno ok

Yeah, 9 is too little. You must be a casual player to only have 9 ETT if you’re gathering them for the tower. I actually don’t bother with the ninja troops. I waste my ETT as soon as a new PoV beginns for the summoning quest and for the xp boost the 20 - 30 x 3* troops I usually get, bring on top of with the 1 and 2* troops resulting from the 100 - 150 grey tokens I burn at the same time. Then is troop feeding time…

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