Why I don't pay for gems

Just watched a buddy loose out $100 and about 12000 gems for the new heroes from December 2019 event. Not 1, yes literally not 1 of them popped up, lmfao. Now he is sitting on 45 feeders since most are 3 star.

For many players it‘s about the thrill. Like casino game. And also for many $100 is just peanuts. To everybody their own :wink:


People really need to learn to read

The odds are not written in hebrew. Crystal clear what you’re paying for.

If you dont want to take that chance, nobody cares. If you wanna take that chance, nobody cares. If you want to complain about taking that chance, it’s just another humor thread


I think people just don’t understand odds and the fact that you’re gambling with pulling heroes. If you have the $100 to lose and want to spend it on summons, fine. Just have a peek at the percentages before doing so, and understand the fact of pulling a specific 5* hero is incredibly slim.


Many of us will pay for an occasional big summon block, and some will pay a lot for many summons all the time, for the chance at something good.

But can anyone that finds summons THRILLING, please raise your hand? :joy:

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20 waves


You’re right.

But yeah the odds still suck super big ones.


I imagine he got Rudolph or pixie depending where he spend those gems - if he didn’t even get them, then that is really too sad.

My first two 10x pulls were all 3*
Shrug my shoulders and move on I guess. We all can have tough luck

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Don’t wanna read the occasional rant, or in my case observation, than don’t click articles titled in their directions. Geeze, its just a game.

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Your title is very broad. I’m sure if you wrote about bad summon streaks you would have less response/readers


Why I don’t pay for gems

I’m too effin’ cheap

Mostly these just demonstrate a woeful understanding of math.


I don’t understand the responses picking on people for being frustrated with the summon portal. Sure, the odds are available for all, but there is not a single person who throws money into the portal hoping to win nothing, which is certainly more insane than hoping to win something. Just because you know the chances are slim doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with being frustrated at pulling all season 1 3* duplicates for around $20-$25. It sucks when it happens and that’s a valid point of view.

Telling people to stop complaining because the odds are printed is to disregard to biggest problem which is just how unnecessarily slim the odds are! It’s not like a casino where you win actual currency. There’s no need for SG to make these 5* soooo extremely rare. I don’t believe there is any benefit at all to this except making SG money, and that’s a pretty legitimate thing for paying players to be frustrated by.


And if i show you a video of a ten pull with 2 legendaries and 1 HotM, this may persuade you to spend?

Don’t get me wrong, i’m happy if you enjoy the game without spending.
But your post is a little… pointless?

As other said, odds are clearly stated.


The odds are clear my dears… but why for 5* are so tinny??? Just think about: when you finally get a 5* is just the beginning of the road! Is long, long way for max him!!! So again, why so tinny chances??? 4* mats for level up are so rare also…

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The odds are clear but the players’ understanding of what those odds mean isn’t. I think too many players assume spending increases the odds whereas it only increases your chances at the same odds.

Yes, the odds stink. Yes, it is unfortunate when you make a 10-pull and get nothing useful. We have ALL been there. Many times. That is the source of the responses, not so much picking on people as “here we go again :roll_eyes:”. If everyone who was disappointed in pulls started a thread there’d be millions of them.

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twenty amens to that sir…so true

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Actually this an absolute cornerstone of their strategy.

In a recent article, the creator sited his desire to make a game that was easily accessible but had longevity.

If everyone had a solid 5* line up after a couple of months, there’d be so much less incentive to keep grinding, competing and paying.

I’m not saying it’s morally right or wrong, but it’s been incredibly successful.


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