Why I can't revenge raid these players "Note: this player is playing on a different app version"? [MASTER]

I cannot understand why after every update so many people are so upset that they cannot revenge. Just be a bit patient. I always find somebody to raid against and even keep certain opponents for a short while in watchtower to raid them when I have not so much food to re-coll (not too long for sure but I really do this!)

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Player on different app version–here we go again :tired_face:

On Android you have to go to Google Play Store to disable automatic updates for games

@321Trotter - If you disable the automatic updates, you will run into the same issue when your revengeable opponents update. Unless your intent was to say: 1. Disable the auto updates 2. Once the update comes out - Revenge everyone 3. Go update immediately. This would work nicely :wink:

I’m one of the people that didn’t turn off automatic updates. The empires and puzzles version I’m playing is15.0.0 build 792.

All I can do now is wait for other players to update the earlier version. Players still using the older version have the advantage; they can raid me but I can’t raid them.

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I’ve noticed that since the latest update I’m unable to revenge teams that raided me prior.

Has anyone else found this problem?

You’ll be able to revenge once the other player and you are on the same app version. This happens every update.


There are so many threads about this that I’m not even sure which one is the master for merging anymore. @Kerridoc @Rook, can you help out?

Some possibilities:


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Does anybody know when all get forced to update the game?
I still got Player in my tower that were online again and again but still got old Version. They will disappear soon and I want my revenge…

Update was forced this morning, about five hours ago.

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Yep. Finally. I raid back immediately :wink:

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11 people I can’t hit because of different version. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, removing all cache but still on the same version. Sick of losing the chance to avenge (btw the proper word to use as opposed to 'revenge ') attacks every time there is an update.

Blame the evil Apple and Google for trying to make sure their servers don’t melt down and delay updates even more for everyone while they get them fixed.

This same thing happened to me. I am on the most recent version (just upgraded) but was on an older version when I was raided. Once I updated, it still tells me I can’t raid them. Why is this even an issue?? They shouldn’t have been able to raid me in the first place if we are on different versions. Developers need to remove this lame feature. I already hate the raid arena to begin with (match players on their top 5 players or current level, not by the number of trophies that they have!!!), but this gives me more of a reason to not raid at all.

Same here, but I got the message before I updated to the new iOS version. Thinking it was my problem, I updated and restarted my phone and it’s still occurring.

Agreed! I got attacked over night and I tried to revenge and it says they were on a different app version. They literally just attacked me I didn’t upgrade in my sleep so I said ok let me see if there is an update there was and I updated and tried to attack again and it still said they were on a different app version so how is that? Just very frustrating. Seems like people are finding a way to attack and hide from the revenge. Just my two cents.

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So when is the update coming? All the players listed i planned for revenge are on a different app.

And i was just revenged while i was typing that, game app is sitting there open.

@Rockhound89 The game update is out already. If you don’t see it in the iOS or Google app stores, you may need to refresh: