Why I can't revenge raid these players "Note: this player is playing on a different app version"? [MASTER]

I installed update 1.14 .1 and still I get this message: “Note this player is playing on a different app version.” Accounts with this message are often offline.

How is it that they were able to raid me but I am unable to raid them? There seems to be something wrong here.

If someone can explain this, I would appreciate it.


Did they raid you after you upgraded to a new version? I guess, no. At least what I observed was that they raided me first, then I upgraded and was not able to revenge.


I thought that I had updated to the new version of 1.14.1 manually on my android this morning.

How can I make sure if I have the latest version or not? Are there special graphics changes that I would recognize?

I think we’re describing the same problem. Of the 10 people who raided me last night, 8 of them are on this new version and I can’t touch them.

How can I fix this?


Same issue

This is cheating if using a bot to keep them logged on. They should lose their account



Since SG usually force players to upgrade to the latest version, you can just wait a bit (perhaps, couple of days) and then revenge. :slight_smile: " revenge is a dish best served cold" (c) :wink:


There are too many people that have this notice on their player page. I suspect it might be an Android problem because I did the following and it still doesn’t work:

I can’t update my game! (Android )

If you receive an error message “Device is not compatible” on Google Play Store while trying to update the game, please try the following:
Make sure that power saving mode is not enabled

  1. Navigate to Apps > Settings
  2. Tap Search, then search for and select Power saving mode
  3. Tap Off.
    Reset Your Device Resolution

On some high-end Android devices, resolution might cause a device to appear (incorrectly) incompatible.

  • Go to Settings, then Display and finally Screen Resolution
  • Reset your resolution to the maximum setting.

Clear Apps Cache

  • Go to Settings, then Apps and finally All
  • Select Play Store, then Clear Cache & Data
  • Select Empires & Puzzles app, then Clear Cache & Data
  • Try updating the game again

Unmount SD card

  • Go to Settings, then Storage and finally Unmount SD Card
  • Try downloading the game again
  • Re-Mount SD Card by Navigating to Settings, then Storage, then Re-mount SD Card

Reinstall Google Play Store

  • Go to Settings, then Apps and finally All
  • Select Google Play Store, then Uninstall Updates
  • Try updating the game again


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I’m dealing with the same issue. I updated 2 days ago and in the past hour I’ve had 3 people, that I lost 119 cups to, that I can’t seek revenge on. (I WAS Diamond, so that puts a big bullseye on my back)

It IS an unfair situation. Since we are using different versions it should go both ways. They shouldn’t be allowed to attack us if we can’t revenge. If they don’t update in the next 2 days, they won’t even be in my list anymore. I get attacked about 20x/day.


There was another mini-release today to fix a bug with elemental chests. Might want to check the App Store/Google play for a new release as it may be your device that needs updating. Just a thought :smile:


And I could continue.

I have the game updated.

If I can not attack, why have they been able to attack me?

This means that those of us who have the game updated, we are playing at a disadvantage.


You will be able to revenge them once your opponents have updated to the same version. Keep checking - they will probably update in the next day or so.

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Meanwhile I have to keep playing and these players may disappear from my watchtower.

I hope that at least they can not play the second season without updating the game

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true story, that sucks. please devs fix this, its a BUG!

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Not being able to revenge those who have attacked, but haven’t updated.
Is there away to write something into the algorithm to keep them from attacking those who have updated. It’s a little unfair that I can’t revenge because they’re using a different app version.
If that’s the case, they also shouldn’t be allowed to attack me since I’m using a different app version .


Please check first if this is a known issue (as mentioned in Forum rules).
There are several threads with this concern already.

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My apologies. I did try to see if there were others. I didn’t find any, at the time.
However, I did find one, after my posting, where someone had taken screen shots. It was under a different category.

I also found quite a few in regards to it being unfair and other complaints under different categories.

Perhaps, I didn’t dig far enough to see if there were any others on this category with the exact same issue and title.

Do you want to get your thread connected to one of the others?

That might be helpful. Thanks.

Please link this one to the existing tread.