Why haven't we had a war yet?

A teammate created an alliance and then made me the leader when I joined. Several members of our old alliance joined the new alliance as well. We haven’t had the chance to participate in war yet and we’ve only received two 1star titans, that we killed in less than 6 minutes; I didnt even get the chance to hit it. We’re at 9 members, the average for our alliance is 25, and everyone has the “participate in war” box checked. I have a couple of questions?

Why havent we had a war? When will we fight better titans? I don’t want to lose my members because they are not being challenged.

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Soon, if you’re killing them very quickly.

That’s an odd one. Dunno


It is possible for the leader to opt the entire alliance out of wars … might want to check that :slight_smile:

Under alliance settings at the bottom it says Alliance wars with a check box.

But if you have only killed 2 titans so far then your Alliance may simply not have exsisted in time for the last round of matchmaking.


I checked that box before I wrote in here. I think it’s because our strengths were calculated in the prior alliance’s strength total, so our totals are not showing as being separated right now. That’s just my guess, but I would love to know the real reason/s why.

DBC is correct, as long as the alliance was created and the alliance wide opt in flag set before match making, you should have been in a war. If that was the case you might file a support ticket before the next match making starts

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Faster, Cheshire Cat! Kill! Kill!

RNG is involved.


Kill them as fast as you can.

(How can you get better titans quicker? How can you speed up titan level increases? How can you get more difficult titans faster? How can you get bigger titans after starting a new alliance? [MASTER])

+2 stars

You can sometimes jump +2 (or more?) stars.

Titan HP

Not sure exact details so may not apply to 1* titans.

Probably applies to titan HP, think +0.1 stars, so that should climb steadily.


Sounds like you missed the window for matchmaking on Friday.

You should be matched this Tuesday.

War score

Depending on timing, it may have been war score at the time of matchmaking.

Old code



War score used to use titan score.

The coders may have forgotten and left a minimum titan count in the code.

The OP should be matched this next war.

If they are still not matched this Thursday, maybe ask for clarification on all of the above (… and titan HP? )



There is actually a “minimum alliance score” requirement before your alliance can opt in to wars (I believe it is around 3500?)

Keep killing those low titans as quickly as possible and you’ll be getting higher level titans than your team can possibly kill before you know it.

That (accumulative titan score) plus combined trophy count of your alliance members should put you above the minimum war threshold in no time (if that was the case - if instead the reason was just not being opted in before matchmaking started via the check box, feel free to disregard this reply)

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