Why have I not pulled Bauchan yet? [Finally resolved] 🤣

Because I got Black Knight instead. :exploding_head::partying_face::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Questions: Have you ever gotten a great 5* or 4* hero, whilst you were chasing someone else? If so, who did you chase, and who did you get?


  • I genuinely would really like a Bauchan. :heart_eyes:
  • I’d like this to a be a positive thread. Thank you.

I wouldn’t say great but I pulled guardian owl chasing falcon and jackal.

Frida is the only five star I’ve gotten from Atlantis but I’ve never gotten proteus.


I was after Guardian Falcon and I pulled Guardian Gazelle. Which is still unlevelled since I got a lot of great Holy 5* :smiley:

Also I’ve been chasing costume Rigard and costume Kiril for a long time and I got C. Leonidas, C. Magni, C. Joon, C. Obakan and C. Isarnia :)))

And it’s funny how when I ask advice for some teams everyone assumes I already have costume Rigard or costume Kiril :))


Past month I was expecting for a cleric and a Paladin because I had a lot of emblems from both classes. I pulled Vivica and Rigard from TC20 and Alexandrine in a coin pull.


I wanted Black Knight and got Bauchan. Do you want to swap? :crazy_face:


I want Vlad…not Francine
And for Christmas, I want Rudolph… not Santa, Mother North or Mr. Pengui.

/fingers crossed/


You really don’t. :rofl:

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4 times actually,
I really wanted Sergei but I got Agrafena instead
I wanted yellow 3* from clash of knights event but I got Wren
I wanted c.Frank but I got c.Victor
I was chasing Proteus last year(I still don’t have him :cry:) but Poseidon came out of the portal.

I can’t be mad about these pulls but I still want these 3*/4* :man_shrugging:


I got my first Mok-arr, Mitsuko and Inari sooner from S2 portal than my first Wilbur, which was very wanted. I got 1 now.
I got first Guardian Owl from Teltoc portal sooner than my first Jackal, which was very wanted. I got 1 now.

Regarding Bauchan - I think it was last Knights event (it was a while ago) I had 2 free pulls and 2 gems pulls and I really wanted Bauchan and Lancelot. I did the 2 2* troops silver token pulls and after that did pulls in the event - Bauchan(!), Colen, Merlin and Lancelot(!), for the first time ever I actually got what I wanted right away :rofl:.


When S3 came out, I wanted Phileas Fogg. I had two levelled green 5*: Kadilen (no costume) and Mother North, who is great, but not an attacker. I did what I could with Caedmon, but he is not a Lianna…

So I went after Phileas. After a few months, I collected the coins and some gems for about 40 pulls. RNG being RNG, he eluded me. BUT: I got Prof. Lidenbrock and Lepiota, both of whom since then have been staples in my teams.

Also, during the time since my drought without greens, my green roster expanded fast. First came Bertila; then Elkanen and Horghall; then Elradir and Lianna; finally, Cristobal, Heimdall and Lianna’s costume.

Cannot complain. Actually, I am pretty happy now that I did not get Phileas. He is good, but these days I am waxing lyrical when looking at the Prof and the little mouse girl.

Edit: ah yes, I also wanted Sergei but I got Nadezhda and Cristobal. This is, though, a bit sour-sweet.


What a nice offer! It is very tempting, but after much consideration, I regretfully decline. :cry:



I hope you get both Vlad and Rudolph. :crazy_face:

:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover: for your (remaining) Halloween, and Christmas summons

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Wow! Definitely all well deserved. :+1::+1::partying_face::tada::tada::tada:

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I’m glad to know that there are more players really wanting Bauchan! I’m happy that you actually got both Bauchan, and Lancelot (plus Merlin). :star_struck::partying_face::tada::tada::tada:


My luck seems to run that the more I want something, the less likely I am to get it. So I try really hard not to hope.,.

Back before the new challenge events, I saved most of my coins for Guardians, hoping for Jackal still don’t have him btw :roll_eyes:

But once I threw some coins at Pirates hoping for Peters, and got Finley instead :star_struck:


Well yes, but actually no. But I think this story will fit for this topic.

I got 100 S4 coins and I was thinking about how bad my blues are and I was thinking S4 blue would be nice.
I’ve clicked pull and saw blue light. “Game is listening” I laughted (literally laughted on loud, it was kind of ironically laugh).

I saw hero with a bunch of stars and my next thought was “Nice, S4 4* hero”, but something was odd. Stars bar was too wide. I’ve counted once again and I realised I’ve just pulled blue 5* S4 hero.

This hero wasn’t even featured this month. And it was Morel.

After few months it looks like this:


It reminds me of this story:

It worked! A short time later, I had my long-awaited Lianna! :sunglasses:

Ok, it’s the other way around, so is it off topic? :crazy_face:


RNG is fickle, no? As an FTP with limited pulls, I always have low expectations for pulls. The most I hope for are 3* and 4*.

I was hoping for Wilbur, and got Inari. (still no Wilbur)

I was hoping for Grevle, Almur, Mist or Gullinbursti, and got Bera. (still haven’t gotten any of those 3* and 4* I listed)

I was hoping for Frank, and got Francine. (eventually got Frank one year later).

I was hoping for Buddy, and got Santa. (still no Buddy)

I was hoping for Squire Wabbit, and got Master Lepus. (eventually got Wabbit a year later)

I’m not complaining, considering the odds I’m glad I got some good 5*s!

I was hoping for Gafar, and got Rana.



If you have to ask, then it probably is. :crazy_face:

This is 100% fine. I wanted to create another postive thread, and this is a positive experience. :+1:

Extra points for quoting TGW. @eagle1 we’re thinking of TGW, here on a different thread. :two_hearts:


well, that was my 3rd Merlin after all. Long time before those pulls, I think it was literally my first Knights event so Bauchan didn’t exist at that time, I pulled 2 Merlins in a row from singles haha. But unfortunately I rarely use him, as Proteus exists, only kept 1 Merlin for collection purpose. Lancelot and Bauchan are on the other hand still useful heroes in some game aspects.