Why have I not got hotm yet?

Alexandrine is one of a few HOTM worth having more than one of. Better get her maxed before the nerf.
I have lucked out, I guess, and have almost every one since nov -19.
Too many Reubens for sure.

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I haven’t gotten a HOTM since Bai Yeong was featured… September 2020 :frowning:

That’s hardcore bud I do hop you get a long streak of luck soon mate.

I once went about 400-450 pulls without hotm (between march 2nd 2019 - october 19th 2020, so 1 year, 7 months and 17 days) and I wasn’t even F2P at that time, i was C2P. I don’t wanna scare you though, the chance of that happening is ultimately low, but I was the unlucky one…

Since then, my luck changed, after pulling Zulag in october, I got Bertila in january and Alexandrine this month. And also I don’t pay this game any money anymore (so, technically, I became F2P) since march this year. Also scored Athena, Drake Fong from HA10 and Onatel in Atlantis portal from free pull as these are past hotms, all since last october. So last year I scored 6 hotms, 3 current ones and 3 old ones. Can’t complain, feels like a consolation price after that drought I mentioned. I also scored 3 5* costumes, while before december 2020, I had 0 5* costumes. So it’s funny, how can your luck change sometime.


My longest unlucky break from HotM was between May 2020-December 2020; after getting Clarissa my only next one was Reuben. And my pulling rate was just as normal as always so it definitely was couple hundreds during that time.

I am glad though none of them I really liked, maybe could take Glenda but seeing my scope drop rate she’d probably still be at her 3.70 without any perspective to advance.


Iv not had an extreme bad run on hotm. Yeah iv defo not had one in like to hotm in a row but not long term so I’m sure it will come soon lol.

My worst pull was trying to get blue a red 4* troop it took me till level 56 till I manged to pull one then next week pull another lol. That streak was stressful. So can only imagine the stress you lot went through.

Actually it’s odd I have a ton of past HOTM like these pics, but the last two months I’ve done lots of summons and have come up dry. It’s almost like I’ve been put on ignore from HoTMs after having lots of luck throughout my history with them.

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I have. I started playing in December 2017. My first HOTM was Seshat in July 2019. I didn’t get my second HOTM until December 2020 - Reuben. :rofl:

Note #1: I started and stayed as 100% f2p for a long time. I spend small amounts occasionally, such as Share the gems. So I say I’m vc2p, practically f2p.

Note #2: This thread is hilarious (in parts). Thank you for creating it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I was at 2 years 3 months to get first green Mana troop (may this year), in the level 70s

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The same player (me) also got first yellow mana troop 6 days before my third anniversary (last december) from first HA9 troop retraining. I think I was level 79/80 at that time (now level 84). What are the odds of such 2 types of extreme unluck on one account? :smiley:
Actually now that I’m thinking about it, there were 3 extreme RNG unlucks on my account… but I don’t want to talk about the third one :smiley:


Past this on raids and thought you hav got to be joking me :rofl: not even been a day yet and this player got all 5* heros from new tower event. Crazy spending TO THE MAX :flushed:

SG letting it rain today :joy:


LoL :rofl: the thread reminded me about the period when I didn’t get HoTM : the whole Malicna month :cry:

being P2P I have all HoTMs since Vela… + Atlantis & Tavern gave me few old ones I missed !

Many languishing at 3/70 coz a new hoT stuff shows up…regaularly = almost like not havinG an HoTM !

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Unless there’s serious luck I think the spend to get all 5 is about $4000.

But could have more…could have been less dependent on RNG swinging one way or the other

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4000 :flushed: SG will be looking after that player.

Nah, not impressed, they’re only at 3.70 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why not? Because it is totally rigged.

Rigged? Hope not lol. I was told the is game fair for all :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I have proof. Did 12 event summons and only got the featured 5 star (Agoraphobia or something). I was chasing one of the 4 stars…

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