Why has Bera not been nerfed?

Something I don’t understand. Every ok hero I have, Tell, Vela, Odin, and even Frigg has been nerfed. Yet the only broken hero in the game (that I don’t have) Bera, hasn’t been touched. It makes no sense at all. She is the only hero that consistently fires twice for every three tiles you can match (going 3/2), and it takes every special from all heroes to kill her. And that’s if you are using a defense down hero and an elemental defense down hero. Usually, you won’t make it long enough to fire a special though, since she fires her special super very fast.


Any of the following heroes/combinations of heroes will counter her, listed more or less in descending order of effectiveness

  • Skadi
  • Grimble
  • Yellow-heavy stack
  • Uraeus
  • Myztero
  • Noor with a cleanser like C Rig or Shale
  • C Gormek or Gobbler
  • Lady Loki
  • Gefjon

Including Malinca in your purple-heavy team (particularly with Grimble) will also be super helpful as her elemental link will negate the mana cut on Bera’s death. Upcoming HOTms will also have this benefit, particularly the upcoming yellow HOTM when in a yellow stack and with Uraues

If you don’t have the counter heroes then your best bet is a yellow-heavy stack…


Why, because she doesn’t need it!! Stop with the nerf threads! Enough is enough!!


She is not a OP by any imagination, unless in a few unique scenarios. Freya is even more dangerous than Bera mainly because of her def up for all, and if you dont have a debuff she can be a problem.
I have had probs with Bera when she is joined with Freya in the formations double and rev double. Other wise she can be managed even by c Gormek. There are so many counters for her.

This thread is the very reason many big spenders stopped spending. Who wants even more powerful heroes that will just get nerfed.

Please discuss Bera here

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