Why FTP and Paying gamers should be friends [A neutral point of view]

I think players should get a bit more value for their money in terms of heroes and summons. The fact that you cand spend hundreds of dollars (by choice) and not get any 5* can be frustrating. You literally get 3* and 4* that you’ll probably feed to other heroes. So you spend a lot of cash and might get nothing in return.

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Been avoiding the forum because of this very topic. No, not this thread specifically. Basically the entire scope of everything the topic entails.

Loot boxes: are they the great equalizer, enabling F2P to compete on a so-called “level playing ground” with P2W if they’re lucky enough? Or are they just predatory scams that prey on children, people with gambling addictions, etc.? Are the summoning odds good enough? What constitutes a “fair price” for a hero? Opinions on that are going to vary wildly. Throw in the wild randomness of RNG and it’s pretty much impossible to determine exactly how much each hero in the game is “worth”.

Is Gravemaker worth $100? $1000? Some might say yes, some might be willing to spend even more than that. Others (like myself) will probably think it’s absolutely [bleeping] insane to spend that amount of money for a freaking virtual sprite on a mobile phone app. But if I get into a “discussion” (argument) over it, half of you are going to say “hell yes, the cost to summon ratio is ridiculous and nobody in their right mind would pay for something so stupid.” The other half of you are going to say “hey now, it’s my money, I can spend it however I want, I like this game, I can afford it, it’s not my fault that you’re poor!” Both points are valid in their own respects and there’s no point in beating each other up over different opinions.

Either way, unfarmable ascension mats have become so insanely rare that it doesn’t matter what heroes you can afford to buy, nobody can ascend them anyway.


Yeah yeah yeah, stupid rant, “go away TGW”. Don’t worry, I’m leaving again. Just felt like ranting, because I can. And you can call me names and tell me just how wrong I am, knock yourselves out. Say whatever you want, I probably won’t read or respond to it. Might come back in a month or so to rant again about something else.

Didn’t mean to spread ill will or knock any of the forum regulars, most of you guys are cool people. I’ve just chosen not to get involved in all the game “politics” anymore. It’s a fun enough game to play as a casual diversion and stop obsessing over what heroes you have or where you place on the leaderboards. I got in “too deep” for a while and IMO it’s not productive or healthy. But that’s just my worthless opinion and most people don’t care what I think, luckily for me I don’t care that they don’t care so I said it anyway. :grin:

Hope you all have a good holiday season and good luck (:laughing:) with your summons and wars and all that other stuff. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a game, and there are far more important things in life. You don’t want to have to tell your kids that Santa Claus died in a tragic sleigh accident and that’s why there’s no presents under the Christmas tree, because you maxed out all of your credit cards trying to summon a hero in E&P.


Happy Friday and seeya all later (maybe)


I’ve been playing E&P every day for 2 years, 6 months and 2 weeks. Let’s say my entire collection of heroes, all my gaming experience is worth a dollar for every day I’ve played the game, for the amount of entertainment value I’ve squeezed from it. That’s over $900 bucks. Minus the $200-$250 I’ve spent on it in that time? We’ll say $650 left over.

I don’t feel cheated by SG. :grin:

Speaking of; this is a well-thought out, articulate conversation. Why didn’t you invite SG to it? They are the only ones who can change the system. Just a thought. :+1::wink:


Sure @Rook but I had thought they read everything here anyway. Here goes:

@Petri @mhalttu @KiraSG


I meant to add:

I have never played a game that strives for such a balance between FTP and P2P as this game has.

Sure it’s not perfect, nothing is. But I’m not sure what string to pull to guarantee that perfection for all players. It’s an interesting thought experiment for me.

The problem I always come to is what limitations are placed where? How much is too much? How much guaranteed hero is just right? How much or little must one spend? What kinds of things would I prefer be left to chance?


I couldn’t agree more with this statement. I think there is a big misconception that paid players get preference and we truly don’t. Even when spending money we don’t get what we want or need to progress, we are also at the luck of the game. The only difference is that we spend for more chances at the same luck that you only get at a min based on being cheap/free to play.

I’ve been a whale on more than one occasion, and still walked away with nothing.


Insert “Why Can’t We Be Friends” song here


That’s a great read … not really buying it’s the f2p being op’ed by “ the spenders” troops, Aegir, Athena etc. I’d say it’s an underpowered team playing in an allliance that is way beyond there power level. It’s all that it is- just because he announces to the world he’s f2p and your probably assuming the guy with the Aegir and Athena is a spender( not some long term player). Let me throw out a scenario and you explain the difference between my scenario and yours. If I’m a fella that wanted to be in a top 100 Alliance but was on the very low end of the power spectrum- everyone would hit the titans harder and War better. Does that mean they spent more? Does that mean I can’t compete at that level?Does that mean they have better heroes?.. As in both cases I guess it’s up too the individual to accept his choice- not you to make excuses, judge spending etc. My point is- in my scenario,If I’m a Spender or c2p makes absolutely no difference…I’d be in the same predicament. Just like the f2p you speak of.

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Hey @TGW, glad to see you are stopping back in on occasion. Well written post!!

P.S Now go away!!! :wink:

P.P.S I live in the microcosm of my alliance. Don’t care what anyone else has other than the current team we are fighting in AW

@Sir Gorash, I was going with

“Why can’t we all just get along, now give me your wallet Sir”

RK circa 1991…yeah had to look that one up, all my decades are one big mush ball.

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Basically @Texas1970, you can buy all the hero’s you want but if
#1 don’t have the AM’s to level them, they are worthless
#2 Don’t know the 1st thing about working a board, you’re probably going to lose.

Regardless of the money you spend it still takes TIME to level and learn how to use your hero’s. Will you get lucky on occasion? Yup. Will you be in the top 100 just because you spend 1000$’s a week…likely not.

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Exactly my point with the F2p p2p arguement. It’s just time that is the difference not the amount you spend. F2p arguement is bs- they just don’t want to put/ wait the time… spenders just try to speed it up. But, either way both are always behind so what I’m saying is stfu people that your under powered we all are lol


My biggest beef with the f2p/p2p argument is the constant generalizations on both sides. Most f2p are fine with the grind. Yes, some are impatient but don’t want to or can’t spend.

This game is a microcosm of real life and there is a complete spectrum of player types, not just two.


That’s a good point @nevarmaor. I really don’t care if your a whale, C2P or F2P. It’s all the same to me, everyone is grinding, although the grind tends to be more important to the F2P and they normally end up with more experience. One of the best players in my alliance is pretty close to F2P. He works with what the game gives him and is pretty happy with that. I’m C2P with the occasional budget blowing summons. But now that my roster is significantly deep I can really just grind out the AM’s. So I really only buy the really good deals and the extra builder.
Sure I’d love to have GM, Guin, Kage etc…but the game wasn’t agreeing. So I play with the Hero’s that show up. Although Neith will be waiting awhile as Justice is already maxed.


Yep we’re all grinding and basically slaves to the game regardless of our monetary status - that much is true.

What I’m interested in knowing however is if everyone is happy with what they are getting in return for their cash and time? :slight_smile:

Can anything be improved? Can we honestly say that we are happy with everything that SG throw back at us?

If I weren’t, I would not be staying.

Of course, and I hope they’ll continue improving it. I was close to leaving – it felt like I’d done it all. I decided to stay on to see season 2. It was worth it. Then followed tournaments, emblems, costumes … I have plenty challenges to play with for a while yet. :slight_smile:


This hasn’t always been my full experience though, but it’s great you are happy now.

I find that we stay in the hopes that things improve, even if that hope is far fetched and we are unhappy (plus we’ve already invested too much)

It’s simply gaming addiction and what makes me and many of us human lol. But yes you still have to like a lot of it to stay so we are on the same page in that respect

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Yeah, the sunk cost fallacy is strong. That’s why we need the adage not to throw good money after bad.

To a point, that’s what makes us play. But if it makes us play a game we don’t like, it’s a problem. The healthy thing to do, if it gets there, is to quit. But that’s not a choice I can make for anyone but myself …


Yep. This is what I’m particularly afraid of

At the end of the day this game is fun to play. There’s hours of entertainment through wars, tourneys, alliance chat etc. Is that worth a fella putting some cash in to support- I say yes. But, how much is everyone’s decision to make. And we all probably have different reasons, time commitments and budgets.

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