Why Five Teams?

Considering that alliance wars let you attack six times, I find it kind of weird that the cutoff for saved teams is five. Having all six teams readily available would be much easier. The ability to favorite extra heroes is definitely helpful, but it would be cool to have at least 6 official teams, or maybe we could get an option to add or remove team slots.

An idea often suggested, such as here


Personally I only use 3.

With war and raids I customize each team as best I can for the opposition, so having more saved teams is irrelevant.

One for defence, one for current titan and one for farming suits me. Everything else is bespoke.

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I voted for this, but I realize what I really want is to be able to manually sort the list of heroes, so that when I want to bring Gormek for a particular raid or titan, I do not have to scroll down several pages to get to him.

I can achieve that by putting Gormek on a throw-away team, but I only have so many teams, and so many heroes …

Just being able to sort the favourites first might have helped a little. :slight_smile:


Many newer players use the teams differently than established players. Those in my alliance use them for visualizing war teams so they know which heroes to level next, etc.

Although I’ve been playing for almost a year, I actually still use my 5 slots as war teams. For me, it’s more of a starting point and I’ll move heroes in and out to fit the situation. This way I typically don’t end up with a Merlin and Li Xiu on the same team. :joy:

It drives me nuts that we need 6 teams yet we can only organize 5. While we don’t have to have ‘team’ spots, just a better way to organize as @Sidhekin noted would be beneficial.

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Another idea is to use the war menu screen to actively manage your 6 war teams and leave the team slots as is. As with recent update, we can now establish a war defense team in the War menu screen rather than use our established defense team we use to defend against raids. 5 Team slots in the hero tabs is enough, as people often use different teams for different purposes (i.e. attack raids, defense raiding, titans, farming, etc.). If we can slot in 6 War attack teams using the War menu, it will make it much easier to have War in it’s own “box” rather than getting mixed with the general hero roster.

Nice, tidy, and orderly. I think that would be something to consider.

I found it dificult to use some set of team consisitently ,most often , situation calls for changes , for instance , to be really effective, I change my attacking team for titans based on the attributes of the titan , same for opponents in wars and raids, what I probably think is steady is my defense team.
In a way , I guess SG provisioned 5 teams based on the avaible hero stars , star 1- 5, but mostly we use star 1&2 for leveling , so in a way we should have good 4 teams slots apart from the defense . I feel the sixth slot might just be as redundant .
Although , I started to develop a set of star 2 heroes team after an event that mandates only star 2 heroes , perhaps one day an event madatimg the use of only star 1 would come up.
In any case , additioal team slot would be useful for organising heroes ahead , making it easier to make a few changes when necessary.

What about the 5 teams is thought before the war, I think.

  1. Main team.

  2. Defensive team.

  3. Titan team.

  4. Epic team monthly challenge.

  5. Rare team monthly challenge.

Being able to set a seperate defense team for AW’s is great and since I am not to worried about pre-setting my attack teams they can be set when I choose which opponent I am going to attack at the time and they are all different so the need to pre-set becomes pretty pointless in my opinion.

What I would like to see though
(1) is the ability to see which heros I have not used during AW’s battles in my normal heros window/panel so I can determine which types of opponents I can come up against.

(2) the other issue is when we click on the attack button it takes you to your hero box to choose your heros and the problem is having to remember the heros my opponents have whilst choose my attract team.

It would be nice if when clicking on attack button if that team followed or was viewable say as a smaller panel above the box where I am loading my attack team whilst I was making my selection.

This I feel is a very much more needed mod than having 6 selection boxes to pre-set.

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In alliance war whenever you choose your attack team there is always a button nearby to view the opponents defense team info,

Anyway it is a good thing that the new update is going to bring about additional slots beyond the current 5 team slots I guess.

If it is your wish you can buy extra team in shop for 100 gems. In past I want also 6 teams, but now I changing my attack team depending on my opponent. It does not matter for me now if they are in team slot or free slot. My team is always different.

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