Why everyone say Black Friday summon is the best event to summon?

Hot take from a full-time f2p player:

The best portal is the costume chamber.
S1 heroes are ubiquitous, and as soon as you pull a set of costumes for one of them, you can field an army of formidable dupes.

Can’t pull anything but costumes either.


Like in Statgate SG-1 when they don’t open the iris on an incoming wormhole?


This depends on what one wants and one usually spends. F2P/C2P will most likely get something new to play with, because there are not only 5* without S1, but also 4* and 3*, and many low-spending players don’t have many of those either. So chance to get Treevil, Buster, Goldie or Franz. For moderate spenders to whales it won’t be that enticing because they most likely will get something they already have (though SGG tries to pull those with new exclusive preview heroes, this time Astral Elves. Low probability but seeing how many Super-elemental heroes with same odds roam around I think many of those will try).

Also, S1 (which you can get from TC20 or HA10) and scarce exceptions aside such as Myztero (who cares about him anyway), there are all heroes from all events, including Ninja Tower (which was who knows when last time and doesn’t seem to return so soon), Pets (Luna), Gargoyles (it’ll be one year since they last appeared) and Musketeers (no new heroes scheduled there so probably won’t be back for a while). Granted, aiming for specific hero here is very bad idea. But it’s kind of like Kinder Surprise.

Also, if it’ll be like last Solstice Summon (it should be) we’ll get 3.8% chance to get 5*, and without S1 at that.

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Very true, and a reason to pull for many, but beware: I got Dr Moreau and Boss Wolf (or some trash like that - maybe Sargasso) last time. They are useless beyond SE in my opinion. Just tying up space in my roster.

IMO BF and Solstice portals are too expensive and will give you lots of outdated uncostumed heroes.
They are no more useful than a S1 dupe!

Covenant or Challenge event portals are the best.
CF1 & CF2 gives no S1 heroes too, some heroes are outdated but others will come with costume, and a single pull is only 300 gems.

And have a look at the pickup portal : The featured heroes are still relevant and have a relative high drop rate. If one or both heroes are an improvement for your teams, it can work for you, and the single pull is 300 gems.

Happy gaming


Covenant is more expensive than Solstice/Black Friday and its chest is less interesting. But it depends heavily on what is featured in Covenant. There is 1.6% for featured 5* hero and 0.9% for some 5* that may be useful (The Hatter) or crap (S1, Sargasso). Black Friday has 0.2% for featured heroes (who so far don’t look that great) and 3.6% for anything else. One good thing about SGG flooding the game with recent 5* is that it raises the chance to get recent and decent 5*. Would be good if someone calculated probability of getting something decent but that would take ages just because of establishing what ‘decent’ means.

On pickup portal it heavily depends what is featured. Current Pick Up portal is good, with Hawthorne and Athos, who are both great. But when you have Arco, who was in SE, and Horus, who is only okayish, then the portal is not that great either. It is cheaper though so with 10x the cost can be reduced to $1.3 per pull with 10x or even lower with 30x. I am still waiting for Pick Up portal with super-elementals.


Costume has good heros

For someone who has the resources and the inclination to chase a particular 5* hero, it’s true that Pickup gives a better chance of that particular goal than any other portal….


(and this is a pretty big but…)

there’s hardly anything else in the Pickup portal, since non-featured 5* heroes best-case scenario is El Naddaha, and there are no new 4* or 3* at all.

So, yeah, if you really want Hawthorne…

0.9% chance of Hawthorne specifically means you need to do about a 77-pull to have a 50% chance of Hawthorne.

Done as, let’s say, two 30-pulls and two 10-pulls, that’s 20200 gems, which, assuming you manage to only ever buy gems at the rate of 0.50USD per 100 gems, is 101USD.

So the perspective here is that, for maybe about 100 US dollars, about 50% chance of at least one Hawthorne. (Also, separately, about 50% chance of at least one Athos, and about 65% chance at least one HotM, though I’m guessing the latter is less of a concern for someone with a game budget of at least 100USD for a single portal.)

To get back to the BF portal….

I’m torn because on the one hand, the lack of costumes (even old costumes!) really hurts.

On the other hand, if 3.8% chance of a 5*, even if half the 5* heroes are in some sense “hopelessly outmoded SE fodder”, that’s presumably a 1.9% chance of a “usable” 5*.

It also depends what your definition of “hopelessly outmoded” is, e.g. if you consider, oh, just as an example, uncostumed Ariel as a 5* healer you at all regularly use for anything.


Great Great portal for developing rosters. For more developed rosters not worth the pulls but the game value purchases might be comparison cheaper. Really depends on your game development and where you are. Happy Gaming!!!

Same. Last year it was my like 5th month of playing and I didn’t even know how powerful this portal was!! Did only one pull from 350 free diamonds from freshly opened store(maybe they’ll give us another 350 diamonds cuz of black Friday this year… Dreams…) And get Bjorn, wich cuz of lack of space in roster got burned 2months ago. From solstice summon in June I get Skagemar ( :0), Noril(:00) and Franz(:000) in 2 pulls so I want to got something new from BF summon this year.
And Agnes isn’t it :rofl:


Ich finde die Black Friday Beschwörung auch als Frechheit es sind 89 drei Sterne Helden drinnen wenn man die weglassen hätte dann wäre es interessant aber so auf keinen Fall gibt es andere Portale was besser sind

Followup, FWIW: over on the BF thread I did some rough math

Weigh that against how you might usually spend, of course: in the case of a 10-pull, that’s 300 gems per pull (which is pretty much at best 1.50USD, assuming you only ever buy gems at 0.50USD per 100 gems). This valuation potentially changes if you’re only using F2P gems or maybe VIP/PoV/PoG, of course….

If a “normal” portal has anywhere between 1% and 1.6% of a “newish” 5* hero, and you only ever buy ~1USD-per-pull offers, and the BF portal has a 1.6-1.7% chance of “newish” 5* hero, but costs around 1.50USD per pull, then in that case BF may not, statistically, pull its weight.

This depends on what you consider “newish” (and how many heroes you have at any other given portal), and how you normally summon (e.g. if you do gem summons at other portals vs at BF).

So yeah, it varies, but the rough upshot is that BF prices per summon outcome seem roughly similar to other prices, depending on your situation.

(And to anyone who follows “Black Friday sales” generally, this may not be surprising — in the right circumstances, you might do well on something specific, but very often Black Friday sales are not that different than “day-ending-in-y” sales.)


It shows the costume icon on the characters when you scroll through, but when the character drops they do not include their costume. I filled a ticket since it shows the costume icon it is false advertising to not have the costumes included with the character, plus what good are the costumeless versions. The character got a costume because it wasn’t worth using anymore, so why include characters you still have to summon again before they are worth using?

This is exactly right. The BF pulls are more expensive by at least 50% than pulls in other portals that take tokens. Only on a gem-to-gem comparison is BF better. If you stick to pulling only with tokens, BF is worse.


I look at it this way.

If you are looking for some new heroes for your roster this is the place to be. If you are looking for a specific hero it is probably one of the worst.

For me as basically F2P (the $3.99 VIP always gets me) I always get something new here to play with. This year it was Jasper, Neema, and 6 3/4* cards. So for me, it’s better and my roster benefits.

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Yeah, but also 404 legendaries!!
And btw. on forum you should write in English.
The only one category, where foreign languages are acceptable is “Foreign Languages” category
Game Well🎨


3.6 percent excluding Classic. I save up my gems for this. Just did a 30 and i got Anzia, Rana, and Sargasso. Ideal for me as a c2p. I got one more 30 pull but not expecting 3, 5* like last one. If you are able to spend at least $50 a month on this game then this event is not a big deal.

Theres so much trash in this portal i mean who gives a ■■■■ if you get a elkanen in every other portal or if you get a clarissa in this portal

They both suck and are just junk food for other real heroes