Why don't SG create any heroes that his/her name start with X alphabet?

There are
2 Q-start heroes name, Queen of Hearts and Quintus (not count costume as another hero)
2 Y-start heroes name, Yang Mai and Yunan
3 U-start heroes name, Ulmer, Uraeus and Ursena
4 W-start heroes name, Whacker, White Rabbit, Wilbur and Wu Kong

But there is no X-start heroes name. Why don’t SG any create heroes that his/her name start with X alphabet ?

Additional Interesting Fact

I-start is actually 5th least popular hero name after W. There are only 5 I-start heroes name, Inari, Ingolf, Isarnia, Isrod and Isshtak
About other rare start-alphabet Z,V and J
There are 6 Z-start heroes name (7 if you count Director Zuri), Zeline, Zila Lei, Zimkitha, Zocc, Zudak and Zulag
9 V-start heroes name, Valen, Valeria, Vanda, Vela ,Victor, Vivica, Vlad, Vodnik and Vollermork
12 J-start heroes name (13 if you count Guradian Jackel), Jabbar, Jabberwock, Jack, Jade, Jahangir, Jarvur, Jenneh, Jill, Joon, Jott, Julius and Justice


There is a hero starting with “X” in Beta:


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@D_DI Oh, I never read that topic before thank you.

@Ian487 In fact, I have my own heroes database in excel. That is why I easily know how may heroes in each alphabet-start name :smile: