Why doesn't poison damage stack?

I have noticed that players that give DOT through poison does not stack with other poison DOT. This does not seem fair. For example, I have Proteus and Cheshire Cat running on the same team. If I fire Proteus first and then Cat, while Proteus’ mana freeze remains intact, the only poison damage reflected is Cat’s 77 damage per turn, and not Proteus’ 127 damage per turn. It would seem that once a poison damage is inflicted, it should not be erased by a subsequent poison attack, but should stack… Anyone have thoughts on this?

Does BT buffs stack with Kiril’s? No. Same reason everywhere and the game is designed like this. Similar buffs or status ailments don’t stack.


Well it’s only fair, otherwise DoT’s would become way too overpowered. And this is also true for all kind of status ailments and buffs which are similar in nature. This is the same reason why Kiril’s 30% attack buff does not stack with Boldtusk’s 48% attack buff, they will just overwrite each other. Otherwise, there would be a 78% attack buff and that would be totally scary. Or say, you fire Grimm and Gormek at the same opponent, you still get -34% defense debuff instead of -68% defense debuff from both of them together. So even in the case of poison DoT, we expect the same thing and that is what happens :slight_smile:


As a general rule, effects that have the same icon don’t stack, but overwrite each other. Here is an useful guide on status effects:


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