Why does your OWN heroes dispel work against your own heroes buffs?

This is genuinely confusing and makes no sense to me and never has.
I will use these two as my example but obviously it happens with more.

Wilbur + Evelyn.
You use Wilbur and then fire Evelyn it dispels Wilburs buff from the 3 enemies that Evelyn hits. Why does it work against your OWN buffs from your own heroes? I just don’t understand the logic behind this

When you fire Evelyn against your enemies it removes spirit link and defence buff from your heroes?

Got a screenshot?

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Wilbur is a rare example of a hero who casts a buff on the enemy. The “spirit link” (share damage) is a buff and defence down is an ailment. So as Evelyn removes enemy buffs she removes the spirit link, but not the defence down.

If you want spirit link to stay, fire Evelyn first, then Wilbur, and you’ll get all of the icons you want on the enemies.


If you search a little you can find this thread, hope this answer your question


Buff = Positive status
Debuff = Negative status
Dispell = Clear only positive status on enemies
Cleans = Clear only negative status on allies

So, Wilbur give enemies Debuff (Negative status, defense down), plus also give enemies Buff (Positive status, spirit link).
Evelyn dispell 3-enemies, and only clear Buff = postive status (sipirit link).
Evelyn can not dispell enemies Debuff = negative status (def down).

So, what is your case here? enemies def down from Wilbur is cleared after Evelyn cast? Are you sure? And also make sure WIlbur def down is 4 turn.


This is a common point of confusion, so don’t mind me, I’m just linking some related threads for easier future searching:


With all the links provided, I think this can be closed.

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