Why does the game neglect the players' want for 4 star heroes?

Good Morning fellow forum friends,

With the new beta beat coming out and the added 5 star heroes available for the challenges coming up, I was most excited about the 4 star costumes coming out. With the game’s desire for the player to purchase gems for summoning, they put almost all the focus on the legendary heroes.

But for many of the portals, myself and a lot of the players were clamoring to get that crazy good four star to add to our depth. Some of the many that come to mind are Franz, Sergei, Kalo, Gullinbursti and the Guardian twins Falcon and Jackal. These and a lot more are just as valuable and MUCH more easy to obtain than that hot new 5 star. And the odds are so stacked against that possibility, even if you are lucky enough to get a legendary from a portal, 6 out of 7 times it wasn’t the actual hero you needed.

I guess this is a post to try and get the company to realize we don’t always need a new five star each time an event comes out. Give us a helpful 4 star to pull for and the amount of satisfied players will actually increase.



This is precisely why I make all my summoning decisions first on the 4* available in each portal!


Almur, Sergei, Proteus, Wilbur, Gullinbrusti, Season 1 costumes, Jackal, Falcon, Chesire Cat, Junaid, C.Frank, Mist, Cillian, Ptolemy, Ametrine, Lady Wollerton, Peters.
These are the four star heroes I have that get a ton of usage. I’ve always felt four stars are the backbone of a roster until you get the better 5 star version. I would love more four stars.


This is 100% correct. I almost never attack a team without at least one 4 star in my line up. So many are absolutely crucial.


Totally agree, love my 4*s but we desperately need a blue 4" edd and then my lineup would be complete, Jackal, Almur, Falcon, Sergi

And I would gladly pull for the blue
if it ever comes


I have 30 maxed 5* heroes. However every war I use approximately 10 4* heroes for the synergies they bring in the teams (I usually play 3-1-1). This means that around 10 5* stay on the bench in this time.

So 4* are crucial even at a more advanced level. Plus others are crucial for titans


I have/had all those and more but only use them against titans except Gulli and sometimes Almur in war.
Only 4* I regularly use in war is Anton

I have to agree. We need more great 4* and 3* heroes…
And heroes with some great skills rather than “repetitive” skills…
Sadly the game pushes out power creep 5* heroes knowing that players are going to spend big to get them …
Where is the QOL


In my opinion it’s a good thing they haven’t pushed 4* heroes in the game as much and often as 5* heroes, currently the 4* tournaments are the most balanced ones because there isn’t hundreds and hundreds of 4* heroes in the game.

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That is a good point, haven’t thought of that. 4 star tournaments are about the only ones I can complete without buying back it. But then again, 3 stars have even less variety and I have trouble with those. Variety is good, and five stars are too plentiful IMO.


Yeah, me too… but it might be because even when limit broken and emblemed they are very weak against the specials of the 3*'s, they are getting quite strong but their stats are still much weaker than for example 4* heroes. Although some of the newest 3*'s might get close to S1 4* heroes in stats


2 player types:

  1. Those that love the game
  2. Those that love the hero

The latter want to wreak havoc on what little variety is left in this game. I maybe a minority of one, but I think they should be neglected more…

I agree…I would love to have more 4* added to the game! I just adore my Mist & the little piggy comes with me every event and most wars. I think I was most excited when I finally pulled rigard costume (only took 2yrs) :upside_down_face:

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Junaid is fantastic. LB+20 the attack stat is 919. Pair that with Wilbs and cMarj (Zim & Anz as well for me), it’s 9 tiles and pop goes everyone.

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No matter what else is said or agreed upon here, the fact of the matter is that the top whales chase 5* heroes. That’s where the bulk of the money is. So they will always add far more 5* heroes, in order to achieve proper balance(*), of course.

(*) Whenever “balance” is mentioned by SG or Zynga, they always mean their bank balance. They don’t care one whit about game balance and do everything they can to undermine it so as to improve the balance they do care about.