Why does the game block my progress? last compass 3 month ago!

Yes, all 4* need a compas on last ascension, all 5* need a compas for ascending to third ascension level.

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there is a compass every month in the epic tier completion loot of the events,

I know but the event in match was perverse because my strongest hero’s were red I couldn’t defeat Red Riding Hood. This time it went quite easy by replacing Li Xiu with Karil (7 Times talentend) leavin the strong heart Kelile-Kashrek-Tibertus of my team intact.

It was February 7th last time we got the compass. That was 2 months ago.

Today is April 11th. 1 month ago was March, 2 months ago was February.

It has been 2 months and a couple days. Not three months.


Seeing how we get Farholme with the compass after Morlovia, I’m guessing that the next one is coming very soon.

Then there is not always a compass is Farholme Quest because I always play all quests. I have quite a few 4* Ascension items from them.

Always compass in Farholme Pass next Morlovia and never in Farholme Pass next Frostmarch.

Conclusion soon a compass to win :wink:


Not quite every event offers a compass, but most do. For Wonderland, it’s 2 gloves.

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Thank you all. After 2 compasses in a half year. I now gathered 3 pieces in 4 days. One from the Epic event, one from Farholme and one from a simple raid loot.


and like kerridoc posted, soon you wont care when you get 3* ascension items. once you have a full team (or 3) at 70, the 3* ascension materials will start sitting there, because you’ll have developed your own strategy and you’ll be eyeing specific heroes to raise and youll proactively save 3* mats for those heroes.

4* mats will always be in shortage.

best of luck with 4* mats.