Why does the Frosth change matter?

To get to 200%+ you need to fire 7 times, and a minion can at most get two benefits (60%) before being replaced. Is there a case where you can actually get even close to 200%?



…No, a minion with literally double the hero’s entire health/damage score is not possible. But a minion also doesn’t need to be nearly that strong to matter, either in HP or attack.

The 200% mention aside, why does the Frosth buff matter? In most cases, it doesn’t. He’s a B grade hero at best. He’s just not awesome, to put it brutally.

If Frosth is combined with Freya or Noor, though, he becomes more significant. I’d argue he’s useful simply because he’s a fast summoner, though, and the minion buff has little to do with it.

That being said, the buff seems a little more valuable when I consider him matched with, say, the Lady of the Lake. His buff makes her swords slightly more durable, which gives them a chance of cutting mana longer. Also considering Frosth’s minions then act as meat shields for lake lady’s swords, that’s not too shabby.

! I did not know this! Thanks for bringing that up! It sounds like it’s unintended, though, and likely won’t last forever

This is the answer thank you

“a minion can at most get two benefits (60%) before being replaced”

Minions get replaced? I sometimes get to 3 with Telluria. Does this mean that a 4th will kick out one of the 3 already there? I thought a 4th was just ignored (but never checked)

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Yep, you can check it simply by looking at the hp of the minions. The one to the right starts to lose health, an when you summon the 4th, you get 3 in full health


Yup, so far as I can tell, each hero is allowed a maximum of three minions (/fiends) in a First-in-first-out order

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This change exists only because of seshat’s interaction with him

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