Why does the Epic Hero Summon even exist?

Why does the Epic Hero Summon even exist? Your odds are much better in the Elemental Summon and that way you can at least help narrow the results by getting the colour that you need. The Epic Hero Summon Portal and token should just be replaced with an Event Summon portal/token.

That’s another thing, why when you complete an event that has a hero token would they not make it a token you can use to summon those very event heroes?


Mostly to diminish the actual value of a Epic Hero token.

Can’t give you something with too much value, gotta buy the better stuff.

I hope no one uses gems for Epic Hero ever.


To be fair, early on in gameplay, any hero can be helpful. It’s really only after you have a hero or two that the color matters.


It exists as a way for free players, and those players without TC 20 to have a chance at 5* heroes. Before Atlantis, it was much harder. Some of us just need heroes, no matter the color.

I don’t think I’ve ever used gems for Elemental or Epic heroes, and I save the tokens for when there is an event that I have an increased variety of heroes.


But if the probability of getting a 5* hero is greater in elemental and the chance of getting a 3* lower, why wouldn’t you summon from elemental rather than the epic hero portal…that’s my question. It’s kind of useless other than when they add event heroes (and tokens).

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If there were elemental tokens, sure I’d use them. But there aren’t, and I’d think the Epic summons portal might predate the Elemental one. I’ve used gems only a few times: Atlantis and then Guardians of Teltoc once.

I have the same sort of take on the Elemental portal, it’s not good compared to things that can give different heroes.

I just think the Epic Hero Summon is a bit obsolete these days. Anyone going to spend gems on summoning will use elemental or event summon portals. They should find a way to make it relevant again or chuck it, just my two cents.

This. If you don’t start out during Atlantis or a seasonal/challenge event, I would recommend to anyone to do at least a 10 summon of random epic heroes and troops.

When you’re first starting you can make it plenty far with just 2* heroes and the occasional 3* (if you’re lucky) from the basic summon portal. You shouldn’t need to summon from the Epic portal to further your gameplay before you reach an event. But again, to go back to the original point I’m trying to make, why wouldn’t you just summon from elemental? You’ll get the colour you need and you have an increased chance of better heroes.


Making it ‘plenty far’ is a matter of opinion. Yes you can, but you will occasionally struggle and lose a match or two, or have to use battle items. Been there twice, third time was vastly different.

About 10 weeks ago I got a new phone, transferred over an account, and decided to start another. Timed it for Atlantis, but if not I would have used the regular portal. Bought the 4x $2 and the intro deal which enabled me to do a 10 + 1coin pull for under fifteen bucks. Got BT, Kiril, and a good variety of 3s. A few days later was the free anniversary EHT which gave me Rigard. Lucky AF I know. Neither of my first two accounts had a full group 4* healer for months, MONTHS! They suffered with Belith, Crash Wreck, and Fat Man Tuck for a very long time. Had to feed the corners healing potions like they were drinking water.

But anyways, I was able to breeze through every level and start farming 8-7 within days. I used maybe 3 minor healing potions in the first month. This savings will come in handy down the line. The other accounts feel the pain frequently of running extremely low of battle item materials for the 9-10* titans.

The elemental portal? I’ve been trying on that account for weeks now to get a single 4* yellow hero. That bloody thing taunts me with nothing but the 3s. Currently levelling my 4th Bane and have fed a good 4 or 5 as well. Elemental portal…I fart in your general direction! Of course, that bad luck only applies to this account. I have had some terrific 10 pulls from elemental portal.

Anyways, the point is for a new player who wants to enjoy the start of the game and be successful much faster, I feel it is worth it to invest a few bucks (and VIP) and use that portal.

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It can be used for seasonal event:

Springvale Tournament
Sand Empire
Return to Morlovia
Santa’s Challenge

I save all my EHT only to be used for those events.


You’re talking about the EHT. This just furthers my point. You, like many of us, don’t use them on the regular epic portal, you wait for seasonal events. Sometimes I will use them before an event, but only because I don’t have any other choice but to wait for the seasonal summon, and that can feel like an eternity. I say, get rid of the epic portal, leave the elemental portal, and make the tokens universal for seasonal event summons and elemental summons.

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@zephyr1, where do you spend your gems? :gem: :gem: :gem: :vulcan_salute:

I’m a low spending player. If there’s a HOTM I really want, I could use my EHTs on epic summon to have chance for this particular HOTM.

Yes, EHT are great and they have a place in the game for sure. It’s the Epic Hero Portal that I’m questioning its purpose. Why not make the token universal for both elemental portal and event portal, because as it stands, everyone would rather use it on one of those than the epic hero portal.

My bad :man_facepalming:t3:

Anyway, Epic Hero Summon Portal provide a way to give free pulls by using EHT… and the best time to use it is to wait until the EHS portal accomodate seasonal heroes…

It also have the same rate for HOTM… so it provide a place to have more chance in acquiring HOTM without spending more gems.

Of course I would rather use it like that, it would be more beneficial to me but I guess SG would’t want to do that because it will devalue the elemental/challenge event summon portal. In their mind, if you want 2.5% chance of 5* instead of 1.5%, you have to pay gems, not EHT… As SG don’t want the precious elemental/challenge event/atlantis portal be accesed by EHT, they give us lesser portal: the EHS…

By the way, in recent AMA, they said they are considering some kind of Epic Event Token… I bet it will be rarer than EHT

Typically Atlantis, though I’ve sometimes done some Summons on Challenge Event Portals, and I did some on Halloween and Christmas.

The odds for Event 5* are too low to be of interest to me, so I’ve focused on the 4* from them.

At this point I have Guardian Falcon, Guardian Jackal, and Merlin, so I don’t intend to Summon on Guardians or Avalon again in the future. I also normally skip Summoning for Pirates — I’d love to have Peters, but I’m not that excited by the rest, particularly Boomer. I might still try for Hansel/Gretel in Grimforest. I don’t think I’ll bother with Wonderland, since I’m not that excited by Captain of Diamonds or Cheshire Cat; the first time Wonderland came around I didn’t Summon either.

I intend to try for Tarlak when he’s featured again. If I were to get him, I think I’d mostly be done with gem Summoning until Season 3, and will just save up for then.

I’ve also used gems for Hero Roster slots and Extra Teams, which I use to keep several options for Raid Offense teams. That’s actually been the most rewarding use of gems in my experience.


Thank you, @zephyr1! That is really helpful. I am C2P (VIP & 99cents only) & get so tempted to spend when I’m tired…I caved & spent almost all my gems trying to pull Margaret. Building my way back up & trying to establish a strategy so it doesn’t - or at least isn’t likely - to happen again! :bouquet:


Very good question indeed!

Was thinking on this topic again and thought I’d revisit it. We now have portals for Valhalla, Atlantis, Monthly events, Seasonal events, Costume Chamber, ToL, plus elemental summons. All of these portals offer everything in the Epic Hero Summon Portal, but with better options and chances of unique heroes. So again, what advantage does this portal offer? Even newcomers That don’t have TC20 and want season 1 heroes are better off spending their money in the costume chamber or event summons.