Why does the dragon rooster constantly kill Tarlak with 2 pokes?

In the last month, I have attacked a rooster dragon over 50 times. And every time dragon kills the Tarlak with a couple of jabs, even when the Tarlak is under Wilber’s protection. Why does all heroes receive 50-90 damage from a 7 * rooster, and 300-800 to tarlak?

Tarlak is one hero categorized mainly as a glass cannon. He has high attack stat but is very very squishy and thus easy to kill. To remedy that, you may emblem him opting the def>health>att nodes, or support him with a high level crit troop, or use battle items that increase his sturdiness or perhaps be invisible against the titan.

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Tarlak on the emblems and in defense is the same as the Zimkifa, why the damage on it is 10 times! higher.

Can you post screenshots and/or videos then please.

Because dragon rooster is a rare titan and reflects all the damage from green hero back to it.


The Dragon Rooster reflects green, so you can’t take green heroes.


Exactly, I completely forgot! Thanks.

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