Why does SG discriminate against f2p players?

I dunno…
Clearly english is not the OP’s first language.

Given that…
Could "prejudice" be the intended word?
Obviously racism makes no sense.
Feeling prejudice from stingy portals doesn’t sound so crazy, however.

Of course it can still be argued against by f2p that spend 8-12 hours every single day.
Or those with exceedingly suspicious luck.
This is what the forum does best!

Shows the single shiny new pull, and not the 100 that came before.

Shows the F2P results, and not all the daily hours that come with it.

Where those that have yet to LB2 a single legendary are beginning to feel frustrated. But lack the context that they only play for 2 hours a day.

Which to me… is also a lot! :laughing: and then when the portal delivers a couple S1 3* a tandem vent thread is no surprise.

We can shrug and ignore these type of complaints that gain volume with paywall upgrades.
Seize them as an opportunity for ego stroking.

Either side accomplishes nothing


Could be. Then perhaps it’s on us to ensure that word in not being used inappropriately. There are plenty of threads and opinions on the state of the game throughout this forum. But when a word is used that is a real thing in the world an has nothing to with Empires and Puzzles, I get a little rattled. Plus I took a more humorous comparison rather than saying what should be said. I imagine I could have said “Did the game injure you for no reason other than your skin color? Were you passed up for a job because of your nationality? If not then you don’t mean racism”.

I could certainly just ignore such a strange comment but the OP is digging his feet in the sand. Perhaps if he knows the info now he could word things better? We’ll see how the thread E or Devolves but right now I’m not sure which way the tides will take us.

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Tinfoil hat in the mail…

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Following the tides will only take you to an awful mana metric.

Buy one get one free?


It looks like a foil hat to me. And since one is in the mail, I ask if I can get a second one for free.
This whole post thus far, while edited (to respond) included my old friend homaclese to become unintentional poetry!

I’m not bothered by a tin hat. The odds are stated and abysmal. If prevalent “luck” continues repeatedly against abysmal odds with farmed pulls, that’s fine! Go ahead and send two to me :partying_face::+1:

Being that the foil hat is fitted to a goblin’s head,
I think it makes for a very nice double entendre.

I’m gonna be weirdo with this take: I would not mind all the offers and throwing in random events/quests that are more geared towards people willing to keep going with every little new addition that’s made clear that installing this game now would be the biggest mistake unless you came with 1,000,000 USDs to throw into it.

The biggest issue is that they’re either thinking or not thinking throwing in new stuff and the only “free” stuff for F2P are things with limited or no value until a few several months have passed. 25 Coins every 4 months for each Map Season, those aether crystals for a portal I don’t think anyone asked for (similarly, for ascension crystals and its portal)… The emblems are fine-ish, but also not enough. Museum exists but also showcases both how there’s too many heroes in the game and that they’re only valued at 10 / 5 gems each (compared to 300/350/400 it takes to get 1 of them).

The game’s behind on a buttload of QoL updates and severely in need of buffing more heroes that aren’t: HOTMs, Festival III heroes (Gargoyles/Pets/Masked), Alliance heroes (Knights/Musketeers), Tower heroes (Ninja/Magic/Styx), Untold heroes, Super Elementals, Covenant/Monster Island heroes, W3K heroes (+ Journey), Legendary heroes. Hero Academy got abandoned after the addition of Festival I heroes (before they decided to add 5 more rares, sneak in Legendary heroes only and add costumes to the wrong heroes over buffing them further), somehow I feel Training Camps somehow got shadow-nerfed, TC20 in particular, after Soul Exchange was introduced and those weirdo tokens that don’t appear anywhere else in the game. Fated Summons could have the required non-Legendary pull amounts to be dropped/halved to 50.

And get rid of Goblin Balloon. Thing’s atrocious to look at.


Very good points @Pompitous :+1:

If you make vids or take snap shots showing your victories how about showing all your failures too. Yeah sure I have taken out a team of 5 90s well over 6k team power and my team was well under 1k below them but in reality I would lose 99 times out of 100 facing odds like that if I didn’t get some lucky :four_leaf_clover: matches.

Imo there’s a lot of ego stroking here. I appreciate the ppl trying to help and teach here too.
There’s some very good and helpful YouTubers that show you their alliance wars, wins and losses and thought processes. To those frustrated I encourage them to watch. I have learned from watching and am still learning.


What does that even mean?

Wow, this got dark fast

Why does SG discriminate against f2P players? hmmm

Protection rackets: A Gaming company mysteriously causes bad juju to a player’s gameplay or individual boards unless way of spending gems and purchasing offers paid them a protection fee.


Say explicitly what you are trying to imply here


I did. It’s pretty clear


Nope. Not clear. Why is luck in quotation marks?

Because I was quoted and given a tin hat for being suspicious when “luck” becomes an
Exceeding thing.

Who hasn’t had the pleasure of viewing “lucky” pulls.

What’s your deal? Why the 20 questions?

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Remember YouGo’s. Really cheap and no power steering or heat/ac unless you hit the dash just right. Almost as bad as Le Cars. Sorry to say I had one of each. And a moped that needed to be peddled to start the motor if anyone remembers those.


Zero respect for you fun boy

Im ftp since 2017 and tbh i never felt discriminated
I maybe tend to complain about whales encouraging the devs in the actual game unbalance and the high powercreep but in fact i feel kind of advantaged,i dont pay and i beat the premium profiles,i enjoy the game without paying
They enjoy their game with paying,its their choice and i respect that
Its a business after all
Maybe you still a new player or you feel the odds are against you alone but remember the odds are against everyone

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LOL right back at ya.

And thanks for the clear and unambiguous answer to my question.

Except for the communist whales who get more equal cars :smiley:

I think prejudice starts to get closer to what we see. Predjudice is preference, with a more extreme view towards those that are liked a lot and those that are liked much less.

It isn’t surprising that SG likes spenders a whole lot more. There is the obvious, spenders can pay the bills. But the less obvious, spenders can create the rosters necessary to keep the game fresh and vibrant.

So it isn’t surprising at all that SG would design a game that is more beneficial to spenders. What I think has become dismaying to f2p and even c2p is the increased disregard for those players. It’s been happening for a while now with big discounts for large gem purchases in the store, the higher price tag of PoG, and new portals with a higher price for participating. But the miserable offerings in FS I think has made this a firm new reality.

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