Why does SG discriminate against f2p players?

The all balance only covers C. If I don’t have C, I’m constantly ignored.

This is RACISM !!!

Because we cannot afford to buy, should we be discriminated against?

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I think the word you are looking for is Capitalism :slight_smile:




Again, the word you are looking for is free-market :slight_smile:


yup, sadly, that’s just the way the system works :slight_smile:


Because if they didn’t, the game wouldn’t last a month. We wouldn’t be here talking about it.


Can’t tell if troll or just uninformed.


In a word, yes.

If you cant buy, you cant have all the things. True of the game, true of life.

The real question is, if you had it all would you be satisfied?


Were you born F2P because both parents were the same? Was one parent F2P and the other C2P but the game discriminates against you because you are mixed so it still considers you a non- spender. Perhaps it’s sexism because you are F2P but identify as a whale?

I have to assume the OP is saying this as a joke because I am treating it as such.


You answered your own question, because they are f2p.

ok, I’m clearly too stupid to post/edit/quote when I’m laughing so hard but it was: Thanks for this post, I have read it several times and it just keeps getting funnier.


Because you cannot afford to buy the best house and car, should you be discriminated against or should you have the same house and car as everyone else? (Welcome to communism - although the houses and cars for everyone will be equally rubbish then)

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Hey hey now! My dad bought a Lada Samara back in the late 80s for a really good price due to his employer’s contract with Lada! The only problem with it was that 3 months after he purchased it, it suddenly combusted due to a tiny electrical problem.

But then he got his money back and purchased a less reliable VW Passat sedan. :laughing:


businesses like people who spend money. every business on the face of the planet ever. that’s just the way it is. if you don’t care enough about the business to spend money or enough about the business to work for them and make them money, then yea they don’t care about you either.

the free to play model is basically letting people download the game, play the game, and watching a % of those people become paying customers, the rest are just lost causes that don’t really contribute anything to their bottom line so why should they care? it’s not my game and even i don’t care. spend, don’t spend, play, don’t play, nobody cares. expecting the same perks for free that other people pay for is absolutely delusional and seems like a very goofy way to walk through life with such expectations.


I had no idea ftp, ctp and :whale: were a race :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You must be color blind :laughing:

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Yup that probably explains my ineptitude playing this game :laughing:


The word racism has been used frequently incorrectly over the past decade, worse in the past 6 years. You can be called a racist without even being racist lol. You can call somebody what they are, but if they think they are something else, then you just have to agree. If not, you’re a racist.


Yeah. You’re a 2 Trillion. If you disagree, you’re an 'ist of some sort.

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First of all I’m whit you brother and I know your pain>this game like all other games should make you easy and relax and not to make you angry whit injustice>life is like thet and when we play games we want to lose ourselfs and forget all problems not to get extra stres.P4F players are huge party of this comunity and should get respect for playing whitout spand becouse its hardest mode to play this game.I’m P4F mysalf(6 years) and it is not becouse I dont have money it is becouse of conviction and pure passion for this game and becouse I’m true player who like to play hard and not to buy easy way fast ticet to victory.It’s not nice and its very rude to joke and have laugh about someone gramatic error and gett away from the point>there are much expencive thing and thet is not money its time,time we spand playing this game and energy we give.I like to laugh at you also>whit all your money and your heroes when I beat you in raids(no momo team),and when I see on YT 150-200 spins and zero 5* hero buhahaha Give P4F OG compassion and respect they are deserve