Why does no one like alberich

He’s the only character who can revive…

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Who doesn’t like him? So far I’ve only seen people gush about him.


Hi Denys, I guess his slow mana and only 33% chance to revive fallen heroes makes him not the best choice for many but I don’t have him so can’t say much. You can search in the forum topics for Alberich and there already are quite a few threads discussing his pros and cons. Hopefully some of them answers your question better :grinning:

Here is one of those many threads


On a lighter note if you can track whoever this guy is mentioned in the post playing with 5 or more Alberichs, I am sure he would have more to say :sunglasses:


I made an epic pull in the last contest, I got 4 Alberich. Reported it to the Dev’s haven’t heard back.
Been using him on my test team with Regard as the healer, frankly I like him quite a bit in this configuration. Will use him on my raid team for sure.





I still don’t have him!! :sob:


I have two of him (see my idea about donating heroes, lol). I saw his special and spent money to get him. He is so much fun to play. I have no idea why anyone would not like him. I feel he is perfectly balanced, but I am afraid he might be nerfed.


I’m actually…hmm…I don’t like the donating heroes idea any more, after reading all the different ways it can be abused.

I have a friend who is loaded with duplicates who has offered some to me, so I would gain by liking the idea…but I just don’t.



Having used Alberich personally, lets break it down a little bit…

Raids (attack) - like most, if you don’t get his ability out, he’s dead meat. Takes forever and CHANCE of revive. Why not run Lianna or Caedmon?( of course if he’s your only green guy, then arguement invalid).

Raids (defend) - he’s probably more useful here being in the back and just turtling up. Then when he can use his ability, you essentially are forcing the enemy to have someone to take away debuffs or else the mana/hp gain stacks up and things go wrong fast. I’ve run into a few instances of full party res with another healer to back it up… it was not nice to have to kill the entire party again(lost that raid pretty badly).

Titan attacks - his ability does nothing to help you do more damage. Its all about damage, damage and more damage. If you died too fast, chances are your board sucked anyways.

Challenges/ ascension item quest - this might be where he shines best. Since you can time his skill as much as you want, give lotsa hp/mana regen to your other guys, it becomes a special spam fiesta. Its GREAT!!! Essentially an improved Friar Tuck.

Overall he’s got his pros and cons. PERSONALLY, since im all in for titan attacks, i don’t like him


Mostly agree tuna, with one small exception. I have Alberich and find him very useful in raid offense. Yes, it takes long to get his special going and a lot can happen before he can get his special but if it goes off it’s almost always a win for me. More useful than his revive, and a lot less talked about, is his mana regen boost for all the other heroes. All the sudden all your heroes are going special after special and it more than makes up for the slow start. And if you play it right, you can mana boost Alberich himself to have another special back to back, indefinitely. It helps to have Ares next to him to keep his hp topped off and maybe use Magni to give him a defense buff…just to keep him alive. It almost always works unless im way over-powered by the defensive team.


Alberich is fine for map work or for doing the daily challenges. I find that he is simply too slow to use effectively on offense against a Titan or on a raid. Btw, between my two accounts I have 5. 3 in one, two in the other.

@Tokito is your Alberich fully ascended?

Not yet, only third tier at the moment.

Albi at 80 is just fine on titans compared to other greens. 725 attack and he survives 741 defense and 1277 HP. Titans are all about strong tile dmg. he’s a good 2nd or 3rd green vs blue titan.


I love Albi on my raid team ^3. I have a Caedmon at ^4 also. The biggest reason I love Al (as I like to call him) is he is fun to play. He may be less powerful than another green. But when I am one hit from losing and he saves the the day with a revive. Fist pump time!


I love my Albie, only one but I use him mainly raiding and defense, some on Titans. My defense team is what I usually use raiding at 3600+ power and between 22-2400 trophies. Was raiding someone around 4000+ power and they had me almost killed with Albie hanging on at 5hp when I got to use his special while other team still had 4 heroes up. Brought back 3 of my heroes (Perseus, Cal, and Rigard (was full of mana when killed). From this I won the match. He can be very powerful when all hope is lost.

Alby is awesome. Like @Tokito said his mana regeneration is uber useful. It seems, in my case, the regen rate is higher than 33%. I pair him with Vivica (both at Tier III) and I’m thrilled with my team.
Yes, if you get a bad board he can die quickly. But those are far enough in between to make him an excellent hero.

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whoever isn’t using albi offensively on raids is totally missing out. he’s an MVP there.


Well, it was a thread from 3 months ago.
I guess the people who stated that he is not good has already change their mind long ago, lol.