Why does everybody think elkanen sucks?

He looks pretty decent! 784 defense, fast mana, hits 3 and has some self heal. I know I’ve been annoyed by him in raids before. When I first started playing I read all the feedback about him and fed him away because I was a noob and I didn’t think twice about feeding off a 5* I don’t plan to level. Now I’m thinking he actually looks pretty good. He’s not alberich or lianna, but he looks pretty good!

I value a hero basing pretty much on the attack stat (must be 700+ to be at least “good”) or his/her special skill (must be something people fear to trigger, or on reverse, save your @ss if triggered).

He don’t have any of this.
I can totally let him fire 2 specials and win with all my heroes alive.

When you don’t fear to let alive a hero on the ground, thats a sign it is a bad hero.


There are a ton of amazing green 5*s and he is not one of them. He’s not terrible, but he just doesn’t come close to Zeline, Alberich, Tarlak, Lianna, Gregorian, Lady Locke, Yunan, and perhaps an upcoming hero.


I’ve got Elk maxed and have been raiding with him as a regular backup to my Alby. Yeah, the hitter is backing up the healer. Like you said Elk is not a bad 5*, but he isn’t good, he is OK at best. In terms of game design, units that are not remarkable or bring a novel skill to the table in some way get relegated to the bench.

Players have higher expectations from 5* heroes any other level just because they are rare, difficult to obtain and often comes from paying money. Psychologically, players are thinking that if a 5* is not one of the top of the line hero then they wasted their shot. Then they resent the lame 5* because they are still valuable enough to avoid being fed on a whim. The scarcity of the ascension materials required to max a 5* also hurt those heroes that don’t seem to be worthy of the mats.

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If you are a player that doesn’t spend much on the game, and therefore do not draw many better event/HOTM greens, then he’s not so bad.

But if you make a fair amount of event/Atlantis summons, I’d hold off levelling Elk. As already alluded to, you can expect a much better green HOTM coming soon, and eventually Zeline will be available from Atlantis.

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Considering he’s the worst green, he’s terrible. garbage self heal, his damage has to be way higher and the heal percentage too for it be considered a special

I laugh whenever I see him as a tank

The larger problem, IMO, is that 3 of the 4 common green 5* (as in available from TC20 or regular pulls) are poor 5s. Lianna is the only regular 5 that is a pretty much no brainer to ascend. That also makes the difference so much more noticeable.

If you don’t spend much or any money on the game, then go for the ascension once you have 10 or more tonics unless you already have Lianna ascended.

On his own, Elkanen is a decent green 5* tank/flank but not much else. If he’s all you have, there are a few things you can try to improve him, though:

  • Always use 4* mana troops with him. On offense, I don’t think he’ll typically get any benefit from the mana boost, but the higher attack boost and healing increase means his self-heal will be more effective. On defense, the mana boost will also definitely help.
  • Pair him with an attack booster like Boldtusk or Ares. Higher attack = more special damage = better self-heal.
  • Pair him with Triton. Increased healing = better self-heal.

You need to read carefully, my friend. And see who is writing. All the given advices are well intended and I ALWAYS feel thankful for a well intended advice, but sometimes all those do is to confuse you.
Elkanen sucks… Compared to what? Alberich, Zeline, Tarlak, Gregorion… OMG! All HOTM!!! People saying this can have a 5 HOTM defense team with 2 or 3 Gravemaker, Ares and Hel waiting in the bench…
If you are a BIG spender and think you may be able to get one of those heroes in further Atlantis summons, then feed Elkanen away (maybe you want first actually obtain any new green 5* LOL)
Let me tell you about a modest C2P (never top 100 or even 1000). My TC20 has only rewarded me with two 5*: Obakan and Thorne, B and C rated heroes… All I read about Thorne is crap and more crap. Obviously you can’t compare him with the new Aegir, but the fact is I don’t have Aegir and my fully leveled Thorne is pretty good, tanky stats and just decent damage. Same as Obakan.
My point is: do you like Elkanen? Then ascend and use Elkanen. Listen what all this very kind and wise people have to say but don’t regret taking another direction. Don’t waste months of not using a good hero waiting something awesome finally arrives.


Lianna, Horghall … neither of which is HotM. (I’m not too sure about Kadilen, personally.)

Yeah. Horghall can be worth it, depending on what else you have, but Lianna is always worth it.

But I’ve just ascended Elkanen, and I think he works well with Lianna, whenever I double up on greens. Well, almost whenever. If I really need a dispeller, I’ll bring Lianna and Caedmon instead.

But most of the time, I prefer Elkanen to Caedmon.

Which of course is damning with faint praise. He’s a legendary; of course he should be better than Caedmon.

But damning or not, such faint praise is due.

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6 f******* turns and I let Elkanen tank hit me with special 5 specials and killed my whole team with so many bad cascades that I don’t event remember. Well he is decent at tank. :joy:

I received three of this guy from training center and also three of Horghall and one Kadilen. No Lianna… Fortunately I have Gregorian…

Elkanen is best as tank considering he can be astonishingly resilient. Indeed I actually think he beats Horghall as a tank due to his speed.

As a flank or back he is not doing enough damage and is actually pretty terrible(as in no threat at all).


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