Why does Clarissa never get the hype that Gravemaker has gotten?

Hello everyone.

I still see Gravemaker being very popular and still being used from many players from both offense and defense perspective, But I hardly see people use Clarissa, although her special skill is almost identical with him. What is the reason for this?

Her DOT is a bit lower, but she has better stats and better element link. So why people are not using her and she is not being hyped like Gravemaker?


Well all I can say is … this is mine. I stripped the +20 emblems from Telluria and loaded them onto Clarissa.


I love mine, got her from HA and was stunned. I use her only slightly less than gravemaker. I find they make a great team.

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Her DoT is not just a bit lower, it is 25% lower. True that she has better stat but it is merely 0.7% better. She does have better elemental link but only slightly. Those are not enough to make up the difference in DoT.

People love and hate GM because he is a beast against nature hero due to the bonus damage and devatsating DoT. They reduce the devastating DoT aspect from Clarissa.

Timing of appearance is also matter. She appear in GTV era when she is not needed to complement GTV in defense so she doesn’t get chance to shine in defense. After GTV end, power creep start to escalate so the like of her and GM got outdated in defense by newer heroes


There was a flood of complaints about her artwork :man_shrugging:t2:

She is nice against these double formations though, eh?


I’ve always thought it’s due to the unbalance between quality dark heroes versus red heroes. Dark has a number of quality defensive heroes whereas red does not (especially damage dealers).


Tbh, I thought I heard a few people initially say she was a dark Gravemaker, but I guess it’s now a mixed bag of that still and “she coulda been more,” which in fairness, she definitely coulda been more, especially since she’s a paladin.

She is disappointing compared to Gravemaker as far as damage output goes. I stripped mine a couple weeks ago and put the emblems on Heimdall instead. I may emblem her again, but found that I just wasn’t using her much anymore.

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Pompitous: There was?

Out of all the things to complain about…

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I personally liked it but…
Also agree with @yelnats_24
Her timing should not have incurred weaker dot than GM.

Thanks to people who think double formation is good, Clarissa still has some value for me.
just like all other heroes that get deemed a so-called “misfit”

It is only because other rosters have better options. Once your own roster grows, this becomes more clear over time.


Caught her with her eyes closed. She’s a beast against Sif and Odin. 2 of the most active Holy 5 stars


I like her. Of course I don’t have Gravemaker. The main problem is that her poison damage overlaps with Proteus so I don’t use her on double formations. But against regular yellow tanks, she’ll be one of the heroes I pick.

Edit: I should mention that she’s on my raid defense.


She’ll be wanted again when that future OP Holy tank arrives.

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You should be ok to tag her with proteus. Her dot generally wears off before the average charge.

Usually her second shot I have to wait a round or two. Which some say is a strength… but I disagree.

If proteus fires those doubles are done anyway tho :relaxed:

Usually I only bring in one purple against that type of formation as it’s usually Sif in the back. If Sif is in the front, I could consider bringing both like that. Usually it’s Proteus and Domitia in that case. You’d think that once you fire Proteus it’s a win, but many times I’ll fire him early, but can’t get any tiles to charge my other heroes and then his mana stop wears off. Or worse, you have a monk or cleric resist.

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I stripped mine long ago to emblem up Roostley. Havent used her since. Not because i dont like her but because she simply doesnt fit in my teams.

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Well this is the new and improved art work… :wink:


Also, I believe paladins have far more usefull heroes (so emblem competition) in comparison to barbarian emblems for Gravemaker.


No Gravemaker here, but I do like my Clarissa. My current raid defense is the reverse with a very fast and slow tank. Makes for solid lineup based on attack history and cups.

I do find that in the current meta there are more opportunities for a slow hero to shine (rush wars, rush tourneys) and there are increasing ways to speed up a slow hero. So whereas Clarissa is good damage level for a v fast, she pales by comparison to a slow hero that has been sped up with troops and adjacent hero buffs.

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BcoZ, the meta changed for heroes like GraveMaker & also Season3 brought out very powerful / versatile heroes = despite being a dark twin of Graveaker, Clarissa became a casualty of the moment !

Today, there are many answers to ailments & buff giving heroes via lot of non-healers, who do cleansing / dispelling while they hit hard… making taunt / riposte not so difficult to face…!

She is sill a painful due to her VF speed & hurts for sure, if not kill… & require cleansing to survive…
isn’t the game changer that she was pitched during the time she came out !