Why does a tile miss when only 1 hero of a specific colour has reduced accuracy?

Hope the title makes sense. This is something i’ve been wondering for a while but can’t seem to think of a rationale behind it.

To give a very simple example (that doesn’t take into account troops/buffs/stacks/etc.):

Let’s say we have 3 reds on our team and each of them does 10 damage with a single tile - this means a single red tile would do 30 damage. Now let’s assume that 1 of the reds is hit with a blind and now has -40% accuracy. Just by common sense, a red tile hit would still deal 20 damage (from the other 2 reds) if that 1 red misses, or 30 damage if that 1 red doesn’t miss. Instead, the game is programmed such that a red tile’s damage is now 0 or 30 - ie either all 3 reds miss or all 3 reds hit even though only 1 red hero has reduced accuracy.

Am i missing something or is there a perfectly rational explanation for this?

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I suppose the chance to miss is calculated based on accuracy of all heroes of a colour. So If you have stack of three reds, the accuracy of two of them is 100% and 60% of the third, the general accurasy is (100%+100%+60%)/3 = 86,67%. So in that case chance that tile would miss is 13,33%.
I also suppose it is similar with crit attacks.

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Ah yes thank you! I failed to realize the same thing applies to crit attacks as well.

You explanation seems plausible though. Is it speculation or has this method of calculation been confirmed previously?

and I’m still wondering why one method was chosen by SG over the other? any theories?

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His math is correct, I’m not sure if it’s officially confirmed, but you can confirm it pretty easy for yourself.

Every stone you move is assigned to one specific hero. You can see this for yourself when you use different troops on your same color heroes.
Here are my two yellow one with crit troops one with mana troops:

When you now move stones each stone will be either from onatel or vivi.

You can see here 3 stones moved, two mana troops from vivi and one crit from onatel.
If vivi would be blind only the two mana troops could miss, the third would hit the target guaranteed. On the other hand only the crit troop from onatel could do critical damage(because vivi doesn’t has any chance to crit without crit troops or a crit node in her talent tree) .

The chance that you get either a vivi or onatel stone is each 0.5. When vivi is blind, say -40% accuracy, only 3/5 of her stones will hit the target.
So 3/5 of 0.5 is 0.3.
Overall 0.5(from onatel without blind) + 0.3(vivi with blind) =0.8 or 80% of the stones will hit the target.

That’s the math from @Greengoo in action:

He was calculating with 3 heroes, with only two it would look like (100% +60%)/2 = 80%


this makes a lot sense! i hadn’t realized the stones came from a specific hero.

thanks so much! i swear this has been bothering me for the longest time lol

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