Why do you not use all 6 flags in war?

Lets remove the obvious of limited access to your mobile device or network connection (it happens). If you usually do not attack 6 times in each war, why?

This is a sincere question and I beg people not to be nasty to those who answer. I imagine people who take time on this board also take time for war so getting input may be difficult. I need to see if there is something I am missing as its an issue that comes up a lot.


Some don’t have any heros left that can be used after using one or two of their flags.


even when I didn’t I would use all my flags with partially leveled or even unleveled heros. I guess people should know that every point counts…


Obvious reason is not enough heroes in a roster for all 6 hits. Also it might be the matter of timing: if a person can’t play all day long, but only in the morning and/or in the evening, last 3 flags might be always not used.

Im sure many do not because they do not have 30 heroes or 30 heroes they think they can use. However, that is not a reason. On my small account I only have a single leveled team. I have 2 other heroes not past first tear and all others at 1-1. I still use 6 attacks and still make points.

This could be due to a misunderstanding of how the point system works.


This. I have 3 teams that I can go for hits and 3 teams of 1-1 (usually tend to mix a 1-1 every now and then) but always make use of my six flags. With the unleveled teams I have to pick the fights, but if you have communication in your alliance then you can go and make the cleanups while people with more teams use their flags against stronger enemies.


Our last war we were the underdogs and fought knowing we would probably lose.

At the end we had 2 flags remaining from a member who couldn’t (or just hasnt) filled his roster.

Our opponent had 41 flags remaining.

Yep, we won and the difference was only by 115 points.

On the battlefield the opponents team is showing one ex-member as of today. We are placing bets as to how many more ex-members they’ll have soon.



This shows how important it is to use your flags up…no matter what


A while ago we had a member ask what we do when we know we’re going to lose the war.

The answer: we fight, we use all our flags.

Why give the opponent an easy victory. And, after this past war - who is to say we’ll lose!


I have a feeling many do not because of their bench. But that needs a deeper explanation.

You can use anything for your attacks. Even feeder heroes. Just eat them after the war.

So if “no matter what” had been explained, why do people still not attack? Are they afraid of their score?

I’m digging because I need to know how to best explain it to others. If there is something other than indifference, then what?


I have always used all my flags, even when I had to use 2* and 1* back in those days. I don’t really buy the not having 30 heroes argument, it takes a few minutes to brew some low level heroes if needed.

I’ve seen people who got blocked by real life (work, wife, etc) and couldn’t hit. I also saw a few who just didn’t care/bother to use them.

Using not ascended 2* heroes is just a formal waste of a flag. You hardly can find a team without a healer, so your overall result would be 0 (zero).


I’m a new player and my alliance isnt that strong, so 1* and 2* teams works great, got around 150 points from 3 flags with unleveled heroes last war. We only won with 210 points so it helped (most of the teams are around 1600-2500 team power).

I have friends who dont spend all their flags for the reasons mentioned above, theyre casual and log in once a day - some times skip a day.

how is it a waste of a flag? The flag doesn’t carry over and you don’t get anything by not using it. So there is no waste of a flag. That argument can be forgotten.

It’s better to try than to just give up…


I’m sure we are all talking about the last few minutes of the war, or suicide missions before signing off for work/sleep. I always use the saying “don’t leave the battlefield with flags in your pocket”.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting wasting a perfectly good flag on unlevelled 2 stars if they have better options.

My philosophy is, if we lose the war and I’ve used all my flags, I’ve done the best that I can and at least the loss isn’t on me!

I’m sure that’s why we only had two remaining flags at the end of our war. The vast majority of our players must feel the same way.


You don’t need to try and convince us about flags not getting used. I guarantee you probably everyone replying to this thread had 100% participation in the war.
You need to ask your alliance members why they aren’t using their flags. Because here it is a rhetorical question and you are not accepting the answer.

I believe using of all of your flags in the war is a sign of respect to your alliance and the other players.

Why should everyone else work hard, use their flags and then I don’t?

I feel it’s simply disrespectful. I don’t need other players here to agree with me, it’s just how I feel.


If you only have 5 leveled heroes, then make 5 teams of 1 leveled hero + 1 unleveled hero. Dead heroes still contribute just as much to tile damage. A 5 stack of a single color with 4 unlevelled 3s is probably close in tile damage to a 2-3 stack of 5s because their base attack is already high. You can easily take out the tank and often a lot more. I’ve taken out full 5* teams with just 1 maxed 4* and 4 unleveled 4*s with some luck.


All we can really do to answer this questions is to give our opinion.

You are 100% correct that people that don’t use their flags need to be asked. I would be quite interested in some of the responses

We have several newer players who still need to use feeders for their last few flags. They team up with stronger players to finish off badly wounded teams. In the process, they learn how to stack colors and coordinate special attacks to beat stronger teams than they think they can


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