Why do we RAid?

Simply put
Why do you guys Raid?
For glory , to be that top player… To achieve higher status, bragging rights, testing a deck, just to fill the wanted heroes missions, or do you just love revenging people who raided you.

Personally I don’t fancy Raids but I don’t knock it either . I don’t gripe about cups/tropheys or such ( but I see ppl have) , and I know there are thousands of players who work hard to create their decks , whereas I’m FTP and just make the best of what I have.

I Raid just to complete the wanted heroes mission but it’s my least favourite chest to fill…and when you have a lot of food idk what else to do but waste it away just refreshing for better targets…if I lose I’m happy …if I win Im happy. I must be a madman… anyway it’s just a game …why be so SERIOUs?? :eyes:

What tickles your fancy E&P community?


I raid to practice for wars. The more characters I learn to counter the better I can arrange teams in war. especially wars where teams all use the same tanks. I dont run mono or 3-2 anymore so practicing rainbow and 2-2-1 is critical for me to do well and taking on every hero in the game allows me to learn synergies to survive bad boards and early ailments.


I raid to fill the chest. I never spend to speed up the timer (I know some do). I just figure it’s a shot at some ascension items, and better to do something with my raid flags than just let them sit there. :slight_smile:

I’m solidly in Platinum, and I generally just do revenge attacks to use up my flags. Between chests, I’ll revenge the harder-to-kill teams, and save the lower power teams for chest-filling.

Not much else to it, really. I need ascension items, they sometimes appear in those chests, and it’s not like I can do anything else with the flags, might as well use 'em!

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I was like you… and I don’t really love raiding actually. But the line came up, “Practice makes you perfect!” If you join in the Alliance and had war twice a week, at least raiding just help you practice play smart on War :slight_smile: Then, I played on War better than before I never did raid.

I didn’t deny your stated, sometimes it’s the reason. Love to see the goldy or platinum on the left corner of my avatar or wanna made some fun with your friends on Ally, competing the trophies. It’s kinda fun tho. Yet, I see the good on raids is useful for War thingy @Justab0x

I ignore raid for the most part. “Set it and forget it…” which is why I think I’m slow in getting Rare chests and a tad rusty on war battles.

Raid is good for you, like taking your vitamins. :grin: Now if I were just a touch more bloodthirsty…

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Well, I just have a data, my rare chest came up once a months around 12-14 every time lol even I have fill the wanted mission fast :rofl:

I raid to fill chests and stay in Diamond.

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… to have ingame fun and to get rid of my raiding flags …

Of course I also like to open the chests and to get some cups.

Open chest
War training
Board “repair” training

I woke up this morning and I saw I lost 200 cups… I’m happy lol
I love seeing my defense win and that +📗 increase and prefer that any given day, but I was just trying out diamond rank where guys are a massive 4k attack power , and I’m 400 power less so I expect to be easy pickings .
I’m.just gonna fill that chest so it disappears and gives me a colored chest! That’s the main reason I do this mission or any for the :fire::end::snowflake::top::ferris_wheel: chests to appear!


I actually enjoy raiding now I have a decent bench. I used to find it a bit pointless and only did it for the chest. These days I normally collect in diamond, and those chests are more likely to be good than any other (except war chest) so I look forward to it. I like sitting at around 2400 because it is easier to win. So I am delighted to loose cups overnight and normally egnore cup rewards during selection since if I loose 50 I don’t care. It is a great way to learn to understand all the heroes in the game and practice for wars. Took a long time for me to understand how it all works and build up my heroes though.


As I started just while ago I raid to gain those crucial resources to upgrade my buildings.

I love raid more than playing boring maps/farming. Raid requires u to think and be strategize about ur move / hero selection


I raid only to fill my chest.
In the past I’ve raided a few times when I was desperate for food, but that’s behind me.

Didn’t particularly like the pvp aspect of the game at the beginning, but now raiding and war is the most fun (and sometimes the most frustrating, but neverless exciting).
Map farming, which I liked at first, is the most boring aspect of the game.

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I raid to vanquish my foe!

To see their ruin and cast their carcasses to the vultures.

Let “Blood! Blood! Blood!” be your motto and let the enemy tremble at the sight of my banner and the sound of my boots upon the ground.

For those who flee and live to fight another day I say - may the bread of your cowardice ever leave your belly craving the release of death.

Also, chests and passing the time on long car journeys.


To flee is absolutely senseless except in wars. If it saved the flag and/or some cups, it would be an option sometimes, but not like it is in raids.

Let the last match destroy em all.
May the boards be with you…


I could not in good conscience allow a chest to go unfilled! While you may not get great hero chest loot all that often, eventually RNG smiles on you and makes it all worthwhile.

I raid to get recruits and try for loot! :grin:

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A very welcome addition - excellent point


First time diamond and the chest was just filled… :muscle:t4: :rofl:


You got perfect global rank, I love these three 0


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