Why do we get rubbish from summons



Why do we keep getting rubbish from summons i have 5 of the same 3* characters and every time i do summons i just get more 3* rubbish. This game seem to be rigged and is going nowhere and im getting bored due to ascension items taking months to aquire and too many rubbish heroes though summons. I have spoke to many people and they are all have the same issue. Please fix


Because if you got a top hero each time, everyone would have full 5* teams with nothing to build for


The way its going im surprised anyones got 5* hereos ive been playing for a while now and not progressing any further.


Same rubbish just a differnt day i have two accounts and im temted just to delete this game due to its money hungry nature. Getting bored quickly


Training camp 20 has better odds of 5* than summons


It may be but it still takes too long to get to lvl 20 ive been upgading
for months to get nowhere. Not happy why make it so hard to aquire as it
only frustrates people. I understand it can’t be too easy but ti recieve
the same character over and over is rubbish. I also noticed you didnt reply
to my question last rime in regards to me being double billed on my other
account. I dont spend money for rubbish and to have the same chance as a
non paying customer


I currently have 15 3* rubbish characters which are uselss and are only
good for levelling up my character that are almost at ther max potential
anyway. This game is going nowhere


Not sure why you would want me to respond about being double billed, that is an issue you need to contact support for.


Build up your 3s for quick levelling of 4 or5s when you get them


The more I play the more I am convinced that the best use of gems is to accelerate building completion to get to SH20 and then TC20. Next it’s the ascension packs. Last but not least, hero summons, and that would be solely because you really really want a hero of the month of the heroes in the challenge events. Just my .02 5 months in.