Why do the devs round down on the boosts and hero stats?


So I have recently looked at certain stats and boosts to realize that the devs not only don’t give you the full boosts but round down. Personally I find this to be total Bull. Will post a few screenshots to prove this claim and the math is pretty basic and simple.










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It seems like the game is simply truncating all decimals and only storing the truncated version.

Your 462 x 1.19 = 549.78 gets truncated to 549, as shown in your starting stats.

When Ares’ buff goes off, it’s not using 549.78 as your armor for the calculation, it’s using the truncated version. That makes it 549 x 1.54 = 845.46, which gets truncated to 845.

The math makes sense if you assume the game just ignores all decimals. Whether or not it’s fair to truncate versus round, I feel like there’s really arguments either way.


I would understand if the number was truncated for display purposes only, or even that they truncate instead of round, but the second example shows the truncated value is used for next buff calculation too and that’s not good. Why not do X1,191,54 and then truncate.

But then, 1-2 points of a stat doesn’t matter much, but still.


On other heroes it is a larger amount. 2 to 3 point difference in lost stats. it’s even larger as the heroes get stronger attack. I could show it with multiple heroes but it takes to long to post all the stats. this also includes the banners. It may be only 1 % point either way but from all my videos that is huge when talking about each gem losing that much damage as well as specials