Why do the developers release poorly-executed game updates and heroes that require fixing after release?

let’s learn to think a little? Why are raw updates released to the detriment of players? why you do at heroes make money on donate and then cut it? why regular heroes not already been rehabilitated normally, thay at the bottom compared to new ones? costumes do not solve almost anything. Let us think with head before the release of new heroes and updates, and not … and do not put the players in such a position. better to do nothing than to do as you did.

Why is the first such post deleted? I want to hear the answers

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@zephyr1 I apologize, I see the post was moved, but I have a question not only on that topic, there were a lot of raw updates and the attitude to the players is good only with the moderators, but not with the developers

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Yes, it was moved, not deleted.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean, exactly.

Can you say more?

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@zephyr1 I think you remember situations when wars broke down, when tournaments were canceled, there were a lot of things, I think for an SG-scale developer these errors are at least strange, I think here we need an answer for all situations

I see, so your intention is to highlight the developers’ shortcomings in general?

I had interpreted this to be about upcoming balance changes:

Thank you for your vigilance and that the forum is in good hands, I understand that maybe my question is absurd, but the patience of many players is limited

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yes it’s a general question, do not judge strictly, this is not a claim, but a question

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Ok, I’ll leave this as a separate topic then.

Perhaps we can come up with a more fitting title?

Perhaps something like:

Why do the developers release poorly-executed game updates and heroes that require fixing after release?


yes of course I’ll rename now

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And to throw in my 2 cents on the topic — my impression is that speed is important to them.

They want to get new content and updates out to the live game quite frequently, and always be adding something new.

That somewhat limits testing before release.

I think it’s fair to say the tendency towards bugs is a bit high.

On the flip side, I’d say some updates are intrinsically almost impossible to test before release, like War and Raid Tournaments.

The initial rollouts of those were VERY broken, but I can understand the challenges game elements like those would present.

Heroes are an interesting question, though — particularly at the moment, as we await balance updates to Telluria.

But I believe it’s been since Version 1.10 in February 2018 that a live game hero was rebalanced to reduce its power. So that seems like a decent success rate at not having to adjust a hero downward after release very often.

So on the whole, I’d say there are a lot of mis-steps, but I can also understand why they take the approach they do to game updates, even if it’s frustrating at times.


Actually I think, despite my complaints and bad jokes on their address, that SG tackles the balance of the game rather well. Telluria is major slip-up in what, like one year or more? Otherwise the heroes don’t need rebalance (though there are underpowered ones like Margaret). I played Marvel:Avengers Alliance ages ago and there nerfs were pretty much the standard of each update, though heroes there were arguably much easier to get than here (it did not require sacrificing a goat, two ducks and a bat to get RNG to cooperate).

On the other hand if SG listened beta testers this could be prevented. I would like SG to listen more to beta testers in general, especially when it comes to obviously underpowered heroes like Rafaelle and so on, which are much more numerous than obviously OP heroes.


Wow, there are games where you only have to sacrifice one duck to RNG?! :exploding_head:


Yes. Weird, huh?

20 ducks sacrificed to get Alfrike


there is such a moment that regular heroes are far behind the new heroes, they are too weak

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That’s a bit easier to fix, though, since players are less likely to mind improvements to older heroes.

And older heroes have been buffed before — and I expect we’ll see some buffs tested in the upcoming Beta too.

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Yes, I remember you wrote in the topic of balance, I hope the question about some heroes will be raised, a lot of those who should be raised

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Heard gm was getting a nerf too saw that on another thread

this is a connection with the cosmos, I want to hear the higher mind about the shoals of the earth

I have a generalized question, not on a narrow topic

You mean you saw it the last time you said it? :rofl:


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