Why do Springvale hero’s have negative effects?

I know they can be blocked - but are they worth it?

Seems aside from m. Lupus — don’t see a lot of These (or Sand Empires)

the why is mostly because that is the way they were designed.

I can tell you that I will have 4 Squire Wabbits leveled for the next challenge event and add long as red doesn’t reflect they will get used in the epic run through


Springvale is the oldest seasonal event, I think even older than Hero of the Month concept. Back then, these heroes were considered significantly more powerful than regular season 1 heroes, usually because they were one step faster than what their vanilla equivalent with similar effect was. So the drawback was supposed to balance that.

Now since then a lot in game changed and the balance is approached differently now. But the concept already belonged to Springvale and was maintained when they added new heroes this year.

Imho looking at some other heroes we need to play with, the drawback is a bit of an overkill, given that beside a truck hit these heroes do not do anything else. But it is what it is.


Springvale heroes = easter theme.

Easter = Jesus died (negative effect) to redeem humans sins (positive effect).

Springvale heroes usually have stronger attack compare to ordinary heroes (positive effect), but they have to sacrifice something (negative effect)


Very nice explaination. So it’s a give and take balance.

never read that this way, but sounds good.

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