Why do some players have only one or two heroes / champions on their Defense Team?

I find some players deliberately placing one or two champions in the defense team in order to reduce the number of prizes. I wonder why they do this

To fill their raid chests and sometimes to change arenas.

Possibly they also want to try some weaker raid and/or war teams.

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Some say in order to get more material to escalate heroes

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That’s hopefully the result of filling chests…

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Here’s the idea…….you drop your defense team, you get raided…ALOT, thereby reducing your cups quickly.

This puts you in a position to then put up a strong team again, but because your cup count is now much lower, you will be matched with (usually) much lower-powered opponents to fill your chest that much faster, and easier.

As long as you fill the chest in the higher arena, you will get rewards for that arena, regardless of where you started when filling the chest.


What is interesting is that the player who is weaker than me is supposed to look for those who are stronger than me

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