Why do some accounts summon less legendary heroes than others?

Hi there, I’ve been playing this game for over 2 yrs and a half now and I’m the leader of 28 other players. Upon meeting many players, I found that some aren’t quite as lucky as others with the summons. One of “my” players, Eternity, (I am now writing on his behalf, actually, for he cannot write English) is known as to be particularly unlucky. No season 2, 3 or event legendary heroes at all… in 3 years of greatly committed, hard play - and he’s also spent quite a lot!
I know he wrote to SG customer help more than once, but he always got the same reply, saying “everything’s fine”. He’s a super player, a really good one, able to do great things with only a bunch of season 1 and hotm heroes and he is essential for our alliance life… and I just can’t allow him to give up the game out of frustration for never getting a new legendary! He’s now at the point of being hardly able to face the last provinces of the third season, hard difficulty (and his troops are ALL at level 30!)
I saw his summons results, I watched him spend a lot of money, I even tried to persuade him to use Censure’s summoning method: nothing seems to be working. He just can’t get legendary heroes - even from TC 20! - he’s pretty lucky with troops in comparison to other players, though, which is very weird. I know he’s not the only one living with this issue, I’ve known some others goog players who have now abandoned the game, and I see many on facebook and telegram complaining of never ever getting a new hero. Is there anything that can be done? Eternity thinks his account “was born with a flaw in the algorithm” and that he’ll never get a new hero at all, no matter what… is that even possible? Is there anyone with the same problem? Can somebody, even from SG, help, please?


I’m afraid there are many, many examples of streaky luck.
I don’t think there are any ‘cursed’ accounts - the odds of getting decent heroes are small and this allows for a long run of bad luck to still be statistically normal.

For instance, I didn’t get 4* Kelile for almost three years, despite getting multiples of every other season one 4*.

That’s not as frustrating as your friends issue, just an example of uncaring RNG.

This really just proves the point - other people can’t get the troops they want but your friend in fine in this respect. I have no 4* yellow mana troops, for instance.

All anyone can do is suggest ways of maximizing summons - using the best portals, such as costumes rather than legends.

And I’m not convinced by any of the summoning methods like Censure’s. Imho, all one can do is target resources for maximum effect, but there is never certainty.


I came by to a new alliance and was just discussing with somebody that I spent like $500 in 2+ years.

Then my mate told me he spent $800 in a single event trying to get a 5*. :flushed:

So maybe his / my luck is only limited by how much we spend. You spend more, you have more chances of getting something good. That’s how the gotcha works…

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Thank you, Jonah, for your words. I understand percentages and so on, and I myself have gone through an unlucky streak of summons, but I’ve never seen a bad luck that is 3 years long. That’s the reason I made up my mind and wrote here. I had the chance to be with him and see him summoning and, once, getting over 30 heroes from TC 20 with no legendary at all!


I have two accounts. Level 81 and 83. I spend the same amount on both. I don’t chase heroes but I spend a substantial amount on loot tickets, WE flasks, PoV, etc.

I summons for the same events on both accounts and play the very same way on both. My original account (83) has essentially stalled. I often have no new heroes to level and my teammates at lower levels than mine have easily surpassed me in actual strength, although my troops have better depth.

My level 81 account is progressing much better and will soon surpass my original. My troops don’t have the same depth though.

Having the two accounts I can verify that some accounts just seem luckier, it’s certainly not with me just being lucky or unlucky.


That is exactly my friend and fellow player’s point! I only wish there was a way to help him, and others in the same situation, out :frowning:


its absurpt he got no season 2 and 3 legendary as he spent a lot…How much has he spent overall anyway?

I have no idea overall - I remember him making about 50 summons (so that’s about 150 euros in one go) in last November Teltoc event: he got nothing.

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It would be interesting to see his roster, if he can send you screenshots?


there it is… this is a 3 year’s game roster
Eternity also reports that the event 4stars heroes that you can see are over a year old.

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I’m sorry that you’re friend has seen such poor luck. Sadly, I think that’s just the way of it. I did 250+ summons this Christmas and got 1 Santa, that was it. I’ve also been playing for 3 years come next month and I don’t have a single S2 hero, even though I’ve probably summoned in Atlantis hundreds of times.

Part of the fun/excitement playing this game is the chance to get a new prized hero, and it would be hard to time and time again miss out. Spend less, enjoy what you have, but remain hopeful, because that’s part of the charm this game has. Remember that no ones is cursed. This game you must take in stride, because you fail more than you succeed when it comes to summoning.

I hope he finds a reason to continue playing.


Let’s make this simple.
Generally speaking, if you want a great roster you have to be willing to spend a lot of money.

This LinkedIn article by a game developer assesses the spending depth for E&P and estimates it at 440’000$.
And this was before season 3, ninjas and talents without taking troops into account.

You don’t become basically a billion worth company in 1-2 years without squeezing your customers for good.


I only wish that were true. I’d have a great roster if it was just a matter of spending.


That is my hearts desire, I now have 9 ETT’s saved up because of a minimalist spend policy that I have applied to myself. SG does not deserve money that I would otherwise spend on charity. They have gotten plenty from me for little reward. First world aid to Finnish millionaires, I don’t think so.


Bad luck, good luck, it is what it is. Despite many heavy unlucky moments I had (some of them - over 400 pulls without hotm, almost 3 years without yellow mana troop [in last 2 months I got 3 of them all of sudden]) I don’t think any account is ‘cursed’. It’s just the odds of getting a 5* (or what you want) without spending too much are too low.


Compared to mine and the time involved that guy is blessed imo. You should see how pitiful mine is. My sadness.


Lucky summons! Nothing more. I’m playing about 3years and havent any blue Heroes from 1 season! Many pulls, many TC20 and nothing. More ca$h = more chances to get 5 stars Heroes! Wish U more luck!


Strategy to summon with money.

Don’t summon at every damn event. If you see offers you like, buy it but DONT spend it.

Save enough like 9-18k gems at least and pull on the selected event that you want until you get the hero you want or at least a 5 star or more.

Don’t spread the summons across all events :wink:

Also, save all epic tokens to summon at special events like Easter or Halloween.


I’m in same situation. Even after spending I’m not getting lengendary hero’s. I always had unlucky summons. I’m playing from two years still don’t have any S3 legendary hero. Only S2 hero I have is Tarlak. It’s frustrating. I wrote to support as well and they gave same reply nothing wrong with my account :crazy_face: I don’t want to start again from scratch so I’m still playing with my unlucky account :slight_smile:


I feel same, amica mia.

The last brand new 5* hero I got was Glenda, and I got 4x of her with no more than 20 pulls in the month. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Since then I got only dupes from occasional summons in all portals/events (including Christmas event, for which I saved 43 EHT) but valhalla and tc20.

I switched strategy to bet all my resources on last valhalla portal…in many months I saved 9000 gems and 2000 Valahalla coins… and I got NOTHING only 3* and 4*.


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