Why do rewards like this exist

I’m with you on this one, @Denys, and agree with @Ellilea

It’s another example of a fundamentally ‘mean’ economy. Sure, free is free, and sure you get the milestone by ‘just playing’. But the telling point is whether the game is GENEROUS in celebrating your achievements.

Killing 75 Titans is an achievement. It shows commitment to play the game for that length of time. And the reward you get from the game to celebrate your commitment to it? Less than what you can get on a daily basis for something as arbitrary as watching an ad.

I think the game should show more generosity, especially in rewarding significant achievements (like finishing all the map levels, reaching lvl 30, killing 75 Titans, etc).

There is no cost to generosity, and it is rewarded by loyalty. Being mean in your economy, however, can only generate hard feelings and disinterest.

And what I continue to be amazed at is quite a broad acceptance by the established player community of the lack of generosity… it really is an odd form of masochism.
(Sure, I get the game balance arguments… but more generous ONE-OFF rewards for such long term achievements is not going exactly going to swing this, is it… and just shows the receiving players that the developers actually care about their efforts. A nice thank you instead of a dismissive ‘whatever’).


Very well put.

Being grateful that 3 gems are free is like being grateful that a store gave you a complimentary plastic bag to your purchase. Sure, you might’ve had to pay for it, but do you really feel like you got something cool? :woman_shrugging:

Even generous amounts of gems won’t cause imbalance in the game due to the RNG factor of the whole thing. You might get 10,000 gems and not roll a single 5 star hero, so that’s not really an issue tbh.


You get more gems per titan on the next one

I think summoning 500 heroes (which takes over a year unless u have mad cash to spend) for 30 gems is a great prize!

10 for a mere 150 titans, sweet!

That’s 0.07 gem per titan (rounded up). In 5000 killed titans for this price you’d get to roll one time in the Summoning Portal ^^ That’s only a little short of 14 years of daily titan killing.

That’s just to illustrate the value of this price a the 150 titan threshold :stuck_out_tongue:

With some new steps and old steps taken into account it will go up a little bit, certainly, maybe then the value of one summoning would go down to a measly 5 years of daily titan hunts or so!

I know this may be a racy opinion, but I think that even if each titan in this thing was worth 1 gem it wouldn’t even scratch the game’s balance. That’d literally be an equivalent of one summoning token per year. With 65 titans left to spare. 150 gems for killing 150 titans would at least be a feel-good prize to collect.


You might want to add this suggestion to the ShortList, referencing this thread. I would.

The Shortlist

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Nice suggestion, and duly actioned.

Post added - link below.

You already get gems when youb defeat titans, this is just a bonus

A simple one really… non-arbitrary rewards for non-arbitrary achievements. An achievement of killing 75 Titans should attract something more substantial than 5 gems. The post deals with the issues and the responses. In short, it’s not about the fact that the achievement is something you’d ‘do anyway’ in the course of just playing the game. Instead the reward should be a recognition and a celebration of the time, effort

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It wont take a year, you get a minimum of one a day which wouldntake over a year, but you frequently get tokwns from wanted missions, plus events and some quests. I’ve done all of mine since the missions came with $0 spent

It’s a question of proportionality. I often get 5 gems for a quest that took 20 minutes and 30 world flags to complete. How is the same reward proportional for killing 75 titans over the course of nearly 3 months? How would it unbalance the game to give 50 gems instead, which feels like a real reward?


The fact that some who are more adept at power-playing would make the achievement quicker than most does not make it less of an achievement… it’s just that the power players are better at getting there faster. I’m sure the power player would still appreciate some acknowledgement of their prowess as much as the regular player would appreciate some acknowledgement of their stamina.

It’s also not about what else you can get in game. It is an achievement. It is a celebration of a milestone. A reward for making the achievement is the game’s ‘Thank You for Playing to get this far’.
So why say ‘Thank you for playing’ if the form of the thank you is a dismissive grunt. The recipient in such a case would rather not receive the thank you. (I’m in that camp).

If you are going to reward someone by way of recognition for an achievement, do it properly, or don’t do it at all.


I find it fascinating how pointing out a discrepancy in reward/time for missions has sparked such an active discussion.

Yeh - think there’s some frustrations bubbling out there.

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The missions are “rewards” for things you’re going to do anyway. Will you stop killing titans? Or gathering food? Or recruiting heroes? It’s an added bonus on top. The best thing to do it just ignore the missions and then be pleasantly surprised when you complete one.

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You comepletely ignored what anyone has said on this thread

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Ok how about this: Denys deserves more gems, please give him more gems. Is that better?

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The fact that you are getting “free gems for something you were doing anyways by just playing the game” is irrelevant to the point that the reward/time ratio is inconsistent on certain missions like the one OP mentioned. You could be completely happy with the reward given and still be able to see the fact that the reward is out of line with other missions that require similar time investment to complete.

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So basically there are at least two issues:

  1. Whether rewards should be earned/given

  2. Discussion about the amount of award earned/given

Obviously differing opinions here about both issues. :wink:

Again you ignored everything,

And yes I do deserve more than 5 gems for killing 75 titans,

Don’t try to mention this “oh you kill them anyways this is icing on the cake” this already has been sorted and is irrelevant

People like you are happy if you get 1 gem per year just for playing the game because “you do it anyways” if no one speaks out nothing is going to change


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