Why do rewards like this exist

Atleast 75 days of work for a cracking 5 gems

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Better than no gems which is how it used to be


Not mandatory 75 days sir :face_with_monocle:

What do u mean :face_with_monocle:

A Titan lasts 24 hours

Titans last 23 hours each.

Not for mercs.
Gave me 20 days and i get 5 gems.

Woah 20 days for 5 gems :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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That 5 gems lead me to Lianna, i’m sure :face_with_monocle:

It’s not so much why does this exist as it is why is the reward not even close to comparable to other similar missions in regard to time required to complete.

You can get 5 gems for leveling buildings to lvl 10-15 which takes a few days in comparison to 5 gems for 75 days worth of titan kills. It should be in the 20-30 range for that mission IMO, comparable to level 20 stronghold mission reward.


U can get 5 gems for killing 100 monsters

Some gems > no gems.

Which is what we had before for missions. Why complain about effectively free stuff gained from playing the game?

Does not compute :).


Because it’s a useless mission

They don’t need to make it this complicated for such a terrible reward

Erm, you aren’t doing anything different ingame, right? Doing the usual when you get a notice that the game has given you free gems.

I don’t understand the complaint, beyond the thought, “I deserve more…” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes I do deserve more for killing 75 titans

I understand both sides. Free gems are still free. But the rewards feel lackluster for such a large milestone. Just like finishing the campaign. A lot of games have milestones to make you want to achieve them. 75 titans for 5 gems is just sort of there, not a motivator.

Oh well, I’ll take it. :money_mouth_face:


I agree. I don’t look at these missions as things I need to complete right now. When they happen,they happen. And wjatever I get is fine with me. After all, I’m basically getting rewarded for just playing the game. Setting these as goals you need to accomplish quickly is on you. Adding all the “work” is on you. Just play casually and these things will come. No “work” necessary.

Not setting this as goals

But for something like that I expect more gems

And since missions like these take up space for other missions

I’m just saying free is free. Your getting something for doing something you are enjoying doing anyway. They don’t even need to have these missions and you would still play anyway. So again, it’s free. If somebody gives me something for nothing I appreciate it. I don’t ask why it’s not more.

Not trying to argue. I guess it’s a matter of perspective.


I think it’s a matter of balance. Feeling that game is balanced, and that the goal-reward ratio is fair, makes for a more satisfying gameplay.

5 gems carry no value in this game at all. 300 gems can turn into a streaming pile of poop, too. It’s very random, hence gathering gems and awaiting them doesn’t feel very rewarding. I’m never “yay!” when I receive 5 gems. 20 can feel a bit better. It LOOKS better, same as well-balanced rewards look better and feel more satisfying.

Players inherently want their games to make sense (well, most players and most games). Balance is a huge part of that, be it balance of heroes, skills, item powers, rewards, progression, anything.

I believe this is why a laughable reward for a difficult task, even if it’s supposed to be a “cherry on top” causes frowns. It feels random and out of place.


As he/she said.
There’s no reason to get this mission more “attractive”, cause there’s titan loot already that push us to kill titans.

And why you complain only about this. The summon mission is even more ridiculus.

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