WHY do players get rewarded for not taking part?


As a very active player I haven’t noticed this before but at Christmas I opted out of wars on my 2 alt acc’s and missed hitting the titan.

What I noticed was as a NONE ACTIVE player which didn’t participate in wars and used no hits on the titan at all, I still received a titan kill in my chest and the 5 points in my war chest or 1 point for a loss.

I feel that is COMPLETELY WRONG in more ways than one as it explains why some players don’t care about not being active or doing right by other members as they still get rewarded for it.

Firstly if you opt of war you should no points/rewards in your chest for that war. Having said that the same should be if no hits are used at all.

Secondly if players didn’t receive a titan kill in their chest when not hitting at all then they might be more inclined to do right and hit the titan.

Over all in both sections all rewards should be based on a percentage based on number of hits thus used all hits get 100% rewards but used only 1 titan hit then get only 33% of the rewards and only same goes for wars use only 1 hit, you get 15% of the rewards and so on.

I feel this needs to be addressed and corrected.


I can understand where you are coming from. It seems odd. I think it’s to ensure that if people have something that comes up in life that pulls them from the game, that they aren’t totally punished for circumstances out of their control. But, there is some consequence for non-participation, which is why the loot from filling these chests are also tiered based on % participation. At least the War Chest is. I often wonder if the Titan Chest loot is somehow tied to how much overall damage is inflicted on all titans that contributed to the chest by a specific player.


The rewards are suppose to be based on your score as well as total alliance score of each player as a whole, better rewards come if every player achieves a certain amount of points over just one or 2 or a few players getting maximum possible score, that I know but is something most alliances don’t know though.
Having said that!
I went on a trip with one of my acc’s for a couple of weeks to an alliance that killed 12* plus titans to check out the difference in rewards as we only kill up to 9* s and I can tell you that the rewards are no better on 12 to 13 star titans than they are on 9* at all including parts. So having seen that it really does destroy the Want to do better and get stronger titans as there really and truly is point to it.

I hear what your saying but I do disagree with it as you should only receive rewards for taking part not just for sitting there doing nothing.


I believe the titan and war chests are tracked as a whole for the alliance. That way everyone opens the chests at the same time. Even if you only opt in for one war or hit one titan you get the chest when everyone else does. But I also think participation is tracked on an individual basis and that determines what you get out of the chest at the end.

So if you opt out you still get the points as you were opted in for previous wars for that chest. But you do not get the participation credit towards the resulting loot.

PS I’m sure if this is not correct someone will be correcting me pretty soon :rofl:


That’s what I understand too.

So, if you’ve opted out a few times when the war chest is full, you are only credited with the wars you did participate in.

Nothing to correct, or perhaps we are both wrong :thinking:.

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You get the War Chest points regardless of participation. The loot of a filled War Chest is dependent on the % participation in all wars that were used to fill that chest. All alliance members should have the same amount of War Chest points. When you jump guilds you’ll notice the amount of War Chest points differs between alliances.


So it’s really an alliance War Chest point total. That makes sense. If you opted out of first war and then opted in to second you would still have to be on same chest points total as rest of alliance. Just lower participation %.

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Man I guess I should pay more attention to the game info :rofl:


I am not sure what happens to rewards or war chest points once it’s full if they accumulate in the background or not BUT weather it does or not if your opted out of wars even consecutively in a row you still get the war points in your chest now weather the rewards are affected or not is another story as the rewards for filling the war chest these past months have been next to nothing anyway as it is currently.

That is correct

That may be so but doesn’t make it right though IMO anyway.

WHY? you benefit from letting everyone else your alliance do all the work, lol, yea yea I know BOOT THEM RIGHT, LOL.

Another point, if you got time to kill because your titan ended early and have spare flags and you go merc elsewhere to help others out you get penaltized with the titan chest but if you sit there and do nothing you rewarded, lol.

Sorry but I just agree with it at all.

These are little things that people with single acc’s notice but it surely opens your eyes when you see the differences and what’s on in the background of active players which wouldn’t be awre without multiple acc’s.

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Yes I did know that that says but still disagree with it for NONE participating players though which is what and where my points are based on.

As someone who often leads my alliance in Titan damage, often breaks 500k hitting 9-11 star titans over the last 8 months or so, I hope it’s not tiered because I’ve not got a single 4* mat since June 25th, 2019.


It is tired to how much every hitters gets thus needing to average the amount each player scores on titan for the whole alliance to achieve de end rewards, the more hitters that fall behind of that bracket the less the rewards are for everyone which is why some alliance require players to reach specific scores or their out.
ALLIANCE rewards are based on an alliance working together not a couple of players getting top scores, in fact that only achieves the opposite of decent rewards.

I forget what the actual bracket is as my alliance has to many small players to worry about it atm but I am sure others here may be able to help with that.

Titan chest loot is designed for alliances hitting 1* to 5* titans.

If you are hitting 8* to 14* titans, you get better loot from score C, or higher ( loot tier 8+), on each titan defeated

The SGG business model is merciless RNG, HotM and trickle 4* ascension items.

Every thing else ( Classic Heroes, 3* ascension items, emblems, etc. ) is just to get you interested in HotMs. Once interested in HotM, to keep you needing 4* ascension items for the HotM.


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Titan loot

Business model

From another discussion



Thanks I wasn’t sure where that was but good info to know and learn as an alliance leader.

I can confirm from personal experience, that opening a war chest after NOT participating any ANY of the wars that filled it, you get nothing. You get a “you did not participate” message, no loot.

I can see your point on titan chests, but the loot in those are so bad, it’s trivial. Mystic Visions give better rewards than titan chests.


That’s very strange on the war chest when opted out. :thinking:

I’ve opted out a few times previously and my war chest points didn’t change at all regardless of whether the rest of the team won or not.

Not hitting a titan does not add to the titan chest, as far as I remember - my alt and my main are in the same alliance and had the same war chest “counter”, my alt missed some titans and is now behind…has that changed? I’m a bit confused now…


That’s actually good to know about the 0% Participation reward, and THAT would make sense. Thanks for sharing!

What? You didn’t participate AT ALL to fill this War Chest?

giphy (3)


Were you opted out for every war of that chest or only one? You get loot based on the wars you did participate in.

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