Why do people take this game so seriously? Alliance Meltdown

So after the War yesterday, we had a huge meltdown in my alliance.
The alliance had always been a casual, friendly and fun one, but if you opt into war, use ALL your flags, also hit the titan as many times as you can.

This sounded like the most perfect alliance for me and was for 2 months.
But then the leader started to get more serious, wanting to only recruit people with really strong teams and trophy counts - which is fine I have nothing against that. What came with that was the new guys would always give advice and strategies to do during war. Some would require most or all of us to be on at the same time - which just can’t or won’t happen: for starters some of us are UK, some US and then other countries too.

All of us would only try hit targets we think we could take, sure we were all doing “lone ranger” hits, but that’s how it was for ages. Some we lost some we won, and everyone was fine and happy so long as people used all flags.

But lats night a couple of us, myself included had very bad boards and “wasted” some flags. I scored only 9 +6 +9 on my first 3 flags, which was awful. I only went for ones I knew I SHOULD be able to hit and kill yet genuinely bad boards screwed me over. I did make up for it with my last 3 and killed 3500+ with my 2900 teams and total scoer was about 180 which considering my start was good outcome (imo).

But anyway, it all kicked off because we were not following this one guys advice: firstly, i don’t even know if everyone had seen his advice, since everyone is on at different times of the day.

But as one of the members stated in the chat when it was kicking off: he has children, a wife, a job… he comes on to relax and have some casual fun… he ALWAYS uses his flags in wars and does as many titan hits that he can (we usualy always kill 8* and 9* titans).

So eventually about 7 or 8 left and now 2 or 3 more are waiting to leave. They will leave after their chest is full, it’s at 21 so far.

I used to play competitive FPS games on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4… not for money but i mean just competitively for leaderboards. I was top on multiple of them and it took ALL of my time, energy and made me have no life. I was constantly thinking about it, it was as bad as a drug, I was addicted and constantly worried that the next guy would overtake me etc. I came to a game like this to relax as well and not be serious. I will always use all flags and do hits on titans… but I am not going to be setting an alarm or missing things in my life so I can come and play it… people take it WAY too seriously! Casual-serous is what I want: casual and not get into stupid arguments like children, but serious that you try your best and use all flags for everything.

My question is:
Why are people so competitive and get so worked up over wars in this game? The rewards are just not worth losing your temper with and getting angry at. I could understand if you was competing in tournaments for money and not just tourneys for a few extra rewards.

Maybe soon I will be looking for a new alliance. But yeah for now… haha the drama in this game is ridiculous

Anyway… lol

</end rant>


It’s a ridiculous mentality because the boards are not in your control, even a super star team can lose to a bad board.

You are welcome to join The Beacons are Lit!!

If you want to make that move

I don’t pester people on performance, just inactivity :joy:


Can I just say, it’s not like this in every alliance. I for one wouldnt want to stay there.

GL in your decision making :thinking:


If you decide Forges and Titans is not for you, I suggest you not take up bridge.

I’m new and needed help so I changed alliances from where no one interacted to one who helps me. You have to find the right fit. I’m sorry you don’t have yours yet.


Glad you found a place to vent! Sorry to hear about your experience and hope you find an alliance that suits your style of play. :slight_smile:


There are alliances with a good fit!

And there are alliances that…

There are plenty to choose from!
Shop around :laughing::+1:


Like anything in life, some people take things too seriously. I don’t know many people that would want to be in an alliance where their every move is criticized. Leave and find a better alliance.


This is a game where you can do everything you should do and not get the right result because of board luck. If you have players that have played for a while, they should know that (and even the best strategies fall apart at times in war because of things you can’t control like what the other side does with their flags).

I get competing, but if it isn’t fun, then I would advise finding a better group that fits your playstyle. There are tons out there, and many are more laid-back and take the wins and losses in stride. Good luck in any case; hopefully it works out for you.


This post is a perfect of example of why the player classes need to be separated. Some people are competetive by nature, most business profit off of this very normal trait. I havenever understood the phrase casual gamer as in any game their is a finish line and the goal is to try to win. I understand a gamer who is not a sore loser, a gamer who knows they are not very good but give their all, and then the other side, the guy that thinks he is good but really sucksor the guy that studies every possible number to maximize every build known to man which leads to nerfs because his math skills are just unheard of. If they are not what you want leave and find what you are looking for. To each their own, you know what you want and do not want, no reason to shame another just known thus is not what you want and throw a post out there, I sure you will find a place somewhere for your style of play.


I share the same thought with you, luckily our alliance has a leader board of elders who will discuss, make decision and direct the whole alliance. It’s a good sign of alliance where the leader (and board) listen and agree together.

I can understand why people take the game so seriously, but if it’s no longer meet your expectation, simply say good bye nicely and find another one.

Btw, game is just for fun, and you will found alliance who share the same value with you. Good luck.

PS: don’t take seriously about those serious players, accept them :smiley:

@notyou87 That’s awful :astonished: This is one reason hubby and I started our own alliance 2 years ago. He’d been in some alliances with bad leadership. When I joined the game, he decided it was time to do things better.

Our alliance has stood strong for 2 years and is currently 30/30 with some in the wings waiting. We have minimal drama as players are committed to keeping it that way. This is a game and should be an escape from RL. Some people just don’t get that… :worried:

On a side note, if you and others decide to look for an alliance feel free to check out We Won’t Kneel. This is our training/feeder alliance for our main. I’m the leader there on my alt, LadyAaliyah.

It was just created last week as the leader from our original training alliance went dormant. All the active players came over and are excited to learn and grow. This means we’re fighting baby titans, but we’re killing them as fast as they spawn. Lol

Feel free to stop by and give us a trial run. All skill levels are welcome. Here’s a little more about us:

  • Wars are optional but encouraged as they are a team sport. We try to coordinate tank colors (some of the newer players are getting there!) but we don’t have predetermined hitting times. 6 flags are required if opted in.
  • Titans - As I mentioned they are pretty small right now. There’s just not enough life for everyone to hit. Once we get higher titans it will be required to hit. We don’t have a score requirement - just do your best.
  • English is required as titan and war strategy is communicated in game chat and the featured message.
  • We have a Line group for sharing screenshots, etc. That is optional. Line ID: Kiann87
  • 14-day inactivity policy unless it is communicated that you’ll be gone longer.
  • We know RL happens. You miss hits, etc. Just let the leaders know in chat and we’re good.

Stop by, check us out and bring others as well if they’re interested. We don’t ask for everyone to be the best, just DO your best. :blush:


This game doesn’t require you to fight your way to a top 100 in all aspects. You can enjoy some hero maxing, raiding and the rest, but without spending all your spare time in the game.
You can either enjoy an end point or a way to it, or both.

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When new people start in alliances usally the higher players and they start saying “in my old alliance we…” it never ends well.


Where do you draw the line? Some people use alarm clocks for titan fights, war etc. and think that’s normal, I don’t think so :slight_smile: between “really casual” (online one in a few days, opted out of war or no war hits etc., only there to relax and have some fun) and competitive as hell (tracking everything, setting alarms, war opponents are managed by the alliance and so on) there are many play styles.



80%+ of friction in these events is cause by bad communication or misunderstanding

It leads to people becoming entrenched and arguing opinions or things that are beyond their control - and things like war – become proxies battles.

Things like chains of command exist so descions can be made – and even with poor outcomes these become the lessons learned.

In E&P add in a underbuilt set of tools to manage large groups of people, the lack of transparency and thought that if you just do more you’ll get a more desired outcome.

The best bet - in game and in life - is to recognize 99.9% of the time the people involved are good and different from you. Not better or worse. If you keep that as a frame of reference – you can choose to engage or not. If it’s a pattern – you can and should leave after meeting your obligations.

It’s not quitting - it’s choosing yourself and prioritizing what you value. In an environment like this - it could be a bad day, bad personality or a bad fit – many are chosen by their perceived pixels rather than their personality and fit. I can’t and wouldn’t want to control that – but I can choose to engage and stay on point and keep context.

The real question, to me, is if you have the knowledge and desire to fight everyone who disagrees; why not channel that energy to building something that embraces your beliefs.

Personally - I’ve popped out to an alliance of one or two a couple of times to replenish my craft items on the cheap, fill war chests and Titans quickly and catch up on leveling. I like the strategy side – more than many who are into different aspects – but have no interest in the people manager side, as it’s to similar to work.

What you can consistently influence is small - it really is random-- the exception being character and how you are perceived. No ones perfect - myself included – but many are willing to trade their ‘digital dignity’ for pixels or an incremental increase.

In closing – if you put as much work into finding a good fit with like minded people as you would leveling a hero, be reasonable in contributions, expectations and demands and leave appropriately and on good terms – I don’t think you’ll be lonely or lacking very long :slight_smile:


that is why I like my alliance so much.
we have a mix of different play styles. we have (small) whales, spenders, c2p, f2p … and we are ok with that.

yesterday we lost our war by 11 points. 29/30 of us had a score of 110+ …one got 34 (our newest and weakest member of course) … did we blame her? no of course not. why not? because it is a game, we all started somewhere and worked our way up. besides that everyone of us could have made 0.5 more points and we would have won … so what?

the person suggested to opt out from war until she got more and better heroes but we told her to stay in the war … not a single voice against her. that was very cool and this is why I like my alliance.


This is very good and I like it.
And with her being in the Wars still, even as a weaker/weakest, she will learn “the hard way” but in a good way; she will learn faster. Being thrown in at the deep end, so to speak.

It’s just frustrating, more so at the fact in this alliance they have (or had) a fair and good 3 strike policy. I am sure lots use it. Everyone is promoted and then on the first none use of flags etc they get a warning, the second time they get a demotion and third is a kick. Of course this also depends on circumstances, if they say they won’t be active because… then it’s not like that. But since gaining some of these other higher players who were clearly the type to be TOO serious (not having a go, but they were not a right fit, even though everyone is told when they are accepted to the alliance, that we are chilled, relaxed and casual etc).

At the moment I am just going to “ride it out” and see what happens. I will at least do what the others are doing and fill my chest and then go since it’s close. But I think those who are left right now are more of the casual ones - fingers crossed.

Everyone plays different amd therefore some people are more competitive then others. Nothing wrong with being super competitive or super casual as lo.g as you are enjoying yourself in the game. But it is important if you are going to be in an alliance that you find one that meets what you are looking for. And if the vision and direction of your current alliance changes and you don’t like it move on and find one more suited to your style and the way you wanna play.


People like to win.
People like to show off.
People with power (in this case team power) like to boss around.

For my point of view, it is a leader fault.
When you go around recruiting, you must be clear which kind of alliance you are running.

If you want to switch from casual to more competitive, you must be clear with your members first.

I do not think badly of people that take thing more seriously, but you must be transparent about it and let people decide.
Even better if you brainstorming and decide togheter, expecially with your most close members.

Usually, if there’s much power difference between the new member and all the others, the new member usually is:

  • a boss: want to bully and decide everything, but can’t do it in alliances with his same team power
  • a standby: want to take a break from the top and play casually

As much as having a strong player in your alliance is useful, it’s better if he always just gives tips rather then orders.


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