Why do people read the summon odds and then get angry when it does exactly what it says it will?

I’m really confused why people are constantly complaining about this sort of thing?

Is it a human nature issue? Do we see the worst, ignore it, hope for the best and then be disappointed when the reality plays out exactly as RNG and statistics say they will?

Do we all secretly think we are Han Solo and that the odds don’t apply to us?

The brag posts “I just got a 5* and the special from 1 free pull” probably don’t help but I take everyone one of them with a HUGE pinch of salt.

I understand there may underlying Addiction problems for some and I’m really sad about that if it’s a thing for them but even on the threads the mods give the full break down of the chances so you don’t overspend or get hopes up.

I get disappointed when I hit my 8th Dawa in the 10 pull don’t get me wrong but I can’t be annoyed at it as that’s exactly what the odds suggest will happen.

This isn’t about value as that’s very subjective issue. What’s value to me isn’t to you and vice versa.

Let me know thoughts…I considered it was maybe a FOMO thing but I’m not sure on that.



90% of frustration on this forum is basically a human nature manifesting.


In the beginning, when I first started playing, I hadn’t read the summon odds. All I read was alliance chat and other members bragging about all the fancy heroes they pulled. At the time, I was so naive, I actually thought it was something like 20% chance for a 5* hero. :laughing: :rofl:

Then later on, I read the odds, and I got mad. "What fresh hell is this :poop:? And why do people actually buy these stupid summons in the first place, knowing how :poop: the odds are?"

Other people: “That’s how the game works, noob. Git gud rich or GTFO.”

I think there is a certain segment of the population who just expect the odds to work out in their favor, because they believe themselves to be “special”.

I also think there is another segment of the population who conveniently ignore their losses and how much money they’ve spent wasted, because all they care about is that next big win. It’s a rush to them.

I’ve been to a fair number of casinos in my day. Sat there at the slot machines with my very limited budget, watching my money slowly slip away, never really expecting to win but thinking “eh… maybe one of these days.” Little old lady next to me who just cashed her Social Security check is pumping money in like crazy. “C’mon gramma needs a new set of teeth!” Wins a $1000 jackpot. “Woohoo!” she screams. I say “wow, congratulations!” She says “thank you! Now let’s see if I can double it!” Two hours later we’re both out of money. Difference is, I went in with $100 and walked out with nothing. She went in with $1000, got up to $2000, and also… walked out with nothing.

Why didn’t she just quit while she was ahead? I ask myself. But then, I don’t think like a gambler. I think like a person who is used to losing money and hesitates before volunteering to lose any more.


To be honest, for many it’s human nature. People are sometimes very quick to complain, but seldom to publicly rejoice.
For others yes it’s an addiction to get bigger to get stronger to get that elusive hero at any cost. A bit like gambling on a slot machine getting out of hand if you know what I mean.
Sadly for some it’s probably a mental health issue too, always feeling down in the dumps etc then getting a bit of a lift thinking about “that” next pull and then falling into despair when they get a bunch of 3* S1 heroes rather than a previous HOTM.
So I don’t find it confusing, everyone will have a reason for feeling hard done too. For some lucky ones that feeling lasts for just a few seconds … unfortunately for others the “sad” feeling may not go away for days.
We live in a very diverse world …


This venerable thread is a good place to start when understanding the summons mechanics and how people interact with them

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You are right. I did 85 summons on Tavern of Legends. Approx $200 or more spent on nothing. Add to that approx 160 normal summons, and still no Hero of the Month or any other hero worth keeping. I certainly don’t complain. I will just stop being stupid paying for anything more in the game. :slight_smile: I will also let new players know how stupid it is to put any money into this game, as you won’t get anything more anyways. Well… unless you spend $2000. Then maybe you get something if you are lucky. Besides… there are other games that are fun that actually give you something when you put money into it.
I will still play this game for awhile longer. But I will no longer pay for anything. It just doesn’t make any sense.


One of the first things I read on arrival to this fair forum!


For me the biggest source of frustration is seeing this human nature manifesting again in each and every game that I play…

The thing is… I’m not opposed to spending money for fun. I like to have fun. I don’t mind spending money on entertainment.

But c’mon. Spend $100 on this game and if you’re lucky you get one, maybe two 5* heroes. Then you get excited for maybe 5 minutes. Woohoo! :partying_face: :cake: :beers: Until you realize it’s going to take at least 5 months to get the ascension mats to finish them. :confused: :thinking: :expressionless:

I could probably literally come up with 100 better ways to spend $100 that would bring me far more joy and/or entertainment value.

Again, disclaimer… it’s not that I dislike this game in general… just that you basically have a choice: spend nothing and be mildly entertained. Spend a small to medium amount and be ultimately disappointed and wishing you had your money back. Or spend a lot and get to waltz around as the King of the Castle. Until your heroes get nerfed, or other new heroes come out that make yours irrelevant. Then it’s either spend a lot more just to try to keep up, or end up disappointed and wishing you had your money back.


That’s always my analogy. I spend money on rubbish every month anyway so spending it on a mobile game I play a lot is no different from buying a coffee, beer or a fancy meal. It’s not money I’m going to see again and a coffee lasts at best 10 minutes :joy:

It’s almost like there a sense of entitlement to get 5* heroes. I spent £X this month so they owe me type thing.

But they owe you nothing. Regret is a strong emotion I guess??


I also spend money on rubbish. But I have to compare the values of all the rubbish I buy. I have compared the amount of “value” I get per dollar for the rubbish I buy. I have determined beyond any shred of doubt that I get greater “happiness/entertainment” value per dollar by spending my money on literally almost anything else vs. buying E&P gems.


As the inimitable @brobb would say:

Like going to the casino, I know that the odds totally stacks against me so it’s gonna be totalllly sweet when I roll that 5* hotm I relly want. So…lemme show that 30x pull button who’s the b!TC#! As I gambled away my saving and the mortgage money runs dry, the five stages of grief must start and after awhile, denial got skipped and anger lingers a bit longer…

Long story short, angry posts got post and my car got pawned. Thank you Tavern but f*$K you, can’t wait for Valhalla where the cycle starts again :joy:


I see many players annoyed by the ridiculous odds statistics of getting 5 * heroes (rightly so), but I want to say that don’t worry about winning 5 * heroes unless you have none in line to level, first worry about leveling that it has, because it is extremely difficult to earn the 4 * ascension items, many take up to a year to get enough items to ascend a single hero, not to mention the absurd amount of food and heroes that are needed to reach the maximum ascension. So, give preference to the heroes you have, up to the 3 * and 4 * for the events, where you can have better placements and even win these very rare 4 * ascension items faster. Don’t spend money, collect gems and upgrade your heroes first and don’t worry about winning more 5 * heroes that will often take months or even years to be able to leave at most.


Yes, there are annoying aspects for all levels of spenders. The irony is that those who are most likely to stick around the longest are probably those of us who spend the least, because we have the furthest path still to go, and are much less likely to be disappointed with our bad summons when we didn’t have to pay for them in the first place… :grin:

But where does that leave SG in terms of profitability and such? Are they just going to keep fishing for new whales, or are they going to eventually start nickel and diming the rest of us? I’m totally expecting that one of these days I’m going to try to log on, and the forum is going to tell me that I’m no longer allowed to post here unless I pay $4.99 a month for VIP Forum Posting Privileges…


Stories of servicemen before a battle being told “2 out of every 3 of you won’t come back.”

Everyone looks to their left and their right and thinks, “I’m going to miss them when they’re gone.”

I’m in an industry where the general public is expected to read contracts and leases. They all sign, but they either don’t read it, or they don’t care that they signed it. They’re still going to b*tch about it. They’re also tje first people to hold you to something from it in the same breath of not wanting to be held to it.


Agree with you there, buddy. That’s why I’m still playing, because I’m still working on leveling up the many assorted 4* and (fewer) 5* heroes I already have. No rush at all.

I’m just posting my opinions on the odds themselves and whether or not I think it’s worth spending money. Not mad, perfectly content to play for free going forward and not expecting to pull or caring about who has what fancy heroes and whatnot. Just chiming in for discussion purposes, for anyone who might be on the fence as to whether or not they should spend a thousand dollars on summons or not. I suppose if you have an extra thousand dollars just lying around and you really can’t think of anything else to spend it on? Go for it. Otherwise, if you don’t have an extra thousand dollars, or you do have an extra thousand dollars but you can think of a bunch of other things you should probably spend it on… you should probably spend it on those other things.

Today I have 19 5 * heroes to upgrade, and believe me, I don’t have any ascension items for a single one. It should take me about 4 or 5 years to get enough items for everyone and from there to there, I will surely earn others without having to spend.

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Guess I must be a pessimist.

I’ve worn glasses for decades (poor vision). Won’t get LASIK surgery because I heard 1% of people who get it might go permanently blind.

Yeahhhhh I don’t feel like going blind.

:nerd_face: “Thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass.”


This game has really got the psychological aspects of gacha games down to a T. Then add to it the threads posted on individual heroes that are taken over by bragging on the good luck of those who managed to snag said hero and you have the perfect storm. High expectations by people who read those posts. They may think the odds are actually better then posted due to the fact that so many have received said hero


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