Why do people love Zim so much?

Maybe I’m just using her wrong, but I’m honestly regretting wasting 4* mats on her. Her damage is meh. Her cleanse is nice, but there are others whose primary skill is more useful (albeit not as fast) who also cleanse. So, what am I missing?

She is great.

Pair her with Isarnia and her damage increases, also gives attack boost for the rest of your heroes.

I also user vs GM, she activates faster than Rigard.

And on deffense she is annoying, very hard to kill.


She is a fast and durable AoE hitter that when paired with direct damage dealers help them to kill their targets.

  • Cleanse
    it’s on a fast special skill and so it’s very good
  • Damage
    while it’s not stellar she hits all and increase the attack to the whole team
  • Durability
    she ragains a little bit of health after her cast and as she is a Druid she can become very durable

She wouldn’t kill a sniper in a 1vs1 but surely help a lot in every other scenarios :slight_smile:


She’s a fast cleanser. That is a big advantage. Here attack buff isn’t as big as others (for example Boldtusks) but it is paired with damage to all enemies. So overall she’s good to have! She can cleanse unwished status effects, she can boost your attack stats, she can attack all enemies, she can heal other red ones in the team and last but not least she’s quite good looking! :heart_eyes:


She probably was released as a counter to Azlar/Hel and fast cleanse with att boost is very strong against any DoT and other devastating ailments.


Same like u, i was disappointed at first (by looking at her weak hits). But more and more this game toward casting ailments and debuff. Thats makes zim now very handy. Now zim is become my treasure and i use her very often.
One day u will realize she is one of your top useful untility heroes.


I’ve had her for quite some time. I find her mostly worthless with Grazul being around.

She’s also wicked paired with Wilbur. Add Kellile and see titans cry.

Yes, she is, my green titan team is Wilbur, Prez, Falcon, Zim, Wu.

Kelile is great, I don’t have Marjana, but as for attack stats Kelile is not less.

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I don’t have her and she is on top of my wishlist exactly for her cleanse. No other fire hero that I know of, can cleanse.

I think many others have flashier special skills, but I’m not sure that they’re more useful. Everyone gets Lianna because her skill is simple - she only does one thing but that thing is very valuable and she does it very well. Zim has so many components, and they add to up a lot, but deceptively.

I can’t speak much to offense beyond what I have seen in videos, as I don’t have her (nor do I have Grazul, which creates problems in many of my red stacks), but in my raid tracking logs she’s consistently one of the best defenders.

  • She bulky.
  • She’s in a great class, in two ways. The Druid minions are great for defense, offering synergy with what she already does well. She also has relatively little competition for emblems for those who have her.
  • Fast cleanse is a very rare and valuable skill.
  • When she fires it is not imperative to dispel, but the other team certainly at least desires it. That can create timing problems in two ways. You may be forced to decide to dispel or hold if another hero is going to fire soon (say, Ariel). Or let’s say you have Melendor ready, but can see they have a dispeller coming up soon - what do you do?
  • Self-heal is a vastly underrated component. It’s the best elemental link in my opinion and adds up to a lot over it’s full duration. Also note that this is another benefit in buff booster tournaments.

There’s a reason that some people try to raid full teams with just Gravemaker and Zimkitha.


I’ll admit that I didn’t see the hype when I first got her and was hesitant to give her rings as well. Now that she is maxed though, I love her. The fast cleanse is very handy, plus she has the attack bump and a very nice elemental heal. I’ve got her at +13 so far and her attack stat is pushing 800, great for titans due to the tile damage and overwriting the attack debuff from green titans. Side bonus, her utility on speed farming 8-7 is excellent as well :laughing: the rings were well spent.

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I am stacking blue for most of the time so I don’t really find her annoying but I do wish she is in my roster.
I’ve got Sonya costume for fast cleanser, on a lower stats though.

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The fast cleanse is what makes her so good. When you get to high level wars/ defences you see an abundance of gravemakers/ zelines/ drakes etc. which will make your life miserable.


She got a lot of hype from top players when she was released. I didn’t feel so strong about her so I never maxed her.

That being said, I think she is a solid hero. She demands my attention when fighting her on defense because she counters most of my teams. I can also honestly say that her small damage and atk boost has been part of my loss on a few occasions.

I just don’t have a place for her and I assume others may be in the same boat.

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She was a really key hero in bloody battle before, because most other cleansers are healers.

Less so now that costume sonya is out.

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