Why do people like Kadilen, Kiril, Buddy, and Rigard, and hate on Sabina, Elkanen, and Thorne?

I use Sabina, Elkanen, and Thorne frequently, Kiril and Rigard only occasionally (Rigard more since I got the costume version), and Buddy and Kadilen as little as possible, because they are just terrible.
I almost always use Sabina instead of Rigard because I’ve found buff removal to be way more effective than removing status ailments.
There is so much disdain on the boards for Elkanen, but I team him with Lianna on my primary team, and together they can destroy everything that is not high defense red… and he self heals.
I use Thorne with Richard and costume Magni on my blue attack team, and find him effective.
However, I do not understand the love for Kadilen and Buddy at all. Buddy is just plain awful. He’s too slow (even as average), and he doesn’t deal very much damage at all. Weak minions? Whoopeee!
Kadilen is the same. Her “defense against special attacks” seems to do little or nothing (My teams still get blasted), and her offense is like hitting someone with a wet noodle. She’s the character I most regret ascending.
I find Kiril to be frequently useless. He doesn’t heal a lot, and his buffs only last 3 turns. It’s super hard to arrange for his special to go off just when you are about to hit or be hit. I use him on Red Titans, though.
So maybe I’m just not using them right. If you have a strategy that can show some use for Buddy and Kadilen, I’d love to hear it (Using only TC20 heroes–my only HotM are Clarissa, Zocc, and Malosi). I’d also like to know how to better use Rigard. He mostly sits idle behind costume Melendor (AKA, Gandalf the White) and Sabina. That will probably be even more true if I can get the new costume for her.

buddy is one of the few green def down heros and therefore very important vs. titans.

Kadilen is a better defense hero then elkanen. Her special defense helps alot vs. snipers also her class helps survaivability too. Her costume also is better then Elkanens.

while elkanen only helps himself with the limited heal.

i use Sabina more on the world map and quests because i don’t have any battle items that dispel

but i can replace Rigard’s cleanse with cheap antidotes :slight_smile:


My theory is that the heroes you get early in the game affect how you develop your play style. I got Rigard before I even had a 3* healer, so got very used to heal/cleanse and still use him (costume version) on many of my raid teams.

Sabina & Melendor were the very last S1 4* I got to complete the S1 collection. I already had Sonya and Caedmon well emblemed, so i struggled to find a use for Sabina and Melendor except in war.


Sabina was one of my main dispellers before reaching higher levels, but now I hardly use her, as I’ve got Seshat or the Hatter to dispel. The problem with Sabina is her low defense. Between her and Gandalf, I’d choose him as he’s slightly better and besides he gives you extra defense.

I don’t have Thorne but I don’t hate him. His attack is quite powerful.

I’ve got both Kadilen and Elkanen but she’s the one I maxed. Maybe because Elkanen has a low attack level and defensively, Kadilen and (especially) her costume are more useful than him.

I use Kirill just for red titans and 4* tournaments. Maybe he heals less than Sabina, but she can be replaced with other options such as Sonia or Caedmon (if we compare just 4* heroes) if using Kirill.

Regarding Rigard, it’s pretty curious that you hardly don’t use him. He’s probably one of the best 4* healers and his costume is even better, and like Kirill, his defense and VIT is higher. Moreover, many 5* heroes cause DoT and Sabina would have hardly nothing to do against them, while Rigard can remove their effects.

C. Rigard + (c.) Tiburtus to get attack buff and defense debuff.

Buddy is fine in 4* tournaments where red is forbidden and blue titans.

I use Kadilen more in defense than in attack, honestly. I agree with you that her attack is pretty poor.

Personally, it’s a matter of synergies. If you feel more comfortable using these “hated” heroes, just go on using them. Depending on what you have and your style of playing, a hero can be useful for one and useless for another.


Buddy is good because he don’t die as easily as other 4* heroes due to his stats distrubution and while not dealing serious damage by himself he can lower both attack and defense on 3 targets on top of granting a minion to himself and nearby friends, he is one of the best 4* for PvP.


Depends on your arena. In diamond you face many ailments…so cleanse becomes more important. If I need a purple healer I use Rigard like 80% of the time ( 4 out of 5 fights) and Sabina only 20% (1 out of 5 fights)…cause simply at this stage cleanse is more important than buff dispell most of the time. I look at the team I am facing and then decide.

There is an additional fact: Cleanse is more rare than dispell…so it is harder to replace Rigard with some other hero than replacing Sabina with another hero with the same skill.

(Rigard has a higher defence value compared to Sabina and is supposed to live longer. With his talent talent ability he can resist negative mana effects while Sabina can not)

It is not because of missing love. Sabina was my first 4* hero ever…so she definitely wins love competition over Rigard.

Kiril? Really? His buffs have a great impact. He is my all-star when going legendary events. You just need to fire his special in the same round before your hitters.


Thanks for your suggestions. I had not thought of using Buddy against a Titan, since his attack feels like it’s so low, but maybe he can help the entire team. I’ll have to give that a try.
I don’t have Kadilen’s costume (or Elkanen’s, for that matter), but my experience has not been good with her. I have found that Melendor’s “defense up” works better, and with a mana troop, he still goes off at the same time as Elkanen and Lianna when I run them together.

I have Buddy, got him a year ago. I used to use him all the time on Blue titans. Now that my roster is much wider, and my emblems much higher, I just bring Grimm (or Tibs (with costume bonus)). I’ve come to the conclusion that Buddy’s 3-turn def down is not nearly as powerful as a 6-turn def down, in terms of the amount of damage you can put on an enemy. Those last three turns can bring a lot of tiles on the titan, and the extra Def Down is vitally important for boosting attack.

Until about 6 months ago, I used to use Buddy with Almur as a 1-2 punch for a sniper (Kingston), but… I’ve mostly just paired Almur with Kingston and c-Kadilen (super awesome costume). If i’m feeling like bringing a thousand minions to a war, I’ll pair Buddy and Telly, but he’s more-or-less fallen by the wayside now.

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Tess, I think you might be right. Sabina was my second 4* after Wu Kong. I got Vivica as my second 5* (after Thorne), and I never could find a way to use her effectively. She’s awful since she’s soooo slow. My team would be dead, and she’d be left just healing herself. I may have transferred some of my despise onto Rigard because he’s similar, haha.

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Kadilen is better all around than Elkanon. She damages all and provides a very good buff. Elkanon doesn’t do enough damage unless highly emblemed — and there’s simply too many excellent clerics out there to justify 1000+ emblems on him.

Kiril is very versatile, and while his heal is lower, the defense and attack up (or down for costume) go a long way towards making up for it. Not my favorite as a solo healer though.

Buddy — titans. Nuff said. Aegir too.

Rigard is simply the best 4 star healer in the game, and with costume, arguably better than many 5s. His stats are far better than Sabina’s, and I simply disagree on the utility of dispel vs cleanse. As do most players facing DOT heavy defenses.

As for Thorne, he was underpowered before the recent buff. Now he’s simply undervalued. But Magni remains better, which is ultimately the issue.


His pure damage doesn’t matter…you only want his effect. This is true in any cases. Against titans only tile damage matters…direct damage is neglectable.

He is ranger class. Get his mana node #8 (usually #19) and mana troop lvl 17 and he will load in 9 tiles (3 matches instead of 4).

Yes since Kadilens buff doesn’t work for slash attacks. Melendor with costume needs lvl 5 mana troops (or just lvl 1 if you gave him mana node #19).




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Spoiler, neither, instead Rigard

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Cleric Rigard, Druid Melendor and Sorcerer Sabina

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Rigard and Melendor ( shout out to Wu Kong Cascade squad, Wu Kong Grinder gang and Wu Kong Debuff Duo )

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