Why do people cry to the devs to nerf hero's

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This is an open honest question…why do people always ask for hero’s to be nerfed (adjusted) ?

This is not an attack on anyone, so let me be clear - i dont have 5* hero’s…I am on my way to hopefully get my whole team 4* and I have been playing for a couple of months.

Here is the thing- i see a lot of people complaining ( even started on the first day of the event) that morgan and guinevere should be nerfed. It has happened with other hero’s in the past.

Now lets look at who these people are that has these complaints…- simple answer…it is those people who does not have the aforementioned hero’s. So these guys and girls have their 4/5* deck and they cannot beat morgan and guinevere, so they start to complain.

Here is my point( believe alot of people would agree and offcourse some will disagree)…

  1. If YOU have a Morgan or Guinevere in your deck…would you want them nerfed? NO you would not want it.

*You only want them nerfed because you dont have them in your deck.

  1. Why do you want hero’s to be nerfed if YOU can have an incredible hero that will be unbeatable for a set (till a new hero has been released to counter) period of time?

*Because you dont have them in your deck

  1. Having these kind of hero’s give YOU an edge in the game…why do you want to level the playing field?

*Because you dont have them in your deck.

Lastly, having these hero’s (in my opinion) makes you ELITE, people will strive to get them when they do they would have a great team. Since we dont have one-on-one fights ( raids are random) no bullying can occur from someone who has a “super card”. In alliance wars we have yet to see how the combat system will work and how alliances will be weighed up against each other…there It may pose a problem if your alliance is targeted by the same alliance over and over and over again. But then again…we should all strive to obtain those awesome heros.

Yes of course the paying players will get them quicker than the rest but so they did with all the hero’s so I dont see the point in that.

Once again I re-itterate - I dont have ANY of those heros…BUT my point is…if I do get one…I dont want it to be nerfed!!!

I have Guinevere. And Arthur. And most every other hero in the game. And I posted earlier this week in the beta forums that Guinevere should be nerfed, even expecting to get her. Why?

For this game to be fun, balance among the heroes is essential. No one hero should be the defining “you have it, you win” element—no trump aces. More particularly, the set of basic heroes should provide the same general quality as the event and monthly heroes, so that F2P players can—with more time and work—get to a competitive level that P2P players can get to more quickly.

In my ideal, special heroes add nuance to the basic hero get without being way outside that envelope. Musashi is an example of a well-balanced hero: interesting twist on self healing, lower attack damage than Joon, less tanky than Justice. He adds variety without being outside the box.

Hel and Athena, and maybe Guinevere, expand the box so dramatically as to give players who have them a huge advantage. Take a look at results from the December Guardians event—I believe that all top ten advanced teams had Athena. In this Knights event Hel will give a defining advantage, being able to stop all heroes’ mana regen. Nice trick against Guinevere.

I called for Guinevere to be nerfed before release, having played her some in beta. As released, I’m concerned that she will become the dominant “of course you should put her center” hero, leaving all others as a “well, since you don’t have Guinevere…” alternative. I want players to succeed because they use resources cleverly, not because they happened to get—or paid lots of cash to get—a particular hero.

Ok good explaination…makes more sense now. Will delete my post. Thank you kerridoc

I cant delete the post oops…

Have to say that event heroes are not equivalent of in-game heroes.

While as Kerridoc says some beta testers point out the necessity to review Gwinevre (and it was slightly listen by the devs, but still maybe not enough) Morgan has the opposite route, beeing pumped because every tester was disappointed of her.

If somebody think that Morgan can be as though as in advanced event, you’ll probably have a bad time.

Now, it is very much predictable that all the top players who pull Gwinevre, place her in the middle of the defence as soon as possible, because she really probably is the best hero in that role.

It is quite possible that she get nerfed for ‘balance purpose’ but i really hope they don’t do it (i don’t have her, so i’ll go against my own benefit)

Beta tester are suppose to work for doing feedback, and the feedback that Gwinevre may be unbalanced occured (not by any single tester, but it was a hot topic especially right before the event occur)

It was made a decision, the decision to leave her be the same and not nerf her.
Now we have to respect that decision.

If devs has even the slightest doubt that she is too much powerfull, then they HAVE TO nerf before and eventually pump after.
A pump is always welcome by players, a nerf (especially right after) not.

If they nerf her i consider that some kind of fraud.

I would love it if the devs made a character with a NERF gun. #JUSTSAYING

It is possible—and has been done—for players who have a “too strong” hero to acknowledge it is unbalanced and say so to the devs. (You might also see this in Beta.)

It is not always a case of “The envious cry”.

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