Why do people always mock and complain about 3*?

I mean yes it’s a beautiful feeling when you get your first 4* and 5* Hero. Indeed it is. I have 2 myself and many 4* and looooots of great 3* But what’s this all about always mocking on 3* always complaining… I honestly like the 3* and many 4* Heroes. Somehow they kick butts harder then the 5* and all the time complaining about getting the (in my opinion) gooood 3* and 4* Or is it really like that when you play longer and move further into the game that people become greedy and kinda competitive who has better Heroes? So what do you all think? Tell me your thoughts and feelings about that. I am curious about what you think and who is your absolute favorite you already have or craving for.


This. We human beings are never satisfied. The more we get the more we want. I didn’t mind that I missed Evelyn when she first came out. Now that I have every other elemental defense debuffer in the game, I want her. Badly. To complete the set. The more we get, the more we want. Also, getting your first Wilbur and Proteus is amazing. Getting your 19th? Not so much.

My favorite hero that I’ve gotten: Hel. Her name is appropriate. She is the bringer of Hel :slight_smile:


I’m assuming you’re a fairly new player. If that’s the case then your 3* are probably doing better than your 5* because I’m guessing your 5* are nowhere near max. So yes as you progress you’ll need fully maxed 5* and the best 4* maxed to progress. If you want to face 12*+ titans, complete emblem quests, rare 4* mat quests, Atlantis hard, challenge events and seasonal events then you cant expect your 3* to get you there.

There are great 3* heroes but as you progress you’ll use them less and less as your roster grows. Before they added 3* tournaments the only time I ever used my 3* was for rare tier in challenge events.


I really love Muggy. He’s fun to use. It’s also cute to see any resurrected heroes turn into Muggy with their original element color. Boldtusk dying, and coming back as a red Muggy!!! I’ve had all five heroes resurrect as Muggy once. Rainbow Mugster!


I really like Bauchan (red shrek). Amazing 3* special with ridiculously high hp. He reduces enemy mana by 20% and increases team mana by 24%. I can’t wait to use him as a tank in a 3* fast tournament.

Gato is good too, and the rabbit. 3* against 3* is fun, 3* against 4* and 5* is not fun. Raid tournaments have made them useful.


There is nothing at all wrong with 3* heroes. I still love my Bane :grin:, heck I still have my maxed Prisca and Graymane.

Eventually you reach a point where they are no longer as strong as the maxed 4* and 5* you have but that can take a looong time to reach. I was using 3* for war attack teams right up through high 40’s levels and only very recently have I stopped as I finally have a large bench of strong 4* to work with. Eventually many of those will fall into disuse as I get my 5* leveled up (currently only 8 maxed).

However, there are always the raid tournaments as well where 3* and 4* can shine.

The secret is to enjoy the heroes you have.

And I would love to have a Muggy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Raid tournaments are fairly recent and most players think the loot to not be worth the effort.

Personally though, I see any form or source of loot as a good thing, and I’ll gladly level up multiple 3* heroes. Even if there is no 3* raid tournament that month, my 3* heroes are still guaranteed to be usefull for once a month during challenge events.


It is fun and sort of a relief to level up 3 star heroes after I’m done with a 4 or 5 star project of the same color.

I enjoy the 3* tourneys, where they are on a somewhat level playing field, and aim to expand my maxed roster of them. I also look forward to the future of the Rare hero category as the power creeps up a little bit with more interesting and diverse special skills - like Bauchan.

They have made a pretty nice niche for them in the game, but they won’t get / keep you in the diamond arena.


Don’t let anyone dampen your love for the heroes that start the journey. As has been pointed out raid tournaments and events ensure they’ll always have a place to shine.

Consider what heroes would shine in the 3 tournament variations, and make yourself a good squad for each (that doesn’t fall apart when one color is excluded).


I have dozens of 5s and pretty much all the 4s in the game but I still get excited to get new 3* heroes when they are (infrequently) released.

The tournament has breathed new life into three and four star heroes for me. I was happy to get my 3rd Valeria this season and also quite happy to have pulled Bauchan the 3* red goblin during Avalon.

Last Xmas I pulled a LOT trying to get North, but in the process pulled a full team of reindeer - which I’ve leveled up. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen… etc - all of them. Heh.

I’ve not seen many veteran players that mock or poop on 3*s… at worst most are indifferent. But even then Mugsy type heroes show up and people get a bit interested…


Currently I already have all of the original 3* heroes and some 3* Atlantis heroes. My first love is of course my Valen, with whom I spend my first 5 months before i got enough 4* & 5* Heroes to replace him. Heck as a F2P player, i do received my 1st 4* early (Wu), but need another 2-3 months before I got another 4* (Scarlet & Sonya). Not to mention the rarity of special ascension items make almost all of my 4* heroes basically stayed at 3.60 at that time. Got my first 4* team after 4 months in the game and pulled Gravemaker during Atlantis the next month.

Now i’m building my 1st 5* team and rarely use my 3* hero. But sometimes I still bring Valen, Muggy, Belith, Melia and Namahage for war.


I love 3* heroes, they’re a lot of fun.

I was a big advocate in Beta for adding more 3* heroes to the game, and was thrilled when they added the new Challenge Event 3* heroes after that.

I don’t have a lot of opportunity to use 3* heroes anymore, so I relish the places I can use them.

I particularly love 3* Raid Tournaments, I think they’re actually my favorite of the Tournaments, because it’s fun to have a reason to play with a lot of different heroes I don’t normally use. Even for Rare Challenge Events I don’t use a lot of variety of 3*, so Tournaments are the best place for that by far.

I also made a point of completing all of Return to Morlovia Normal with a 3* team just for fun.

As @DaveCozy said, a lot of players don’t think the Tournament loot is worth leveling a lot of 3* — and honestly I don’t either. But I did anyway because it’s enjoyable to play with them. I have 56 maxed 3* now.

Not everything in this game needs to be about efficiency.

It is, after all, a game.


I would also like to note that people dont actually complain about or mock 3* heroes themselves. When you hear people complain about 3* they’re most likely complaining about RNG. Players eventually want to improve their rosters with 4/5* so you can understand why they would be disappointed when they spend gems on a 10 or 30 pull and get mostly 3*.


Yes, majority they complain getting 3* heros because they already have bunch of 3* heroes maxed and some dups.


I drew Gunnar yesterday. liaison with ghosts … that’s it. :wink:


I still pack 3 stars because of the rare difficulty challenge events. Most 3 stars still have usage. Like Gill-Ra, most people forget about her team cleanse and focus more on the attack and defense down. She comes in clutch in the very fast 3 star tourneys where dark is allowed. Since I made her very tanky, I take her into holy titan fights. Most people I see complain about the 3 stars is more so rng when going for the 4 and 5s. There is still a good amount of three stars that are still useful and not irrelevant.


You just have to be able to keep her in the team and defend against the big titan. I use the invisibility potion from time to time. I recommend this way.


I think of this game a lot like Pokemon. Once you start your adventure, you are excited by meeting and getting more Pokemon, but as you progress in the game, you get sick and tired of seeing the same ones repeatedly to the point that you just don’t care anymore and they eventually become annoying. That’s how I feel about it anyway. Not sure if others would agree or not.


everyone would like to play and have only 5 * from the draws? Have you watched the “Matrix” by the Wachowski brothers? A perfect world does not exist.


It’s hard to get excited about your thirty eight Jahangir, even if you were super happy for the first one and still use him in fast mana 3* tournaments. Sorry old burner, no hard feelings.