Why do I run almost all quests? [Play Style, Time management, Analysis]

Why do I run almost all quests? [Play Style, Time management, Analysis]

== Background ==
So I run almost all quests. But this is not the most profitable use of my world energy or is it? The answer requires asking yourself “What is my play style?”, “How much time do I have for Empires?”, “What am I GAINING when I run a low level quest?”

== Trade offs ==

Low level quests are very similar to loot tickets:

What is your time worth?

How much wear and tear does running 7-7 or 8-7 place on your smartphone’s battery? its non-volatile memory? Could you be using your smartphone for something else? ( Gryphonkit, my wife, has melted a Popsocket off her phone from playing too much Empires in a sunny car ).

Could you be paying attention to something else ( yes I cheat and set a timer, 5 minutes lets my smartphone cool between runs of 7-7 or 8-7 but I still have to use a timer. Like needing to use a second device or a paper pad to track rare quest mob waves ) ?

== Gains ==
Quests like Recruits II, even with no Epic troop token, require less of my time, my smartphone’s time, battery wear, memory wear than farming the same amount of recruits in 8-7.

One of the reasons I tend to run 7-7 while my Wanted Monsters mission chest is in cool down. 7-7 only has 3 waves, so 33% less mob waves to get through ( and the matching to get that corner mob and the reduced animation ) than 8-7. 7-7 only has one boss, so 50% less bosses to get through ( and the matching to kill the left side boss and the reduced animation ) than 8-7. But 7-7 has a recruit pay out averages 8 versus 9 for 8-7. Similar enough rewards for the benefits I gain.

== Game Strategy ==
When I need to fill Wanted Monster mission chest, or need recruits for my camps, 8-7 is the way to go.
But if my Wanted Monster mission chest is in cool down, I run the quests.
If no quests available, I run 7-7.

Both my wife ( never enough time ), and my smartphone ( time, battery, memory ), appreciate it.

I would like it if the Devs doubled the energy for the last quest stage and doubled the rewards, so I can get through my world energy bar faster.

It would be even better if loot tickets worked on rare quests, or just all quests. I would love to skip the last stages on Frostmarch, Farholme, etc. Just take my ticket and give me my Telescope!

The last stage of Battle Items I is 10 WE for 3 arrows, I skip that. So much string. But like Rook, I am always running out of minor healing potions for questing. And minor mana potions.

Yes I like minor healing potions, and minor mana potions, I don’t have to wast 750 HP healing 250 HP just because I am worried about the bosses next attack. 750 HP healing, or 60% mana, is much better for the 90 seconds of terror known as the titan timer. But 2000 HP in 100 HP increments, and 250% mana in 25% increments, is great for bosses. At low level I even run double slots of healing. This gets replaced by double slots of mana once I got two major healers ( Rigard/ Melendor/ Sabina are all awesome ).

Currently my level 19/ 20 farms are full ( lack of good 5* heroes to level and lack of ascension items for second rainbow 4* team, another reason I go through so many minor healing and minor mana ) so I skip Food quests.

I am running double builders so I love the Iron quests even though I have level 20 mines ( have you noticed farms can store 21.88 hours of production but mines can only store 17.91 hours of production ?? )


Recruits per wave

Note: 8-7 was nerfed since Mai’s analysis. The current average is 9 recruits.

4* ascension items were also added to the rare quests since Mai’s analysis.

Level, Waves, Recruits, Recruit per wave
FR-1, 4, 15= 3.75
FR-2, 4, 20= 5
FR-3, 5, 30= 6
8-7, 4, 9= 2.25

Mai’s breakdown

Recruits per energy


I’ve never considered my phone’s life when farming, that’s a new perspective.

I’m probably an lower mid-range player. I have a team of 4* but my bench is a mix of 3* at different levels. SH17, TC14

I already find quests almost completely redundant.

Using 10 or 12 flags for cheap items and farmable loot seems really inefficient.

I occasionally use the recruit levels if my elite training becomes available and I’ve just started a set of 2*s going.

I farm 8/7 for monster chests and whatever I fancy in between, just for variety, or for novelty teams, like playing all reds against nature elementals.

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If when you completed a quest the timer value gets cut by 1/2 then it would give an incentive to finish quest quickly so that you could get rare or needed quests faster. If you have a 24 hour quest but you finish it quickly the timer would drop to 12 hours as an example.

I’ve actually burned through two batteries of my phone during last summer also. Luckily I received a new one without payment twice, but the problem is actually real for some of us haha. Thanks for the comparison of 8-7/7-7.

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